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Latest Wildlife News Articles

Saving the Gopher Tortoise

Jun 19, 2013: When is a gopher not a gopher? How about when it is a tortoise?

A Tiger And Other Big Cats Found Abandoned In Kansas

May 9, 2013: The owners of a collection of wild animals essentially abandoned them, leaving it to animal rescue groups to sort out the mess and find new homes for all the big cats.

The Animal Rescue Site Staff Head To Nashville

Apr 30, 2013: Staff from The Animal Rescue Site and will be at the world's largest animal care expo to introduce new programs and sign groups up for the next Shelter Challenge.

Prairie Dogs Shifted Away From Highway

Feb 28, 2013: The Colorado Department of Transportation is working with local animal rescue groups to safely deport prairie dogs from a construction site.

Keeping Groundhogs From Your Garden

Feb 2, 2013: Once Punxsutawney Phil and brethren decide to emerge, how do you keep them out of the flowerbeds safely?

Online Petitions Call for Better Gray Wolf Protection

Dec 7, 2012: With over 130,000 signatures and counting, several Take Action! Campaigns are tackling the emerging threat to America’s gray wolf population.

Lion cubs charm zoo's video fans

Nov 21, 2012: An internal web cam allows people a close-up glimpse of a litter of four lion cubs.

Free book offers plenty of tips on living with wildlife

Jul 26, 2012: Living with Wild Neighbors in Urban and Suburban Communities: A Guide for Local Leaders offers advice on how to solve problems without resorting to poisoning, trapping or killing animals.

Creating corridors to save elephants

Jul 25, 2012: Trains running through India's Rajaji National Park threaten the local elephant herds...but this video shows a way to peaceful co-existence.

Coyote hazing instills healthy fear of humans

Jul 18, 2012: Thhe Humane Society of the United States' workshops explain this successful technique for humanely resolving conflicts with coyotes.

Baby bobcats rescued from backyard

Jun 15, 2012: A pair of baby bobcats wandered into a backyard, probably attracted by the pool, and needed to be rescued.

Keeping tigers in roadside zoos dangerous for all

May 25, 2012: An HSUS investigation, lasting from July through November 2011, shows why roadside zoo conditions pose a danger to both the big cats and the public.

U.S. Dolphin Safe label law may be weakened

May 17, 2012: To implement a World Trade Organization ruling, U.S. lawmakers potentially could repeal or weaken the U.S. Dolphin Safelabel – a prospect registering protest from leading animal rescue groups.

Fox raises her kits close to humans

May 9, 2012: These days, wildlife isn't necessarily in the wild. Check out this video of urban foxes.

Save the whales: there's an app for that!

Apr 18, 2012: A new app for Apple’s iPad and iPhone combines science and technology to help save critically endangered North Atlantic right whales by reducing the threat of collisions with large ships.
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