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Latest Natural Disasters and Pets News Articles

Keep Pets Warm During Storm

Feb 8, 2013: Pet owners are urged to stock up for their companions as well as themselves.

Food distributed to needy pet owners in New Jersey

Nov 14, 2012: St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center, Monmouth County SPCA, Animal Welfare Association, and The Humane Society of United States (HSUS) created four distribution sites to give away pet food and other supplies.

National groups search for lost pets

Nov 8, 2012: National animal rescue groups are sending teams to search New Jersey and New York for lost pets.

New Jersey hotline unites pets with lost owners

Nov 2, 2012: Evacuees with pets still at home or with emergency animal needs can call the New Jersey Hurricane Sandy Pet Rescue hotline at 1-855-407-HSUS for help.

Social media helps owners find pets

Nov 2, 2012: "There's more good in people than bad," says a dog owner reunited with beloved pets through Twitter.

BARCS evacuated in wake of superstorm

Oct 30, 2012: The Baltimore animal shelter evacuated their building as concern over flooding mounted.

Owners urged to take steps to protect pets

Oct 26, 2012: With "Frankenstorm" predicted to hit the Eastern seaboard for Halloween, pet owners are urged to ready emergency supplies now.

HSUS tweets help to pet owners

Aug 27, 2012: With Tropical Storm Isaac heading to the Gulf Coast, the Humane Society of the United States provides evacuation tips via tweets for pet owners.

Keep pets away from pesticides

Aug 21, 2012: Outbreaks of West Nile virus in several states means increased spraying for mosquitoes.

Tips for keeping pets safe during a storm

May 29, 2012: With storms hitting the East Coast and Gulf Coast states this past holiday weekend, HSUS issued some reminders about pet care during natural emergencies.

IFAW trains animal rescuers for disasters

May 14, 2012: In Baton Rouge, Louisiana, more than 25 veterinarians, animal responders, animal control officers, and volunteers are acquiring new skills to rescue animals from disasters.

Indiana animal rescue shelter working to reunite pets after tornado

Mar 13, 2012: The recent tornadoes in the southeast and midwest United States left many people injured and displaced, but their pets have suffered from the natural disasters, too.

300 pets remain in shelters after Japanese nuclear disaster

Mar 1, 2012: The natural disasters that caused nuclear concerns in Japan occurred almost a year ago, but more than 300 pets that were rescued from one of the power plants still reside in animal rescue shelters and other facilities in the area, The Yomiuri Shumbun reports.

SPCA International helps animals in crisis around globe

Jan 12, 2012: The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals International (SPCA International) recently announced that it plans on distributing more than $9 million in medical supply aid worldwide to help animals that are suffering because of global conflicts or natural disasters.

Cats are silver lining for North Carolina tornado victims

Nov 23, 2011: The tornado that blew through the southeast U.S. last week left many people homeless, including Roger and Jamie Rummage.
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