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Latest Endangered Animal News Articles

Online Petitions Call for Better Gray Wolf Protection

Dec 7, 2012: With over 130,000 signatures and counting, several Take Action! Campaigns are tackling the emerging threat to America’s gray wolf population.

INTERPOL completes their largest international anti-ivory operation

Jun 26, 2012: More than 200 people were arrested when INTERPOL seized almost two tons of contraband ivory and forty pounds of rhino horn in an operation that spanned three months and fourteen African countries.

Captivity may save polar bears from global warming

Mar 30, 2012: A group of scientists, animal activists, lawmakers and zoo officials are proposing what seems like a radical solution to the rapidly declining population of polar bears in the arctic - bring more into captivity, The Philadelphia Inquirer reports.

Biblical dog at center of battle in Israel

Mar 29, 2012: A dog that was likely looked upon by Jesus, Moses and many other biblical characters is now the center of a land, religion and animal rights dispute in Israel, The Washington Post reports.

Captive black bears to be released into wild in Vietnam

Mar 22, 2012: Seven Asiatic black bears will be returned to their wild habitat after being deemed too large to keep as pets in Vietnam, AFP reports.

South African rhinos gone by 2015, experts warn

Mar 19, 2012: If poaching of rhinoceroses in South African wildlife parks continues at its current rate, the already-endangered species will be extinct in the area by 2015, AFP reports.

World's largest animal conservation area formed in Southern Africa

Mar 16, 2012: Angola, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe recently came together to form what will be the largest conservation area in the world, The Associated Press reports.

Test-tube kitten shows hope for endangered species

Mar 15, 2012: A black-footed cat was born at the Audubon Center for Research of Endangered Species in New Orleans recently, but it was far from a typical litter.

Federal regulations aim to protect endangered animals

Mar 12, 2012: The Obama administration recently unveiled a $33 million bid that would ask farmers and landowners to help save seven rare and endangered animals across the country, The Baltimore Sun reports.

Lioness gives birth to mixed-species litter

Mar 2, 2012: The birth of new baby animals at a zoo is always a cause to celebrate, but the litter delivered by a lioness at a zoo in China was particularly interesting.

Lone wolf in California draws attention to endangered species

Feb 28, 2012: As other states in the mid and northwest United States de-list the gray wolf from their endangered species protection lists, one wolf in California draws attention and leaves many wondering what the Golden State will do with the wild canine, Reuters reports.

Federal raid breaks up rhino trafficking ring, helps animals

Feb 23, 2012: U.S. wildlife investigators recently broke up an international rhinoceros smuggling ring that could save animals from being pawns in what has been an extremely lucrative trade, The Associated Press reports.

Mexican gray wolves gaining in numbers, despite setbacks

Feb 22, 2012: Four of the five Mexican gray wolves released last October to re-establish the endangered species' numbers have died, The Associated Press reports.

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate apes

Feb 13, 2012: The risk of infectious diseases has risen among apes, and viruses such as Ebola and others are now among the top threats against these endangered animals, Discovery News reports.

Lead poisoning is top threat to endangered California condor

Jan 27, 2012: California condors face a number of threats that have caused their population levels to dwindle to near-extinction, but a recent study found that lead poisoning is one of the biggest issues these birds face, Oregon Live reports.
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