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Rescue in the Adirondacks

Dawson is a 3 year old male Collie mix who came to the shelter in May of 2010 with his brother Dylan. They both showed signs of distrust and were extremely terrified, probably from being mishandled.

Dawson was adopted by a nice family but the day following his introduction into their home something happened. The family decided to go for a hike. After beginning their hike, Dawson was spooked, slipped his collar and took off in the Keene Valley area. They did all they could to try to get him back, but he wasn't comfortable enough with them to go back.

The whole town was aware of Dawson's escape and many put food out for him during his three weeks on his own, a period in which there was snow, wind and single digit temperatures. Lorraine, her husband Bobby and I drove up to try our luck, but we knew the chances could be slim. Until we came to the DOT men who reported just having seen Dawson minutes before.

We got out of the truck and Dawson was spotted upon the hill against the snow. Lorraine and I began to yell to him and he instantly recognized our voices. He jumped up and sprinted halfway down the hill where he stopped, stretched and looked to make sure it was us. We each yelled our pet names to him and in seconds he was in our arms, met with hugs, kisses, tears and steak. He knew he was safe and that he was going home.

He remains happy, safe and loved with all of us at the shelter. But he's also awaiting his chance to have a family and we will find the perfect one for him.

Contributed by Marissa Glasser, Shelter Staff

Ayres Memorial Animal Shelter

Sprakers, NY


Nancy Bell
Sprakers, NY

My Feral Ordeal!

I noticed outside in the fall of last year, kittens running around in back of my yard! I knew these kitties were feral. I purchased some traps and took in five adults and one kitten. I fixed the adults releasing two back out and keeping three of the adults. One of the adults was pregnant so, she delivered three kittens where I adopted out one and the other two are now my furbabies, Puss & Boots. I am so sad that people just leave these precious kitties outside unattended an are not spayed. Well, I am with my 10 furbabies now after all of this which I would never give up and happy to say there are no feral kitties outside my house anymore. My babies are so happy and not interested in being outside anymore.

Marie Smith
Smithfield, RI

LINCOLN, The Formerly Quadriplegic Miracle Kitten

Lincoln was rescued by Tenth Life Cat Rescue in St. Louis, MO USA in mid August 2012. His rescue was in response to a call about a 4 week old kitten that had been found with a broken leg next to an abandoned house. I was the volunteer sent to pick him up and take him to the vet. When I first laid eyes on him, my heart sank as I quickly realized that his case was much worse than we expected. I was not looking at a kitten with a broken leg, but at a kitten that was completely immobile in all limbs, effectually quadriplegic. He was unable to sit up or do anything except for laying on his side & ever so slightly lifting his head at times while his eyes took in the scenes around him. Lucky for him, Tenth Life had come to his rescue as they specialize in taking on special needs cases and giving a chance to those cats whom other rescues might not have the time nor monetary resources to try and save. The vet determined that he had suffered an unknown spinal injury. Instructions were given on various physical therapy exercises that could performed, but the outcome was unknown as to whether this kitten would ever be mobile. My boyfriend & I took this as a challenge and decided to become his foster parents. We started his physical therapy that night and over the course of a week, we experienced his 1st paw flexes, sitting up on his own for the 1st time, as well as his 1st steps. Through continued treatment, lots of love, praise & attention, Lincoln is now a fully mobile kitten that can run, bounce, play, and climb. He is an amazing inspiration to all of us!

Bobbi Hale
St. Louis, MO

My sweet little Casper

My husband was doing a job on a home surrounded by woods ,when he heard in the distance a faint cry of a kitten,every day for 2 days he heard that cry a little closer,on the 3rd day this tiny sweet white kitten w/ big blue eyes popped his head out from under a bush,he called me to come see if I could get this little guy to come to me ( I am a cat lover & this was the 9th kitten I rescued & have given a Loving home) When I got there he came to me instantly ! I took him right to the vets then brought him home fed,bathed & wrapped him in a blanket held him in my arms & rocked him till he fell asleep ! During a later visit to the vets. they informed me that he had Cardiomyopathy which was not surgically possible to fix. They said he would probably only make it 2yrs. I wept for days. We gave that sweet,precious little guy the most loving home & 36 days before his 2nd birthday he passed away !! (breaking my heart)I held & rocked him in my arms ( just like the day I 1st brought him home)for hours crying, But I know for those 2 brief years he knew he was loved & was very happy. What a wonderful feeling it is to know I saved him from dying alone & scared In those woods Never knowing Love !! I miss him so very much but he will never be forgotten & every time I think of him & his sweet little meow & his big blue eyes looking up at me with love I shed a few... Tears. IN MEMORY OF A PRECIOUS ANGEL "CASPER"

Robin Ann REINHART Martz
LaVale, MD

Dying Man's wish for Cyrus Fulfilled

On June 17, 2012 We (Paws For Seniors) received an email with an urgent plea:

Cyrus' dad, Mr. Paul, has blood cancer and can no longer take care of Cyrus, whom he adopted about two years ago from a shelter. Cyrus went from a family to the shelter and then to becoming a loving, loyal and faithful companion for Mr. Paul. We had until Friday the 22nd of June, 2012 to find a foster home or adopter for Cyrus, giving Mr. Paul the peace of mind that Cyrus is safe & will be loved & cared for, while he underwent treatment for his cancer.

A plea was sent out and a foster family and home arranged. Cyrus was safe in loving hands but not yet in a forever home.

On the morning of July 20, 2012 we received a call from one of our approved adopters. She wanted to meet one of our dogs that had caught her eye. We invited her to come to the Fair booth that morning and we would have the dog she was interested in meeting there. Cyrus also came with his Foster Family, whom we had not announced was going to be there.

Connie arrived with a friend, she looked at the dogs we had for adoption, but one stood out to her, Cyrus. She and his foster family talked. She took him for a walk. She walked away to think about it and discuss with her friend. ON her return she had made a decision. She was in LOVE with Cyrus, sat on the ground with him to give him a hug and told him that he would never be without a home again! Today, Cyrus lives with Connie on her farm where he is happy and loved!

Brenda & Jim Scamordella
Bealeton, VA

Proud "Mom"

Charlene is a Congo African Grey. Her home for the past 15 years has been The Oasis Sanctuary. Charlene, along with her bonded mate, Timmy, were abandoned by their owners and then rescued from deplorable conditions. Now Charlene and Timmy have a secure life. While Charlene proudly guards a porcelain egg during breeding season, Timmy, her mate, paces in front of the space where Charlene "sits" on her "egg." Timmy warns passers-by, whether feathered or human to tread carefully.

Ruth Ann La Rue
Scottsdale, AZ

A Rescue

Recently we adopted our kitten from a rescue shelter, he was only 5 weeks old and he was quite ill. He was an expensive little thing. So many doctor visits and we had to keep him in the bathroom because he was so sick. We didn't want to harm the other animals we had. So a couple of weeks went by and i had to go to work. My boyfriend stayed i put him in the bathroom before i left. Once i left, my boyfriend went to check on him and found him dead in the toilet, He drowned. Apparently he climb up the side of the laundry basket and jumped in the toliet. So my boyfriend took him out and had started to performed CPR on him. He survived with just a Couple of broken ribs. He is now 2 years old. And health as a horse!

ashley harmon
houston, TX

Love is Blind

Recently I had heard of two litters of abandoned kittens, one I dealt with immediately by getting to rescues and to homes, and the other I had to enlist my mothers’ help with. So after seeing the last of the first litter off we set out to rescue the second. The mother had been seen around an empty trailer down the street so we hurried there, cat food in hand. We met the mama and followed her, as we rounded the trailer we stopped in our tracks. A beautiful kitten, fluffy and upset was sitting in the grass. We moved slowly, mommy kitty winding through our legs as we made our way to the kitten. That is when we noticed something odd, the kitten was trying to back up but kept running into the siding on the trailer and seemed to be very confused, her eyes were dilated and hazy looking. We both knew what that meant and also knew that meant we count not leave the kitten there for even one more night.

My mother got close enough to grab her and though she was hissing and spitting she didn’t seem particularly unfriendly. We took her home and my mother had her at the vet a couple days later, who verified that the kitten was indeed blind. However in the few days between her arrival and the vet she had blossomed beautifully and my mother had fallen in love. Helen, as she is now named is a friendly, fat and happy baby. My mother comes home every day and feeds her then loves on her and helps her learn the house layout, she has put a permanent smile on my mothers’ face and completed their family of three adult cats, two Siamese and one tabby and two older dogs.

Tiffany O'Brien
Fruita, CO

Buddy, The Wonder Dog









We Don't Know Where He Came From,

We Don't Know Where He'd Been

All We Really Know,

Is We Fell In Love With Him.


His Pads On His Paws Were All Torn Up

From The Miles That He Had Come

Escaping From An Abusive Past

Luckier Than Some


We Welcomed Him With Open Arms

Into Our Family

It Took Some Time For Trust To Come

But It Did Eventually


This Isn't Just A Dog

Or What Some Would Call A Stray

This Is Actually A Gentle Sole

Who Came With Us To Stay


He Has A Sense Of Humor,

And Made Sure We Were Aware

Pulling Pranks Then Smiling

Making Sure We Caught His Stare


He's Lived A Really Good Life

Twelve Years Since He's Been Here

Treated Like The King He Is

He Grins From Ear To Ear


Sometimes We Call Him "Huggy Bear"

Though Buddy Is His Name

Now He Lies Here Slowly Dying

Can You Feel My Pain?


I'm Fighting Back The Tears

Though It's Not Doing Any Good

They Just Keep On Flowing

Exactly Like They Should


His Presence Here In Our Family

Is Something That We'll Miss

And Although This is Still Our Home

There Will Be An Emptiness.


He Won't Make It Through The Night

That Much Is Surely Clear

His Life Is Slowly Fading

His End Is Drawing Near



Buddy... We'll Miss You!

Jon "Mitch" Caueffield
Naples, FL

Saving Stormy

Standing over 16h, nearly 7ft from chest to tail, he appeared as wide as he was tall. He was Black, with a small crescent star, and a raindrop mark on his muzzle. He had white socks on both left legs.

He was in the local circular, “Six year old gelding, black, good trail horse, $1000.” I called and drove over.

He came out of the barn with his eyes nearly closed, trying to shield them from the bright sunshine. Yanking the lead out of the owner’s hands, he reached for any blade of grass he could find. Manure and mud was caked to the hair on all four legs.

Stormy had scars on the backs of his fetlocks, big, gnarly scars that encircled his legs. He was severely underweight. The dock of his tail was very pronounced, where the muscle had deteriorated from the upper side of his rump. Hair was missing on his face, from a halter that was several sizes too small. He was abused, I had no doubt, but was calm and had great ground manners. I didn’t know if I could fix his mind, but I knew he would never go without.

I paid the man, and left to get the horse trailer.

Upon my return, I discovered that he would not load in a trailer. Approximately two hours later, with a bucket of grain, we got him in trailer. What a horse will do for food!

It has been sixteen years since that day I first laid eyes on my big black horse. We have gone through a lot of struggles since that first day, but our relationship has become one of trust and understanding.

My friends tell me Stormy knows that I saved him, although, at the time, I think he actually saved me.

Marie Buckingham
Shelby, OH
Surf to Sand Embroidered Tunic
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