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5/21/2014: For the first time in 35 years, a bullfight at Plaza de las Ventas, Madrid's premier bullring, was called off after all three fighters were gored in just one session. Amazingly, though the incident has sparked alarm around the world, it has done little to change Spain's apathetic attitude toward this gruesome sport. Sign below to tell Spain that brutal events like these do not go unnoticed!
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Bullfighting is a traditional European and Latin American sport that involves bulls being publicly baited, taunted, lanced and eventually stabbed to death by bullfighters inside a ring. Fights often result in severe injuries for the fighter, and always end in death for the animal. Despite its blatant cruelty and violence, the sport is considered by many to be a cultural tradition, and even an art form, and has thus evaded scrutiny in Spain.

In 2013, Spain's parliament bestowed “cultural heritage” status on bullfighting, making it nearly impossible for bans to be put in place. However, recent polls have shown that 75 percent of Spaniards have not attended a bullfight in the past five years, and that only 29 percent are in favor of it at all.

Any activity in which an animal suffers and dies in the name of entertainment ought to be considered inhumane. Such an outdated sport has no place in modern society.

Write to the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) — the organization promoting global peace and collaboration — asking them to encourage Spain not to endorse bullfighting as a cultural heritage practice and to see it for what it truly is: blatant animal cruelty.

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Dear UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova:

As a concerned animal advocate, I am writing to address the ongoing issue of bullfighting being accepted as a legitimate cultural tradition.

Although bullfighting is seen by many as cultural heritage dating back to the 15th and 16th centuries, I see it as nothing more than pure animal cruelty. The fact is, injuries and casualties are inevitable in bullfighting. The animal is always killed either during the event or after, and the bullfighter often sustains serious injuries.

I cannot see the purpose in an activity that leaves animals and humans bloodied and wounded. And there is simply no excuse for treating an innocent animal like a spectacle for human entertainment.

Please do not recognize bullfighting as a legitimate sport anywhere, regardless of tradition. It's plain cruelty and nothing more.

Thank you.

Petition Signatures

Dec 5, 2016 Madeleine Gläser
Dec 5, 2016 grace summerhays pure animal cruelty
Dec 5, 2016 Francisca Brechbuhler
Dec 4, 2016 Frank Ehmke
Dec 4, 2016 Jacqueline Peter
Dec 4, 2016 Gerlinde Holzer
Dec 4, 2016 Vanessa Ciranni
Dec 4, 2016 Andrea Bieber
Dec 4, 2016 Rita Pirrotte Das hat nichts mehr mit Kultur zu tun...das ist grausamer Mord um das Publikum zu unterhalten......grausig seid ihr in Spanien...das müsst ihr doch endlich einsehen.
Dec 2, 2016 Karenn Fleming
Dec 2, 2016 Penny Griffin-Correa
Dec 2, 2016 Karen Drum
Dec 2, 2016 Jen Berggren
Dec 2, 2016 Elaine Parker
Dec 2, 2016 Flossie Pruitt
Dec 2, 2016 Paula Najmulski
Dec 2, 2016 Diana Viteri
Dec 2, 2016 retro jet
Dec 1, 2016 Lisa Petardi
Dec 1, 2016 Elena S
Nov 30, 2016 Helen Johnson
Nov 28, 2016 Tracey Courage Use this energy to help others of hurt. There is to much pain in the world, for animals & for humans
Nov 27, 2016 Dena Hall
Nov 26, 2016 Dawn legere
Nov 26, 2016 Michele Laporte Bullfighting is not a sport by any means of the definition! It is horrible cruelty!! The fear, pain, suffering and murder is an atrocity!! God frowns upon this sort of evil!!! Make it stop! Show mercy! Show compassion! Show grace! Show humanity!!
Nov 26, 2016 Ximena Garcia
Nov 26, 2016 Svetlana Klimova
Nov 24, 2016 André Henrique Bacci
Nov 21, 2016 Cara Ammon
Nov 21, 2016 Geraldine Rowland How about coming into the 21st century and letting this nasty sport of yours die. It's cruel and selfish.
Nov 21, 2016 Joan Thornquist
Nov 20, 2016 Brenda Hammond
Nov 20, 2016 Helen Freer
Nov 20, 2016 Murry Caetano
Nov 20, 2016 (Name not displayed)
Nov 20, 2016 Andrea Eitelman
Nov 19, 2016 Lisa Li
Nov 19, 2016 Mary Caputi
Nov 19, 2016 Brandy Robinson
Nov 18, 2016 (Name not displayed)
Nov 18, 2016 Argelia Bravo
Nov 18, 2016 Vera García
Nov 18, 2016 Victoria Berrueco
Nov 17, 2016 Mayra Munoz Bullfighting is a barbaric with no metrits. I believe Spains ancestors would be rolling in their graves if they the horrors in their beautiful colosseums.
Nov 17, 2016 Kathleen zoll
Nov 16, 2016 valerie thomert
Nov 16, 2016 Susan Oldershaw

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