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Latest Baby Animals News Articles

Alert! Bellyrubitis is spreading. And it's about time!

Apr 1, 2013: It's contagious. It crosses species lines. Is it dangerous? Well, only if you're headed out of the door and late for an appointment. It's bellyrubitis!

Animal advocates ensuring no puppies sold on Facebook Marketplace

Mar 23, 2012: You can rent an apartment or buy a used laptop on Facebook, but soon enough, you won't be able to buy puppies bred in puppy mills.

Lioness gives birth to mixed-species litter

Mar 2, 2012: The birth of new baby animals at a zoo is always a cause to celebrate, but the litter delivered by a lioness at a zoo in China was particularly interesting.

Humane workers save 24 baby horses from slaughter

Feb 24, 2012: Horse Plus Humane Society of Oroville, California, recently bought 24 baby horses from a livestock auction, saving them from slaughter, ABC News affiliate News 10 reports.

French bulldog adopts orphaned boar piglets

Feb 17, 2012: When six boar piglets in Germany were orphaned, they found the care of a mother in a peculiar place - the warmth of Baby the French bulldog, who lives at the Lehnitz animal sanctuary outside Berlin, The Associated Press reports.

Sick puppies walk to hospital for help

Feb 9, 2012: Two emaciated, sick puppies in Corpus Christi, Texas, did not wait for humans to find them.

Netherlands working to save seals after natural disasters

Jan 13, 2012: Animal rescue efforts in the Netherlands are working to save baby seals that were separated from their mothers during the storms that have ravaged the coast in recent months, The Associated Press reports.

Pets are not always good holiday gifts

Dec 15, 2011: Many children have hopes of finding the puppy or kitten of their dreams under the tree on Christmas morning, but responsible pet owners should avoid giving a pet as a gift unless it is extremely well thought out, pet experts say.

Japan bans late-night animal sales to help animals sleep

Dec 15, 2011: The Japan Environment Ministry recently announced that pet stores can no longer sell puppies and kittens after 8 p.m. because it causes them improper sleeping cycles, The Yomiuri Shimbun reports.

Animal welfare groups work to save animals in puppy mills

Dec 14, 2011: The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) is working to fight the holiday rush to pet stores this season in an effort to save animals that are bred in puppy mills, The Huffington Post reports.

Pets help humans interact in a digital age

Dec 2, 2011: Walking a dog has been proven to stimulate interaction between people, but now simply having a dog may mean that owners have an easy ice breaker for cocktails after work or a first date.

Pet stores in New York caught buying animals from puppy mills

Nov 15, 2011: Despite claims of the contrary, more than 100 pet stories in New York were caught buying animals from puppy mills - inhumane, commercial large scale breeders that have often failed inspections by the U.S. Department of Agriculture or have been cited for their violations of the federal Animal Welfare Act because of the conditions that the dogs are kept in.

Children raise awareness to save the seals

Nov 1, 2011: Young children from a school in Syracuse, New York, formed a club with the goal of ending the Canadian seal hunt, during which the Canadian government allows hundreds of thousands of baby seals to be killed for fur each year, The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) reports.

Seniors, kids and puppies team up for a good cause

Oct 28, 2011: Young schoolchildren and seniors will work together to train the newest addition to the local retirement community - two 10-week-old black Lab puppies.

Puppy rescued from top of train car adopted

Oct 28, 2011: A black Labrador retriever puppy was rescued from the top of a moving train after traveling through nearly four states, MSNBC reports.
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