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Can Dogs Benefit the Workplace?

Dog lovers around the world will attest to the comfort and companionship that a relationship with a good dog can provide.  There's a reason that our species evolved together, hunting, shepherding, farming, and eventually living with each other in city apartments and suburban homes.  Some people think that the family pet has no job - it turns out, the job they do may be the most important one of all, and one owners might consider incorporating into their workdays as well as their home lives.

A recent study showed that having well-behaved dogs in the workplace actually benefits both employees and employers.  Assuming that the employees have no fear of dogs and are not allergic, and assuming that the dogs are polite, the boon is substantial.  Having dogs in the office helped reduce stress by an amazing 11%, and increased productivity besides.

Office managers take note - a healthy relationship with a work dog may mean a healthy and productive workforce.

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