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Latest Dogs Articles

Cataract Surgery Safe For Dogs

Sep 11, 2013: Like humans, with age our doggie friends will find their bodies especially their eyesight deteriorating. Many pet owners are worried that with age and symptoms of eye disease showing up in there pooch pals, their health, safety, and quality of life could be in danger, so what's next?

Make Hotel Reservations For You And Your Pooch Pal

Aug 30, 2013: Wouldn't it be nice if you could bring your dog on vacation without worrying about dog-friendly accommodations? Well, grab that passport because it's time to make a trip to Vienna, Austria!

Giving Rescued Dogs A Second Chance As Rescuers

Aug 29, 2013: As many of us have rescued our four-legged friends from being homeless to living in a loving home, they now have the opportunity to give back. From "rescued to becoming a rescuer," the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation (SDF) has been giving our pooch pals a second chance at life to work and give back to our communities.

Could Your Pet Be The Next Top Model?

Aug 27, 2013: We all know rescue pets are Super Models; now's the time to prove it! Starting on Monday, August 26 and through September 26, your adopters can enter their adopted pet in the 2013 Fuzzy Nation Super Model contest. The winner of the contest will have their pet recreated in plush by Fuzzy Nation, and the shelter where their pet was adopted will receive a $10,000 cash grant from!

K911: Saving Lives With One Touch Of A Paw

Aug 22, 2013: In times of need we've found ourselves to be there for our canine friends, and we know that they'll be there for us and others as both a companion but also as a professional, working alongside firefighters, police men, and guard dogs for our homes and businesses. But now you can also add one more job to their long list of duties, 911 dispatcher.

Fido's Emotions Have Been Linked To Facial Expressions

Aug 20, 2013: Believe it or not but the the wag or your dogs tail isn't the only thing that tells you they're happy to see you. Your dogs face could be telling you a lot more than you think. Just like humans, Japanese animal behavior researchers have found that a dog's facial expressions have been proven to show emotion.

DogTV Available Nationwide: Keeping dogs interested, entertained, and relaxed

Aug 9, 2013: What debuted in 2012 in San Diego is now available nationwide courtesy of Direct TV. DogTV has been popular amongst dog owners who want to keep their dogs entertained while they're at work or away from home for a few hours. Dog TV is set up from a dog's point a view for a dogs point of view. Dog shelters have found the channel to calm dogs down making them more appealing to adopt.

Top 10 Ways To Keep Your Dog Cool

Aug 7, 2013: Summer is in full effect but as you enjoy the hot weather keep in mind this list of how you should keep your furry four-legged friend cool, calm, and collected while you're out having fun in the sun.

The All-American Dog

Jul 26, 2013: You might have a beautiful but unidentifiable mutt that so well represents the quintessential melting pot that is America. You might have a dog breed with a lot of American history it it - a veritable Lassie or a Rin Tin Tin. But do you have an "All-American" dog, one with roots that go farther back on this continent than Jamestown?

Your Life As A Dog...

Jul 22, 2013: Dogs have always been our best friends, and we tend to take them everywhere to experience the great adventures we all take. But as we share and enjoy these times with our four-legged friends, we can only wonder and ask ourselves what's it like for them?

Americans Are Pet Owners (And We Like our Dogs!)

Jul 16, 2013: Don't be surprised if you're asked about which four-legged friend you'd prefer to become the next American President. A recent national poll has proven that the average American would prefer a dog to rule their world, and making a consensus that dogs are the 52% fan-favorite with cats leading behind at 21%.

Black Cats Have It Tough

Jun 12, 2013: The myth that black cats are a source of bad luck is more than just an age-old ad ism; it's a very real factor that makes in harder for ebony-haired kitties to find loving adoptive families.

Dogs Bring Beneficial Bacteria Into Home

Jun 12, 2013: Countless studies have shown that beneficial bacteria are key players when it comes to producing immunity from disease. Now, we know that dogs are like yogurt - bringing a healthy bacterial population into our lives.

Can Dogs Benefit the Workplace?

Jun 12, 2013: Dog lovers around the world will attest to the comfort and companionship that a relationship with a good dog can provide. A recent study showed that having well-behaved dogs in the workplace actually benefits both employees and employers.

Why Is "Cat Bearding" All The Rage?

Jun 12, 2013: You can't help but take a double take and think, "Did I see what I think I saw, was that a someone with a cat beard?!" Well don't think too much because, NO, you aren't seeing things!
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