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Latest Shelter News Articles

Baldwin Park Puppies Star In One Picture News Story

Jul 11, 2013: John Capra of John Paul Pet and Elizabeth Baker from stopped by the KCAL studios to explain how one picture can save dogs and cats at Baldwin Park Animal Care Center.

One Picture Tour Stops In Las Vegas

Jun 21, 2013: Shelter administrators and members of the public enjoyed learning tips and tricks of pet photography from Seth Casteel.

Five Winners Announced For Doggy Paddle Contest

Jun 21, 2013: Five organizations won $1,000 grants for participating in the Doggy Paddle contest at the

Even Superheroes Need A Best Buddy

Jun 18, 2013: Some clever folks in San Diego created a real superhero movie about adoption -- and their canine stars found a home!

New Shelter Challenge Website Unveiled

Jun 6, 2013: The Animal Rescue Site launched a new website this week devoted to the popular Shelter Challenge. Groups are invited to "Doggy Paddle" this new site.

Casteel Hands Out A Canon At Animal Expo

May 15, 2013: Debbie Heller of Little Rock Animal Village in Arkansas got a camera for her shelter from famed pet photographer Seth Casteel.

Winners Announced For First 2013 Shelter Challenge

May 1, 2013: More than 240 rescue groups in United States, Canada, and the Caribbean were winners in the first Shelter Challenge of 2013.

One Picture Saves A Life Workshop Comes To Madison, New Jersey

Apr 19, 2013: Can a cute photo save a life? Absolutely, if the photo is of a pet in a shelter, says famed pet photographer Seth Casteel.

These Siamese Are Very Pleased By Weekly Win

Apr 15, 2013: Three middle-aged cats needed serious dental help. With a “weekly win” at the Shelter+ Challenge, their rescue group was able to get them treatment and a new home.

Pooches Parade For Local Shelter

Apr 9, 2013: The Moore Humane Society's Cinco de Mayo Pooch Parade Fundraiser was such a hit last year that they're bringing back the event and turning it into an annual fundraiser.

Cats Go Shopping, Thanks To A Picture

Apr 4, 2013: Mufasa's soulful picture won the cats of Feline Rescue an online shopping spree as well as a grant for the rescue that houses them in The Animal Rescue Site's Flash Photo Contest.

Alert! Bellyrubitis is spreading. And it's about time!

Apr 1, 2013: It's contagious. It crosses species lines. Is it dangerous? Well, only if you're headed out of the door and late for an appointment. It's bellyrubitis!

Adorable Bunny Wheels To A Win

Mar 28, 2013: Judy Durfy, a volunteer and treasurer of Rabbit and Small Animal Rescue in Michigan, won a grant for her favorite animal rescue group.

Rescue U Trip Rebuilds Waterfowl Sanctuary

Jan 10, 2013: The Animal Rescue Site sponsored Rescue U's recent trip to North Carolina to help a waterfowl sanctuary.

$31,150 Raised Toward Goal of $50,000 For Animals!

Aug 9, 2012: $31,150 raised toward our goal of $50,000 to help shelter animals. Meet Montana, and the kids who love her.
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