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Goal: 50,000 Progress: 22,295
Sponsored by: Humane Society International

Thousands of dogs and cats, many of them stolen pets, are captured and transported over long distances under horrific conditions to Yulin, a city in China's Guangxi Autonomous Region. There, they're held in crowded cages without food or water until they are brutally killed. Often, they are beaten and their throats are slit in front of other terrified animals. Most Chinese citizens reject this practice, and we're committed to supporting them in ending the festival.

This year, sources in China are reporting that the government of Yulin will prohibit restaurants, street vendors and market traders from selling dog meat at the city's now-infamous festival. The ban is set to come into effect on June 15—one week prior to the start of the event on the summer solstice. It's meant to be strictly enforced, with fines of up to 100,000 yuan and the risk of arrest for violations. However, the ban is only temporary, and many dogs and cats will still be killed ahead of time. Because of your voice and millions of others, the Yulin festival has reduced in size since it first began in 2010. At its height, up to 15,000 dogs were killed for their meat during the festival days. But more recently, fewer dogs—2-3,000—have been killed during this time. Of course every life lost is one too many, and so together we fight on.

You can help make the ban permanent. Please thank Mr. Mo Gong Ming for taking a major step toward stopping the annual cruelty at Yulin and ask him to end the slaughter once and for all.

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Dear Mr. Mo Gong Ming,

I am writing today to express my thanks and support for the leadership you have shown towards protecting dogs during the Yulin Dog Meat Festival.

The reported decision you have initiated to ban the sale of dog meat during the event, shows that you are taking critical steps to curb animal cruelty during this time and to correct an historical wrong. Only by ending the mass slaughter and consumption of dogs and cats, can Yulin be transformed into a centre of culture and civilization.

This ban is a commendable step for dogs, and I hope that you will continue to take further steps to protect companion animals by including cats under the order too, and making it a permanent prohibition. I would love to see this temporary ban break the ground for an end to the Yulin Dog Meat Festival and inspire transformational change across Asia to end the dog meat trade for good. I respectfully urge you to:

      1. Permanently ban dog and cat meat trade in Yulin;
      2. Strengthen food safety law enforcement;
      3. Penalize inbound dog trucks without proper documents;
      4. Shut down dog slaughter operations inside Yulin;
      5. Build a government facility to accommodate confiscated dogs and cats; and
      6. End dog and cat meat consumption in Yulin.

    I commend your decision and wish you success in making Yulin a city of culture. Thank you once again for your decision.

Petition Signatures

Jun 24, 2018 Francis Robertson
Jun 24, 2018 Ralph Juliano
Jun 24, 2018 Sandra Marusin
Jun 24, 2018 Nancy Mace The only word that comes to mind for this practice is barbaric!
Jun 24, 2018 (Name not displayed)
Jun 24, 2018 Linda Langmacher
Jun 24, 2018 Linda M Parker
Jun 24, 2018 Holly Davison
Jun 24, 2018 Anne S. Buttner
Jun 24, 2018 Susan Perzel
Jun 24, 2018 (Name not displayed)
Jun 24, 2018 Redgy Declercq
Jun 24, 2018 Ben C
Jun 24, 2018 anne ellis
Jun 24, 2018 L Lee
Jun 24, 2018 Jen Klemp
Jun 24, 2018 Marrell D'Arienzo
Jun 24, 2018 James Park
Jun 24, 2018 Rochelle Macredie
Jun 24, 2018 Wendy Greth-Sapieha Thank you for caring about these innocent creatures.
Jun 23, 2018 Johnny Stetz
Jun 23, 2018 Robin Baytes
Jun 23, 2018 Shirley Holman
Jun 23, 2018 Cynthia Samuel Barbaric.
Jun 23, 2018 Mitzi Coons
Jun 23, 2018 Robert Hornberger
Jun 23, 2018 Luana Pires
Jun 23, 2018 Kay Beams Most Chinese citizens reject this practice. A Ban is set to begin June 15. Many dogs & cats will still be killed ahead of time. I want to help make the ban permanent. Mr. Mo Gong Ming end this slaughter once and for all. End the Yulin Dog Meat Festival.
Jun 23, 2018 ralph krugler
Jun 23, 2018 Merrie Goodbie These animals are not necessary to be used as food. They are pets. Why do it? For the thrill of the massacre? For the thrill of doing something repugnant that intentionally riles the rest of the world thereby giving that village a sense of superiority?
Jun 23, 2018 Judy Woodfill
Jun 23, 2018 Susan Leo-Russell
Jun 23, 2018 Kathe Garbrick
Jun 23, 2018 Deborah Newis
Jun 23, 2018 sabrina druitt it being barbarians in this developed time. show us you deserve our respect and not our hatred
Jun 23, 2018 Norma Sutcliffe
Jun 23, 2018 P. E. Scott END THIS HORRIFIC PRACTICE NOW!!!!!!!
Jun 23, 2018 diane rockafellow
Jun 23, 2018 JC Follender
Jun 23, 2018 Joan Cuplin End the Slaughter in Yulin!!!!
Jun 23, 2018 Sherry Eisenbach
Jun 23, 2018 Paul Pugliani
Jun 23, 2018 Carol Fabitz
Jun 23, 2018 Shelly Thomas
Jun 23, 2018 Carole Seal
Jun 23, 2018 Molly Muro
Jun 23, 2018 Pamela Townsend
Jun 23, 2018 JULIA GUETH
Jun 23, 2018 Teresa Nigro
Jun 23, 2018 christina weins dogs are not food there is no reason what so ever to have this happen dogs are family this madness needs to be stopped immediately

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