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Whale rescue effort taking place in Scotland

A huge whale rescue effort is currently underway in Scotland, with authorities hoping to save more than two dozen of the beautiful marine creatures, Animal Friends UK reports.

SPCA workers have been diligently attempting to prepare for the possible beaching of more tan 24 whales that are swimming dangerously close to the Loch Carnan shoreline. The animals are thought to be in respiratory distress and may need immediate medical attention.

"We won't know the full extent of the situation until we are able to locate and assess the pod … [we] will be working tirelessly together to get the best result we can for these magnificent creatures," senior inspector Andy Brown told the news outlet.

British Divers Marine Life Rescue, as well as the New Zealand-based marine mammal rescue group Project Jonah, has also joined the organization in its attempt to prevent a wildlife catastrophe from occurring.

According to, whales beach themselves for a variety of reasons, including noise pollution, injuries, and military sonar.
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