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What Kind Of Animal Is This?!

bare bear

People in California were alarmed and concerned when they saw a hairless creature digging through the dumpsters. Rescuers couldn't believe what it was...»

large tan dog running and smiling

Rescued is Our Favorite Breed

Breed does not matter because all dogs and cats enhance our lives. Mutts will be your best friend for life. Cats nudge their way into your lap and heart. We love to hear all the happy endings for deserving shelter animals. Tell us how you saved your best friend!

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There Is No Such Thing As Safe Ice

iced over pond and a dog stranded in ice

During the winter, you have to be extra cautious, because dogs are curious and will follow a scent right into trouble. Read how to avoid hypothermia»

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This new program will give even more shelter pets a chance to stay healthy and happy, and eventually find their furrever homes. It's a fantastic way to give rescue pets the lives they deserve, and to learn about how you are helping them.

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Freedom Refuge for Retired Elephants

Elephant Aid International (EAI) has secured an 850 acre parcel of land to create a pristine refuge for retired and rescued circus and zoo elephants. We need your help to secure the perimeter with the necessary double fencing to keep the elephant residents safe.

There are currently over 400 elephants living in United States zoos and circuses. Once they were wild but captured and put on display for entertainment. These elephants have been kept in chains or in cramped quarters for decades, unable to engage in natural behaviors and develop interpersonal friendships so necessary to their well-being.

You can help! Just $8 will pay for one foot of the Elephant Refuge Fence Project!

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Help Animal Victims of Natural Disasters
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