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Rescue team saves horse trapped in mud

A horse was saved in quite a dramatic rescue, the Los Angeles Times reports.

According to the news outlet, earlier this week Riverside County Animal Services and the Norco Animal Rescue Team officials responded to a call by the horse's owner. The animal had fallen into a hole in Riverside County and could not get out.

The news source reports that the pit was likely caused by the huge storms which ransacked the Golden State throughout the holiday season.

"We had to be careful people would not get stuck. The more we dug, the more water would seep in. It was crazy," Riverside County Animal Services officer Tiffany Fuller told the news outlet.

After more than four hours spent lying on its side in the mud, the horse, named Mack, was finally freed. Workers had to use straps to hoist it from the hole.

Luckily, the news source did not make mention of any serious injuries occurring during the incident. Broken bones are usually not treatable in these creatures, as there is a high risk of infection during the healing process.
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