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Animal rescue organization working to improve situation in Kuwait

John Peaveler is the Managing Director of K's PATH and is devoted to animal rescue efforts in Kuwait, according to a recent report from the Arab Times Online.

The news source reports that about 5,000 dogs are in danger of starvation in Kuwait. They often have trouble reaching the age of three, when the average life expectancy for a household dog is about 16 years.

Peaveler, who has visited Japan following the tsunamis to participate in their animal rescue efforts, says that one of his jobs is to educate people about the most humane ways to handle and care for animals. Peaveler is trying to educated the government in Kuwait about animal control - defined by the decrease in stray dogs.

One way to decrease the number of unwanted dogs is to put a halt to what Peaveler calls impulsive pet buying.

People, not just in Kuwait, should always consider carefully what kind of pet a household is suitable and be certain that they are ready to take on the responsibility of raising and caring for a dog or cat. About 39 percent of American households own at least one dog. More people are encouraged to adopt pets from animal shelters, but these decisions should be the result of cooperation and consensus from all members of the family. 
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