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Flea collars will now have warning labels, group says

Although pet parents want the best for their pooch, sometimes the products that help animals can hurt humans in the end. Many believe this is the case for flea collars that contain propoxur, a component known to cause cancer in people.

Now, a group of pet stores, including PETCO and PetSmart, have agreed to put warning labels on these products.

"When you pick up a flea collar at the pet store, you just want to stop your dog or cat from scratching; you don't want to put their health - or your family's - in jeopardy," said Miriam Rotkin-Ellman of the National Recourses Defense Council. "Warning labels will now help pet owners better avoid bringing dangerous chemicals into their homes against their will."

Flea collars may still remain one of the best ways for pet parents to prevent a flea problem from occurring. However, reports that if your pooch is already itching, it may be too late to use this remedy, and individuals should look into giving their dog oral or topical treatments instead.
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