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Latest Amazing Animal News Articles

No Pup Left Behind: Frago's Story

Sep 10, 2013: This Patriot Day, while we mourn the losses of this tragic anniversary, we can also pause for a moment to reflect on the gains and growth of the past twelve years. We can share those small stories that demonstrate the principles and values expressed in our daily lives, often in our actions rather than our words — actions as simple as saving a scared dog from an unruly mob.

New Presidential Pup Moves into the White House

Aug 20, 2013: New presidential pet or the start of a canine conspiracy? The First Family welcomes another dog to the White House.

Someday You May Be Able To Text Your Cat

Jun 7, 2013: A North Arizona professor's research into prairie dog language may lead eventually to communication devices that let us talk to our pets.

Furry Friends Can Be Diabetic Too!

May 28, 2013: Pets are known to be human's best friend. We've found them to be a source of comfort, companionship, and even a friend who experiences life's struggles with us. From cancer to diabetes, not only have they been there for us when we've been diagnosed but they can develop these conditions as well.

Kittens at play!

Mar 20, 2013: Kittens are little balls of explosive energy, and for a healthy, happy kitten, almost everything during waking hours is a game. Watch as this little guy finds the best toy ever.

Helping Animals Has Just Become Even Easier

Mar 12, 2013: Thanks to new navigation and a more intuitive interface, helping your favorite cause is always just a click away. Read about five easy ways to help at The Animal Rescue Site.

Kitten Picture Wins Fourth Flash Photo Contest

Mar 8, 2013: Adorable kittens continue to score big with the voters at The Animal Rescue Site's Flash Photo Contest.

Kitty Angels Win Third Flash Photo Contest

Feb 20, 2013: A small nonprofit cat rescue group parlayed an adorable kitten photo into a win in The Animal Rescue Site's Shelter+ Challenge with Petfinder.

Banana Joe Wins Westminster

Feb 13, 2013: Many of the dogs shown enjoyed their stay in New York hotels as VIPs (Very Important Pooches).

Ontario Cat Group Wins Second Flash Photo Contest

Feb 6, 2013: Another round of amazing cute puppy and kitten photos -- along with an adorable ferret -- won hearts as well as prizes for the photographers.

Horses Remain Super Bowl Favorite

Feb 4, 2013: Budweiser's beautiful Clydesdale horses have long been part of the lineup -- and once again the company's wistful Superbowl commercial earned them top marks.

Winners Announced For The Animal Rescue Site's First Flash Photo Contest

Jan 25, 2013: Hundreds of adorable photos of puppies, kittens, and other fuzzy creatures are flooding The Animal Rescue Site, which is hosting eight "Flash Photo" contests between now and April.

Sending Dogs to College

Dec 4, 2012: Dalhousie University offers access to therapy dogs during stressful finals week, providing students a reprieve from cram sessions and term papers.

Getting Along Like Cats And Dogs?

Nov 21, 2012: Raining cats and dogs. Fighting like cats and dogs. We’ve all heard the sayings, but how did these popular pets come by such a reputation?

Seattle rescue kitty wins film award

Oct 12, 2012: Tuxedo cat Henry, who stars as Henri in a series of cat videos, won the first Golden Kitty People’s Choice Award.
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