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Corky the Cradle Cat

Corky the Cradle Cat

Meet Corky the Cradle Cat, from an abandoned deformed kitten to a world wide inspiration of courage, love and determination.

March 20th, 2012 CATS Cradle Shelter in Fargo, ND rescued a beautiful 7 month old kitten from the Moorhead Pound. We were told by the staff at the pound that he was found dragging himself down a sidewalk on Main Avenue in Moorhead due to a congenital deformity. He was born with backwards, twisted back legs. After a search for a veterinarian surgeon, Corky had 4 surgeries to correct his condition, he ultimately lost his left rear leg but he does not let it bother him, Corky is now running, playing and even putting the chase on his four legged siblings and is now living a "purrfectly" normal life in the home of one of the Directors of the shelter that saved him from euthanazia.

Corkys story has inspired people from all over the world, he has friends in Egypt, Israel, England, Holland, Italy, France, Germany, Australia, Canada, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, and many more countries around the world.

He has received emails from cancer patients who had given up hope and now have been inspired to fight their illness, encouraged people to become more proactive and volunteer in their rescue communities, helped to spread awareness to the plight of other cats in need of rescue, helped find homes for urgent cats, and because of Corkys story, many kittens with similar conditions are now getting treatment rather than automatically being euthanized.

Corky is the perfect symbol of motivation, inspiration, love, and hope. From him, we have learned that one cat cannot change the world, but we truly can change the world for one cat. We are now TEAM CORKY, won't you join the team?

Gail Ventzke
Fargo, ND

Luther gets to keep his new home

This is Luther, the Blue Tick Coonhound who was recently adopted from Lapeer County Animal Shelter, Lapeer, MI (USA). He became the best friend of Joe, his adopter. He went everywhere with his master; riding in his truck to work with him each day.

During his wellness check up at the veterinarian, they discovered Luther was Heartworm positive. Apparently the previous owner of this stray did not use any preventive against this killer worm. The estimate for the procedure to eradicate the worms growing in Luther’s heart, exceeded $700.

Joe unable to afford such treatment had to make the disheartening decision to return his buddy back to the shelter in hopes someone else can take the financial responsibility of Luther’s treatment. This unselfish act by Joe was the only chance Luther would have had for a cure.

Joe was wrong.

When he called the shelter to inquire about the return of his beloved pet, immediately the shelter notified the volunteer of the Facebook page (Wendy) that supports this shelter and animals in the Lapeer County. Wendy informed Joe that she will let the community know of the vet bill and see if they can get donations to cover the cost of the treatments. She created a Chip-In and posted the Veterinarian information. In less than 1 day Joe had all the funds for Luther’s treatment!

Luther started his journey to healing. He will be able to complete it in the home where he is loved the most, and beside his loving master, Joe.

Berlin, MI

Survived 15 Miles in an Engine

I am a volunteer with the Copper Country Humane Society, and I had to share this story. CCHS is located in a wonderful nature park with great walking trails. The dogs get out daily for walks in the woods with volunteers. Every once in a while a lost dog will show up on the trails. However, on October 22, 2012 – volunteer dog walkers found two itty bitty kittens all full of dirt meowing in the trails right near the shelter. They were scooped up and brought to the CCHS. Our shelter manager cleaned them up, fed them and placed them in a warm kennel. It is not too uncommon for animals to be found dumped in the woods by the shelter. But what makes this story so unbelievable, is what happens next.

Closing time approached, the shelter animals were all fed and ready for bed, including the new kittens. Lights out and time to leave for the night. Our shelter manager got in her car, drove home, which was about 15 miles from the shelter. When she got out of her car, to her shock and surprise was meowing coming from under her hood. Here were two more little kittens that miraculously survived a 15 mile ride in her engine. These sweet little kittens were obviously from the same “dumped litter” that were found just hours prior. They were dirty, hungry and scared. So once again, our shelter manager scooped up the babies, brought in to her home this time, cleaned them up, fed them and put them in a transport kennel for the night. All 4 kittens are incredible survivors and were reunited the next day at the shelter. Just another day in the life of a devoted shelter manager.

LeRita Allert
Lanse, MI

Anne accepts the Challenge

Anne and her sister Cleo were given up to Animal Control because their mom had to start traveling for her work and could no longer care for them. Western Missouri Basset Rescue, Inc. from Raytown Missouri USA took them into rescue, got them vetted and put them on Petfinder to find them a home.

Months passed and as they did we could see Anne was very shy around her sister Cleo.

Then Cleo was adopted and though we worried Anne would be depressed we had to take the chance to see what would happen once her sister was no longer there to monitor her.

Anne became a very social and her loving playful personality began to blossom.

After a week or two we got a call from a lady with a son who had Asperger's. The child's physician thought it might be good for him to have a service dog to help him develop his social skills.

They were looking at Annie so we went to meet them, the boy was a delight and he took to Anne right away and she to him they were both coming out of their shyness together and helping each other learn to trust. It was a perfect match!

I have received communications from the boy telling me how much he loves Anne and how well she is doing under his care. He brags that they go everywhere together and Anne helps him be less shy around people they meet in their travels, he is so willing to share his stories about his canine companion. She took the Challenge to develop her own sweet personality, to become herself without the constant overbearing of her sister's demands and is helping her master to become less introverted. Anne took the challenge and came out a winner.

Chris Bly
Kansas City, MO

Gerty's Story

My family and I chose to adopt our family member from the Lapeer Animal Shelter on September 6th. She was described as follows: “Gerty has to be hands down the most heartbreaking dog yet! Gerty is having just a hard time as she is just not comfortable. Sad to say, we think this old gal was probably dumped! Now, she does have life left, not much, but why let her die in a shelter? Why let her sit there behind bars and sit on a hard surface (she has 3 blankets) when she appears to have bad arthritis?”

My daughter and I read the website conversations and we went and visited her, she was very sad in the kennel and had difficulty standing, but came to the door and rested her head against mine through the metal grid. We patiently waited for her to become available. We had lost our beloved lab about a year ago to cancer and felt confident in our ability to care for Gerty and her needs in her final stages of life.

Shortly after welcoming Gerty into our home, we soon realized she is deaf and has difficulty seeing due to her cataracts. These were unexpected challenges but we are very grateful to have her as part of our family. We have been working with our vet to provide her medical treatments to ease her discomfort. She can now climb onto our couch which she has proudly claimed as her bed and recently showed us that there is a bit of “puppy” in her as she began playfully chasing our ducks in the yard with our other 2 dogs, it was delightful to see her having such a great time. We are very blessed to have her in our lives.

Leslie Manley
Ortonville, MI

The paw that grabbed my heart

It was February in Michigan and outside raged one of our biggest snowfalls of the season. Preparing for the treacherous drive home from work, a voice spoke to my heart to drive to Lapeer County Animal Shelter in Lapeer, Michigan, USA.

You see, it had been four months since I lost my best friend Al, a cat that lived with me for 20 years. I was still grieving for Al, but a voice in my heart urged me to fill the hole of emptiness I felt.

I crept through the snow to get to the shelter knowing soon it would be their closing time. Arriving minutes before closing I asked if I could run in just to look at the cats. The worker let me, and I walked into the cat room.

I firmly believe that we don’t pick our pets, they pick us. So I excitedly went into the room to see which cat would pick me. I interacted with all the cats. I touched each one of them, tried to initiate play, but no cat seemed to really be interested at all. I was terribly disappointed. As I started to leave the room, I heard a loud and anxious meow behind me. I turned around and there was a tabby cat laying on his left side with his paw hanging out of his cage. He was frantically waving his paw at me to come over to him. Instantly we had bonded with each other, and I adopted him immediately. He picked ME!!! I named him Lenny and he has been a wonderful addition to our family.

I thank God every day for listening to that inner voice, and that paw that reached out and grabbed my heart and my attention.

Michelle Reed
Columbiaville, MI

Reunited, It Feels So Good!

On October 1st, 2012 we received a report that a Pit Bull was lost a few counties over. A young woman traveling from Utah to Massachusetts had stopped at an exit in Montpelier, Ohio. Hannah opened the car door and her dog, Captain, slipped out and ran off. She called and went after him but he never came back.

We couldn’t get Captain off our minds! We made flyers and went looking for him. Captain had on tags and was microchipped. We passed out flyers to all businesses off the turnpike and then proceeded to go into town. On one of our stops a man told us that he was sure he had seen Captain while mowing lawns. He gave me directions and off we went!

We were so excited that we could hardly stand it! We pulled in the driveway and saw a dog in a pen that looked like Captain! I went to the door and knocked. When the man answered I showed him the flyer and asked if I could go look at the dog. I pulled out my microchip scanner, he was chipped! I called the chip company and verified that this dog was indeed Captain!

Boy, was Hannah excited, I don’t think any of us could believe it! Captain stayed with the rescue for five nights while travel arrangements were made. Hannah and her dad flew from Boston, MA to Pittsburgh, PA, and I drove from Defiance, Ohio to meet them there. As soon as Captain heard his mom’s voice he started to get excited. When he got out of the van he was so happy he ran right to her and knocked her down! We sure do wish Captain a happy and healthy life!

A Labor of Love Dog Rescue

Defiance, Ohio USA

Lisa Fortner
Defiance, OH

Boo Boo

I was walking along the beach with my 3 grandkids, and there was a group of older teenagers with a tiny, 1 1/2 pound chihuahua puppy at one spot. The kids wanted to pet her, and the teenagers informed me that they were there to "leave her where the fat cats live" because the owner's mom wouldn't let him keep her. This is an area by the beach where dozens of feral cats live. I picked her up and held her shivering body against my neck, and she licked my chin all the way home. Our terrier loved her and there was no question she was going to be ours. We have had her a year now and she's definitely one of us, happy and healthy and totally hyper!

Toni-Jo Menasco
Port Hueneme, CA

Last Chance Juliette

Each of my fosters hold a special place in my heart. After transitioning to their forever homes I can only hope I will get to see a picture or receive an update from their loving families. In the case of Juliette, a young lab/retriever mix that was deemed "last chance" at a local kill shelter, I will have the honor and pleasure of following her progress for a lifetime. Juliette was tested and chosen to become a service dog for an amazing young girl with autism named Angelina.

A nonprofit organization, Dream Acres for Autism Inc., approached the rescue I foster for, Pet Rescue by Judy, seeking a potential service dog for Angelina. Juliette and a few others were selected, tested in skill and temperament, and considered as potential service dogs. When I received the call that Juliette was chosen, I was so excited! I spent the next few weeks with Juliette polishing basic commands, manners, and getting her adoption arrangements in place.

Placement day was something I will never forget. When Angelina met Juliette for the first time, it was love at first sight. It could not have been a better fit! Since that day, Juliette has been working towards her service vest with Angelina, her Grandmother Peggy, and her amazing trainer, Ellen. Last weekend I was fortunate to be able to attend Juliette's Stage One testing and witnessed their hard work pay off. Juliette earned her Service Dog vest as well as the legal rights and protection given to these special canines in society. Juliette will now be appointed a trainer from Service Dogs of Florida, Inc. who will assist in training Juliette with skills specific to Angelina's needs. Seeing how Juliette has touched so many lives makes all the hard work of fostering puppies worth every minute!

Patricia Infurchia
Astatula, FL

Brooke: The Puppy Who Adopted A Family

On a nice August day, my mother and I entered the local shelter. I had been looking for the right dog for quite a while, and my mother had agreed to go with me on this expedition.

After cooing at several different dogs throughout the shelter, we approached the last of the kennels. We came to a small yellow Lab puppy with golden-brown floppy ears. Her small, intelligent brown eyes gazed at us as she scratched at the door of the kennel with her oversize paws.

We came back later with my grandmother and brother. As we sat in the visitation room, wating to examine the puppy, a shelter volunteer opened the door and deposited the puppy on the floor. She happily galloped about, licking and wiggling and jumping around. In a few seconds, Brooke approached me, licked my face thoroughly, and happily plopped down in my lap. We nicknamed her 'Wookie'.

To make a long story short, we brought her home August 15th, 2012.

Brooke is a really, really great puppy. Even though sometimes she doesn't quite understand what I want her to do ('Fetch' consists of me throwing a ball, her running after it, catching it, and immediately running away from me), she is a good dog and an awesome friend. I will never regret adopting her, and there is no reason to.

My mom notes, "Yeah, Brooke is a big dog. But she's not a guard dog."

No. She is most certainly not.

Brooke is a family dog.

Durham, NC
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