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Latest Animal Adoption News Articles

No Pup Left Behind: Frago's Story

Sep 10, 2013: This Patriot Day, while we mourn the losses of this tragic anniversary, we can also pause for a moment to reflect on the gains and growth of the past twelve years. We can share those small stories that demonstrate the principles and values expressed in our daily lives, often in our actions rather than our words — actions as simple as saving a scared dog from an unruly mob.

Furry Friends Can Be Diabetic Too!

May 28, 2013: Pets are known to be human's best friend. We've found them to be a source of comfort, companionship, and even a friend who experiences life's struggles with us. From cancer to diabetes, not only have they been there for us when we've been diagnosed but they can develop these conditions as well.

Alert! Bellyrubitis is spreading. And it's about time!

Apr 1, 2013: It's contagious. It crosses species lines. Is it dangerous? Well, only if you're headed out of the door and late for an appointment. It's bellyrubitis!

New poll shows shelter dogs make great pets

Sep 28, 2012: Individuals adopting a dog from a shelter are much more likely to be happy with their experience than consumers who purchase a dog from a pet store.

$31,150 Raised Toward Goal of $50,000 For Animals!

Aug 9, 2012: $31,150 raised toward our goal of $50,000 to help shelter animals. Meet Montana, and the kids who love her.

Survey: Cat owners have powerful bond with felines

Mar 14, 2012: Dog has long been called man's best friend, but these days, it depends who you ask.

Puppy Bowl gives orphans chance at forever homes

Feb 6, 2012: Dog lovers everywhere tuned in to watch one of the most important football games of the year on Sunday.

Martin Scorsese claims breed discrimination at awards show

Jan 30, 2012: A number of canine actors are up for accolades at the first annal Golden Collar Awards, a type of Golden Globes for dogs that give memorable performances in feature films.

Abandoned pit bull finds friend in Chihuahua

Jan 10, 2012: For a while, it seemed as though Arnold, a pit bull who was abandoned by his family, would never be normal again.

Random acts of kindness gave dog new life

Dec 22, 2011: Casper the golden retriever was going to be put to sleep because he was born blind.

Nearly 20 dogs rescued and rehabilitated

Dec 21, 2011: Despite the owner's best intentions, the Animal Shelter of the Wood River Valley and the Idaho Humane Society were called to rescue 18 dogs from her property in Shoshone, Idaho, recently, the Idaho Mountain Express and Guide reports.

Animal rescue shelters lend pets to loving homes for holidays

Dec 21, 2011: Baltimore's Animal Rescue and Care Shelter is allowing loving homes to borrow its residents over the holidays, allowing their kittens, puppies and other animals to spend the holidays in the warmth of someone's home.

Humane Society under pressure over shelter campaigns

Dec 20, 2011: The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) says that is is being targeted by a group, Humane Society for Shelter Pets, that claims the HSUS is not donating enoug money to local animal shelters, The Associated Press reports.

Give a horse a second chance

Dec 8, 2011: More rescues need horses adopted than ever before.

Woman gets new life thanks to cat

Nov 22, 2011: Marie Colicchia was a happy pet owner who lived with her husband and grown son and their 13 pets until tragedy struck and she lost her entire family, including her animals.
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