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Latest Animal Rights News Articles

Feds to Puppy Mills: No More Business As Usual

Sep 30, 2013: A long-awaited change to the rules grants federal agencies greater oversight over puppy mills long accustomed to exploiting legal loopholes to traffic in their unethical trade.

Arkansas Bans Private Ownership of Chimps

Apr 22, 2013: Arkansas joined a growing number of states restricting private ownership of chimpanzees and other apes.

Celebrities Urge Fans To Be Cruelty-Free

Mar 13, 2013: Be Cruelty-Free Week launched on March 11 in celebration of a European Union ban on the marketing and sale of cosmetics newly tested on animals.

Sale of Animal Tested Cosmetics Banned In European Union

Jan 31, 2013: Starting in March, all cosmetics including toiletries and beauty products from soap to toothpaste must be certified cruelty free.

Air Canada bans shipment of lab monkeys

Dec 20, 2012: More than 60 airlines worldwide refuse shipments of primates — and in some cases all animals — destined for laboratory experiments.

Bitterant placed in antifreeze to protect pets

Dec 17, 2012: A bitterant is being added to antifreeze in all 50 states to save countless cats and dogs attracted by the sweet smell.

New York Enacts Stronger Law to Discourage Animal Fighting

Aug 2, 2012: New laws enacted in the State of New York will better protect animals from the grisly animal fighting industry.

Rio star stands up for parrots

Jul 11, 2012: Academy Award-nominated actor Jesse Eisenberg, the voice of a macaw in“Rio” and its upcoming sequel “Rio 2,” speaks out for the birds. Watch the video!

Meatless Monday promoted at UN conference

Jun 14, 2012: Humane Society International intends to use the international Rio+20 conference on sustainable development to champion "Meatless Monday."

Operation Desert Seal documentary airs June 8

Jun 7, 2012: The new one-hour film, SEAL WARS, follows Sea Shepherd Conservation Society's 2011 mission in Namibia to save seal pups from slaughter. It airs June 8 on The Animal Planet. Watch a preview here.

Ohio bans exotic and dangerous pets

Jun 6, 2012: Ohio Gov. John Kasich signed the state's Dangerous Wild Animal Act into law this month. Introduced by state Sen. Troy Balderson, R-Zanesville, the bill was passed by the Ohio State Senate in April and by the Ohio House of Representatives on May 22.

United Arab of Emirates considers restricting ownership of exotic pets

Jun 6, 2012: Encounters between civilians and "exotic pets" have become such a problem in the United Arab Emirates that the authorities are considering how to end the wildlife trade.

Truck stop tiger gets his day in court

May 24, 2012: Living at a truck stop is no life for a tiger, says Gina Miller, International Fund for Animal Welfare’s legal policy analyst.

HSUS announces “Why Puppy Mills Stink” video contest winners

May 22, 2012: The Humane Society of the United States' first puppy mills-themed video contest, “Why Puppy Mills Stink," created a number of new online responses to the problem of irresponsible breeding.

Big cats Nikita and Tasha moved to sanctuary

Apr 5, 2012: With help from IFAW, Nikita and Tasha, two privately owned "big cats," moved from a 300 square-foot cage to an expansive 8,000 square-foot free roaming habitat filled with perches, caves, and water features.
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