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Feline Behavior

Latest Feline Behavior Articles

Finally - A Safe Outdoor Alternative!

Jul 30, 2013: "Should I let my cat outside?" It's an age-old question. Cats are still wild creatures at heart and thrive when they are able to hunt and stalk. Though it may be hard to resist the urge to let them out when you see them staring out the window longingly, it's a dangerous world for cats.

Cat Toys and the Finicky Cat

Jul 26, 2013: If you've ever lived with cats, you know that each one has a distinct unique personality. Their individual preferences for food and litter (and their consequent rejection of the wrong kind) are obvious to us and respected. When it comes to playtime, however, cat owners can be quick to give up, believing that their cat doesn't like to play.

Summer Heat Safety

Jul 23, 2013: As average temperatures rise and heatwaves become more common, it's more important than ever to have a plan in place to keep your cats cool and safe. On the hottest days, air conditioners and fans are essential. But sometimes even those aren't enough.

Litter Box: Size Matters

Jul 1, 2013: When it comes to litter boxes, and litter box problems, most emphasis is placed on the type of litter, cleanliness of the box, and the box's location. Although these considerations play a crucial role in your cat's litter box habits, one consideration that often gets overlooked is the size of her litter box.

Keep Your Cat Safe on July 4th

Jul 1, 2013: To most Americans, July 4th is a day for celebration with friends and family, and a night for ooh-ing and ahh-ing over magnificent firework displays. But Independence Day can be downright terrifying for your cat. Don't cancel your plans just yet: there are a few simple things you can do to keep your cat calm and safe during the celebration.

Shredders and Snaggers: C.A.T. Plan for Destructive Clawing

Apr 8, 2013: Clawing is a natural behavior that cats should be encouraged to do. Not only do cats claw to remove old claw sheaths, but also to mark territory, exercise, and relieve pent-up stress. That being said, there is no reason to tolerate the clawing of an undesirable object such as the couch.

Create a Cat Utopia

Apr 3, 2013: Many cat owners think they are doing their cats a favor by devoting a single area of the home, such as the basement, to all of their cats' resources and needs. I have found spaces like this (especially in multi-cat households) to be the root of many behavioral problems.

The Feline Night Vision Myth

Mar 8, 2013: Cats are known for their superior nocturnal vision, a feature that likely developed to help their wildcat ancestors hunt at night. The muscles in your cat's eyes allow her pupils to narrow into a vertical slit in bright light and to expand to let maximum light in when her surroundings are on the dark side.

Excessive Nighttime Meowing: Do You Have a Meow Clock?

Mar 1, 2013: There is nothing quite like waking up to the jarring sound of your cat’s steady meows. In the corresponding groggy frustration, it’s important to remember that she’s not purposely torturing you. Cats use vocalized cues, such as hissing, yowling, and growling, to communicate.

Group Scent: The Social Glue of the Multi-cat Household

Feb 22, 2013: In a multi-cat household, cats who are friendly with one another share a group scent. Behaviors such as rubbing up against one another help create a group scent and increase bonding. Multi-cat homes without an established group scent are breeding grounds for turmoil.

"Play Dates" and Your Solitary Hunter

Feb 5, 2013: Encouraging your cats to play together with one toy may seem like a good idea. Surely this type of mutual play time would help foster a close and friendly relationship between your fluffy felines, right?

Environmental enrichment for cats – Food Puzzles!

Feb 1, 2013: Chances are good that you already know about food puzzles for dogs, but did you know that they can also be a very important part of your cat’s daily repertoire?

Your Cat’s Inner Wildcat – It’s in there somewhere!

Jan 31, 2013: Chances are good that you know about the importance of play time for your cats. Many cat owners, however, stop initiating play if their cats aren’t responsive. What do you do when your cat doesn’t play with the faux fur mice toys the way he used to?

Covered Litter Boxes – Your Cat’s Point of View

Jan 30, 2013: Like his ancestor, the African Wildcat, your cat has survival instincts to help keep him safe from predators and competitor cats. As appealing as a covered litter box seems to you, using one goes against your cat’s natural survival instincts.

"X" Marks the Spot – Is Your Cat Worried About Outside Cats?

Jan 15, 2013: Spraying (urine marking) is a frustrating and seemingly hopeless issue for many cat owners. Many believe that once a cat begins to spray he will always do it - a belief that couldn't be further from the truth.
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