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The Animal Rescue Site received a disappointing letter from YouTube in response to our request to ban dog fighting videos. Rather than agree to remove them, YouTube merely reiterated their flagging policy, and did nothing to acknowledge the harm these videos are causing. Your signatures are more important than ever -- help us tell YouTube that we won't take no for an answer!
Goal: 200,000 Progress: 146,792
Sponsored by: The Animal Rescue Site

Dog fighting, in and of itself is a heinous crime. What may be surprising to find out, however, is that others are encouraging dog fighting by offering instructional videos about the activity., the world's largest video sharing website, features videos depicting dog fights and material related to it.

Dog fighting is an abhorrent "sport" in which owners pit two dogs against each other in the ring and have them fight until one collapses or dies. The other dog is most often injured as well.

YouTube should not allow these videos to be featured anywhere on the site as they only promote violence and carnage.

Write to YouTube's CEO asking her to prohibit these videos and stand up for dogs!

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Dear Susan Wojcicki:

Dog fighting is a heinous activity in which two dogs are pitted against each other and are made to fight to the death. It's a bloody sport where no one wins.

These fights depict excessive violence, cause great harm to the animals involved, and break the law in all fifty US states in addition to many countries around the world. By these measures, such videos violate your community guidelines regarding "animal abuse", "graphic or gratuitous violence", "intent to shock or disgust", and "encouraging dangerous, illegal activities".

Despite these safeguards, dog fighting videos persist on your video sharing site. With the resources dedicated to the removal of copyrighted content, these sensational and gruesome videos stand out, lending an air of culpability in propagating this unlawful and immoral practice.

Though you will not comment on the removal of individual videos, the continued presence of this particular category demands a review of your policies and procedures for the handling and reviewing of flagged content. As a good first step, your Community Guidelines might explicitly prohibit the presence of dog fighting videos under your "helpful examples and tips."

Please take down all dog fighting videos and do your part for the humane treatment of dogs everywhere.

Thank you.

Petition Signatures

May 23, 2018 Cedelia Hunt Dogs have feelings as well. Don't be cruel to them
May 23, 2018 Linda Scott People must be brought to justice
May 23, 2018 Lois Vethulst
May 23, 2018 Kim Mahoney
May 23, 2018 Evangeline Miranda
May 23, 2018 Cristie Caldwell
May 23, 2018 Michele Ingerham
May 23, 2018 Lourdes Rios
May 23, 2018 Gina Castillo you're a piece of garbage if you don't remove these videos. These dogs are being abused and killed badly hurt it's disgraceful to see the shape that they are in
May 23, 2018 Karen Myers
May 22, 2018 Kim Let
May 22, 2018 (Name not displayed) I think this apalding and people who do this to animals what are they capable of doing to human being. This makes me sick! We should be going after these heartless pieces of crap. So disheartening.
May 22, 2018 Candra Inserra Plz stop showing these videos on utube. Dog fighting is cruel and barbaric. No animal should be forced to participate in these illegal fights. They have no voices, no dignity and get no love. Plz be the voices for these innocent dogs. They deserve better
May 22, 2018 Dolores Gonzales This is a heartless crime!! Anyone who does such an act has no soul!!
May 22, 2018 P.A. Woodburn Remove any videos supporting or applauding dog fighting.
May 22, 2018 Ricci Black Stop enabling this horrible crime.
May 22, 2018 Franziska Haesler
May 22, 2018 Sue Doolin Anyone who does this should go to jail for life, no parole. Or should be throw into a pit and let dogs eat them up. Someone who does this has no soul, they are pure evil. If they do this to a helpless animal they will do it a human, especially a child.
May 22, 2018 Tricia Amaya
May 22, 2018 (Name not displayed)
May 22, 2018 Rebecca Jones This is awful & unbelievable.
May 22, 2018 Judit Zabo
May 22, 2018 (Name not displayed) This is one of the most heartless crimes against dogs. They are our companions and it is truly evil to force them to fight one another for entertainment! There is a place in hell for these horrible people!
May 22, 2018 Schivon Ellis
May 22, 2018 Brenda Torres These people should be put in a pit and made to fight to the death they should be treated just exactly like they do the dogs
May 22, 2018 Elaine Levenseller I believe that anyone found guilty of fighting dogs or animal cruelty should have to serve time, it should be a felony in all states and carry a stiff fine and prison.
May 22, 2018 (Name not displayed) Keep your eyes open these fur babies depend on us!
May 22, 2018 (Name not displayed)
May 22, 2018 Holly Stinespring Please help animals have a voice and don’t allow Animal fighting videos to be posted! These are not instructional videos, it is a crime to fight dogs and by allowing videos to be posted you are committing a crime also.
May 22, 2018 Carol Lehnortt It sickening to what these poor fur babies have to go through for human sick minded entertainment
May 22, 2018 Becky Schult
May 22, 2018 Carin Brennan
May 22, 2018 (Name not displayed)
May 22, 2018 (Name not displayed) Please ban videos of dog fighting on FB!
May 22, 2018 Diane Sanitate
May 22, 2018 Paul Skeeter CRIME!!!
May 22, 2018 Haley Tice
May 22, 2018 (Name not displayed) Please stop showing dog fighting videos, get a job, stop making your dog work for you
May 22, 2018 (Name not displayed) Stop displaying dog fights. It is not a sport but cruelty in its most demonic form
May 22, 2018 Cheryl Gillette
May 22, 2018 Dina Yerkey
May 22, 2018 Gail Ingram You are just as guilty as the low life trash that fight dogs!!!
May 22, 2018 (Name not displayed)
May 22, 2018 Minke Whatley
May 22, 2018 Cécile Healy I am ashame to be a human when I see how humans can be. Stop this cruelty once and for all. It is way over due!
May 22, 2018 Melissa Williams
May 22, 2018 S Adams
May 22, 2018 Linda Walkup
May 22, 2018 Melony Darnell
May 22, 2018 (Name not displayed)

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