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Skechers ran their Super Bowl ad despite pleas from animal advocates everywhere. Please continue to sign this petition in protest of Skechers until the company apologizes for their ad and publicly denounces animal cruelty.
Final signature count: 38,858
Sponsored by: The Animal Rescue Site

Greyhounds are being exploited as part of a new ad campaign that's scheduled to begin during the Super Bowl.

The multi-billion dollar shoe company Skechers recently filmed its television ad at a greyhound racing track. The advertisement features the dogs in racing jackets, racing against a smaller dog who is wearing Skechers shoes.

Airing this promotion would be bad enough any time — but airing it during the Super Bowl not only promises hundreds of millions of people will witness a form of animal cruelty that is being touted as a sport, but it also demonstrates gross ignorance on the part of Skechers.

Skechers needs to realize it is only promoting animal cruelty by supporting a sport in which innocent dogs die all the time for no reason.

Sign the petition imploring Skechers to act responsibly and pull this ad from the Super Bowl lineup — and from television altogether.

Dear Skechers CEO Robert Greenberg:

If your company, Skechers, is interested in doing the right thing, you will apologize for promoting animal cruelty with an ad during the Super Bowl lineup.

Your ad featuring greyhound dogs racing a smaller dog wearing Skechers shoes completely misses the point. Do you know the kinds of lives racing greyhounds lead? They're fed grade D meat, kept in small enclosures, forced to race until their bodies give out, and then they are killed. The greyhound racing industry is a terrible place for a dog to end up.

Yet you supported this "sport" by broadcasting it across America during the most watched event of the year. I realize your interest lies with your own company's success — but you shouldn't promote animal cruelty to get it.

Please apologize for your ad letting the public know you do not condone animal cruelty.

Petition Signatures

Mar 28, 2017 Janice Bernard
Mar 28, 2017 Deb Mazur Very disappointed as I am an avid sketcher client! I will no longer purchase their products due to their unethical ad campaign and will share this info will everyone I cross paths with!
Mar 28, 2017 Jenice Minamide
Mar 28, 2017 Kathryn Jacobs
Mar 28, 2017 Kelly Nestelroad
Mar 27, 2017 Dana Albanese
Mar 25, 2017 Lydia Johns
Mar 25, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Mar 25, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Mar 25, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Mar 25, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Mar 24, 2017 JoLayne Fritz
Mar 24, 2017 Diane Sposili
Mar 23, 2017 Nancy Wein
Mar 23, 2017 Donna Shirley
Mar 23, 2017 J Kies
Mar 23, 2017 Angela Hale
Mar 23, 2017 Linda Brown
Mar 23, 2017 sheryl claxton
Mar 23, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Mar 23, 2017 Melinda Burgess
Mar 23, 2017 tammy oare
Mar 22, 2017 Wendy Malone
Mar 22, 2017 Suzanne Stephens
Mar 20, 2017 Hannah Weil
Mar 19, 2017 Lisa Vaugh
Mar 19, 2017 Patricia Brice Please rethink your advert, you reach a big audience and you can influence a lot of people. I really like your products but i am unhappy with this advert so lets have a new ad that sends a positive message about animals while show casing your fab products
Mar 18, 2017 Bernadette O'Maoileidigh I loved Sketchers but after I found out about the promotion of animal cruelty with your ad,I will no longer buy your products!!! I will also be telling friends and spreading the word about this.
Mar 18, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Mar 16, 2017 Susan Benavidez
Mar 15, 2017 Ray Morris
Mar 15, 2017 Tanja Lyresäter
Mar 15, 2017 kathy raggio I will not buy your products again.
Mar 15, 2017 Anne Snyder
Mar 15, 2017 P Plunkett
Mar 15, 2017 Monica Ciapini
Mar 15, 2017 Paula Nichols
Mar 15, 2017 Erika Tamar
Mar 15, 2017 Paul Statman
Mar 14, 2017 vasan ramasamy
Mar 14, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Mar 14, 2017 Judy Lods
Mar 14, 2017 Barb Breese
Mar 14, 2017 Marco Martins
Mar 14, 2017 Abigael Foreman
Mar 14, 2017 lori pace
Mar 14, 2017 Marie Willow
Mar 14, 2017 Susan Kimball

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