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Showboat Casino Hotel is first to welcome four-footed guests

The Showboat Casino Hotel has become the first casino to allow guests to bring their canine companions. Located in Atlanta City, the company hopes to draw in more tourists who can’t bare to leave their pets at home, according to The Associated Press.

Phyllis Pette, who lives in New York City, was overjoyed at the news. She is a regular guest at The Showboat, and was one of the first to bring her dog, a 10-year-old Maltece named Baci, to the resort.

“I honestly didn’t think this day would ever come,” Pette told the news source about the new rules. She added that her dog was able to interact with a few other pooches in the hotel.

Pette told the news source that she normally had to leave her dog at home when she travels. She and her parents often stagger their travel plans so that Baci would have someone to look after her while on vacation.

It seems that more and more hotel chains are becoming pet-friendly. According to Reuters, a luxury hotel for dogs recently opened in Paris. The facility features heated pools, massage tables, special menu for dogs and even televisions.
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