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Latest Animal News Articles

Feds to Puppy Mills: No More Business As Usual

Sep 30, 2013: A long-awaited change to the rules grants federal agencies greater oversight over puppy mills long accustomed to exploiting legal loopholes to traffic in their unethical trade.

No Pup Left Behind: Frago's Story

Sep 10, 2013: This Patriot Day, while we mourn the losses of this tragic anniversary, we can also pause for a moment to reflect on the gains and growth of the past twelve years. We can share those small stories that demonstrate the principles and values expressed in our daily lives, often in our actions rather than our words — actions as simple as saving a scared dog from an unruly mob.

New Presidential Pup Moves into the White House

Aug 20, 2013: New presidential pet or the start of a canine conspiracy? The First Family welcomes another dog to the White House.

Casting Call Open For Underwater Puppies

Jul 18, 2013: Underwater Dogs photographer Seth Casteel is heading back to the pool to photograph puppies. Would your puppy qualify?

Baldwin Park Puppies Star In One Picture News Story

Jul 11, 2013: John Capra of John Paul Pet and Elizabeth Baker from stopped by the KCAL studios to explain how one picture can save dogs and cats at Baldwin Park Animal Care Center.

One Picture Tour Stops In Las Vegas

Jun 21, 2013: Shelter administrators and members of the public enjoyed learning tips and tricks of pet photography from Seth Casteel.

Five Winners Announced For Doggy Paddle Contest

Jun 21, 2013: Five organizations won $1,000 grants for participating in the Doggy Paddle contest at the

Saving the Gopher Tortoise

Jun 19, 2013: When is a gopher not a gopher? How about when it is a tortoise?

Even Superheroes Need A Best Buddy

Jun 18, 2013: Some clever folks in San Diego created a real superhero movie about adoption -- and their canine stars found a home!

Someday You May Be Able To Text Your Cat

Jun 7, 2013: A North Arizona professor's research into prairie dog language may lead eventually to communication devices that let us talk to our pets.

New Shelter Challenge Website Unveiled

Jun 6, 2013: The Animal Rescue Site launched a new website this week devoted to the popular Shelter Challenge. Groups are invited to "Doggy Paddle" this new site.

Furry Friends Can Be Diabetic Too!

May 28, 2013: Pets are known to be human's best friend. We've found them to be a source of comfort, companionship, and even a friend who experiences life's struggles with us. From cancer to diabetes, not only have they been there for us when we've been diagnosed but they can develop these conditions as well.

Dog Makes Dramatic Appearance On News

May 21, 2013: Watch Barbara Garcia's dog dig its way free of the rubble in this CBS News video while she's being interviewed about surviving the tornado in Moore, OK.

Casteel Hands Out A Canon At Animal Expo

May 15, 2013: Debbie Heller of Little Rock Animal Village in Arkansas got a camera for her shelter from famed pet photographer Seth Casteel.

Cat Daddy Drops Into The Animal Rescue Site Booth

May 15, 2013: TV star Jackson Galaxy signed books and gave cat care tips at the 2013 Animal Care Expo.
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