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21,035 signatures sent on 7/13. Please continue to support this important cause by signing if you haven't already. Thank you!
Goal: 50,000 Progress: 41,677
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The small freshwater Mekong Dolphin is a critically endangered species, and could be soon extinct. Since 2003, the Mekong River population has suffered 88 deaths, and the current population is estimated only 64 to 76 dolphins. Pollutants in the river, dumped in the water from Cambodia through southern Laos, are compromising the animals' immune systems and contributing to the death toll.

Urge Lao Prime Minister Bouasone Bouphavanh and Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen to implement laws to protect the Mekong dolphins' habitat. Sign the petition below and tell a friend.

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Dear Prime Ministers Bouasone Bouphavanh and Hun Sen,

I ask you to swiftly implement laws to stop contaminants from being dumped in the Mekong River. The river's pollution is taking the Mekong dolphin to near extinction - the dolphin population has suffered 88 deaths since 2003, of which over sixty percent were calves under two weeks old. The current population is estimated only 64 to 76 dolphins.

I urge you to take action against gold mines and several other industries that dump hazardous chemicals in the river. Pollutants such as DDT, PCBs and mercury where found during analysis of the dead dolphin calves, and they represent a threat not only to this marvelous dolphin species, but also to the health of the human population that consumes the fish caught in the area. The preservation of the dolphin's habitat needs to be enforced with stiffer penalties for those who break the law.

It would be a great tragedy if we couldn't show these beautiful animals to future generations -- please act now before the Mekong dolphin becomes extinct.

Petition Signatures

Apr 20, 2018 (Name not displayed)
Apr 19, 2018 Deja Brown
Apr 18, 2018 Christine Fernando
Apr 16, 2018 Linda Payne
Apr 15, 2018 lisa Weston Bialy
Apr 15, 2018 Jacqueline McGrath Curtis
Apr 14, 2018 Fawn Mcconnell
Apr 14, 2018 Lisa Carrara
Apr 14, 2018 Christine Kwiecinski
Apr 14, 2018 (Name not displayed)
Apr 14, 2018 Nick Blythe
Apr 14, 2018 galina Dzhaladyan
Apr 13, 2018 Peter Fell
Apr 13, 2018 (Name not displayed)
Apr 13, 2018 Racquel Colinares
Apr 13, 2018 Krist Kitchen
Apr 13, 2018 annick baud
Apr 13, 2018 Suzanne Levi
Apr 13, 2018 Isabel Sobral
Apr 13, 2018 faye munro
Apr 13, 2018 Gary Wrasse
Apr 13, 2018 Tracy Barnard
Apr 13, 2018 Glenda Kelly
Apr 13, 2018 Patricia E Anderson
Apr 13, 2018 Eric Hui
Apr 13, 2018 Elaine Becker We MUST save species for future generations!
Apr 13, 2018 Edwinice Meyer
Apr 13, 2018 jane wells
Apr 13, 2018 norma graciela varrone cancio
Apr 11, 2018 (Name not displayed)
Apr 11, 2018 georgina italy
Apr 10, 2018 Michael Stevenson
Apr 10, 2018 debra tiritilli
Apr 9, 2018 Michelle Perez
Apr 9, 2018 (Name not displayed)
Apr 8, 2018 Sharlene Bergart
Apr 8, 2018 Cathleen Cascia
Apr 7, 2018 Rodolfo Sanchez
Apr 7, 2018 Rick Hodorowich
Apr 7, 2018 Susanne Lewis
Apr 7, 2018 Catherine Williams
Apr 7, 2018 Sarah Young
Apr 7, 2018 Sandra Platz
Apr 7, 2018 Tasha Chenoweth
Apr 7, 2018 Susan Higgins
Apr 6, 2018 Vincenzo Taffoni
Apr 6, 2018 antonina rossi imperato
Apr 5, 2018 Candi Gaona
Apr 5, 2018 Siti Zulaikha
Apr 5, 2018 Vincent Carollo

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