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Tatiana--Safe and Happy!

What would you do...if you were walking your dogs on a cold, dark evening, and you heard the sound of whimpering coming from a nearby ditch? What would you do if you did look down into the ditch, and saw what Ernie Moss did back in January 2011: a severely beaten pit bull, whose legs and muzzle were tied shut with duct tape? Ernie did what he said he hoped anyone would do: he pried the poor creature up from the frozen ground, carried her home, and called the Capital Area Humane Society (Lansing, MI, USA.)

It was a miracle that this beautiful pit bull (now named Tatiana) survived that night, and a blessing that brought her to CAHS, where staff devoted countless hours to her physical and emotional recovery. Workers strove patiently yet tirelessly to rebuild Tatiana's trust, and found that their love and positive reinforcement training paid off! Tatiana showed she was very smart, learning lots of tricks, and demonstrating affection toward familiar staff members. Unfortunately, she also displayed some special behaviors that would make it impossible for her to be placed in a regular home environment. After many months of court proceedings, CAHS finally secured ownership of Tatiana, and could begin at last to search for appropriate placement for her. It took several more months, but CAHS never gave up hope of finding a safe, forever home for Tatiana. On October 2, 2012, the staff, volunteers and much of the Lansing community gathered to say a bittersweet farewell to this amazing survivor. Our beloved Tatiana is now enjoying the good life at MacKenzie's Animal Sanctuary in Lake Odessa, MI. She is well-loved and cared for, and never has to be subjected to man's cruelty again. Happy life, Tatiana! We love you!

Cheryl Rice
Lansing, MI

Best Friends Forever

I had lots to do with this big house. Birds, cleaning, enough to keep me busy all day. But that big yard! It was made for a dog or two. We looked a one whom looked very gentle but the shelter did not adopted his kind into the city. We soon found a pup and brought her home. She played and growled and ran, but something was missing. She needed a playmate to run and tumble with. Our friend Glen spoke of a shelter in Warrenton NC so we ventured there to find her a friend to adopt. I carefully considered each dog and how they would fit in with our family. Then I came upon a sweet girl who nuzzled and licked my hand. I knew she was the one. My partner had walked ahead and was looking at 4 puppies . They were brought into a room to play with us. "What do you think?" he asked. "They are very cute and sweet" I said "but did you see the red and white dog?" They put the pups back and brought Haley in. She came right to me like she was mine already and nuzzled me as if to say "Lets go home" "What do you think?" he asked again "I think this is the one" I replied. It was exactly one month since we brought Fawn home and 9 years that my sister had passed. I thought it would be a good tribute to her to adopt Haley as I know Cheryl would of loved her. I think Haley is part greyhound as her new little(for now) friend Fawn cant catch her as she zips around the yard.

Marla Wickham
Rocky Mount, NC

Twinkie's 2nd Chance

This is Twinkie’s story. Three years ago, David rescued Twinkie from a dog-fighting compound where she endured terrible abuse and was commonly used as a bait dog. He took in this battered little dog and nursed her back to health. He spent many hours soaking her wounds and applying medications and showing her lots of love. She overcame it all and became his lifeline and constant companion. I volunteer for Rugaz Rescue in Florida and we got a call from David asking for help finding a new home for his dog, Twinkie. But this was a different request for us as David was terminally ill but refused to go to Hospice until he found Twinkie a home. This loving dog was his only family, his everything. We searched for a new forever home for Twinkie, which did not take long. The time came and we went to David’s, to take Twinkie to her new home, and we met a gentle, loving and seasoned man that had taught Twinkie commands in Dutch. And Twinkie had a way of “talking” back, too. David told us of how this brave dog gave him hope as he nursed her back to health. It was heart wrenching to leave with Twinkie that night as she did not understand and did not want to leave the only person that had been kind to her. But, with all of us in tears, David said goodbye but said it gave him a sense of comfort knowing that his baby would now continue to be loved and taken care of. I visited David at Hospice until it was time for him to leave with his sister, back to Pennsylvania, his home. Twinkie’s new family says theirs is a “match made in heaven” and they love her so much!

Gina Shields
St Petersburg, FL

One Fierce Flower

A few hours after a routine injection, Lily fell into a coma. A vetrinarian said the medication was typically benign, but in this case “somehow crossed the blood-brain barrier and turned out all the lights. Lily couldn’t even blink, that’s how paralyzed she was.”

A local vet suggested euthanizing. Lily had been hospitalized for five days without response, and her prognosis was grim. Still, Cindi Clum-Oppenheimer, founder of Cozy Cat Cottage, refused to give up on Lily. Instead, she took the cat back to CCC where she was tube fed, diapered, and massaged daily. Additionally, staff played music for Lily around the clock. “Sometimes we even sang to her.” Cindi said.

Three weeks passed and on New Year’s Eve, Cindi found that Lily had jumped out of the box were she had been previously resting!

After a few days and a little therapy, she began to walk and play. There were concerns about brain damage, but the kitten appeared to have suffered no permanent damage at all and was soon eligible for adoption.

Tiger Lily, draped in her many-colored coat and her new name, deemed a miracle and a media star, garnished over thirty applications toward her wonderful and forever home. Whether Lily or Sleeping Beauty or Tiger Lily, by any name, her story ends as sweet.

Cozy Cat Cottage Adoption Center, Powell, Ohio

Sophia Kartsonis
Powell, OH

Everyone wants a Special Puppy, right?

I’m Einstein and am a very smart & happy puppy. My coat is pure white and I run thru the yard with my ears streaming in the wind.

But this wasn't always so. When I was a baby, I was very sick and my parents couldn't afford to help me. I went to the hospital and was real scared; my tummy hurt bad. Then everything went dark.

When I woke up the doctor said "Hi” and scratched under my chin. I tried to say "hi" but couldn't because there were tubes in my mouth. So, I thumped my little tail.

It was strange; I had a tube in my tummy and that's how they fed me. I could not get up, so every day I would thump my little tail just to let them know I was okay.

A lady came and said I could go home with her. I liked that, and so I thumped my tail and picked my head up to lick her hand. She was my foster mom from Mid-Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue in Mt. Airy, Md, US.

Each day I got stronger, and one day they took out the feeding tube and said I could eat real food. I danced around, wagging my tail and yelping with joy. I told my foster mom to take me home right away! "Let's eat" I said!

I am happy & very smart. I am a special-needs puppy with mega-esophagus, and MAGSR had a chair built just for me. I eat upright, and gravity pushes the food down to my tummy! Cool, huh?!

They say it's time to find my special family that will love me and let me give them all the love a special puppy like me has to give! Everyone wants a special puppy, right?

Ae Hanigan
Annapolis, MD

Beauty from within

As his 31st foster dog, this two year old toddler does not understand all the commotion over no one wanting to adopt his "beautiful foster girl", Hansa Rose. Saved from a kill shelter in Florida, the rescue this toddler and his family foster for saved the sweet girl from being put down, she never even made it to the adoption floor at the kill shelter. She has scars all over her body from being used as a bait dog, her jaw is deformed from repeated trauma, and one eye has sunken back into her head from damage, yet to this amazing little boy, she will always be a beautiful girl. She is amazingly in tune with his needs and as gentle as ever with him. He has two dogs of his of his own and knows that in order to save more dogs, his family cannot adopt her, but is saddened to watch all the “cute, fluffy puppies” get adopted and people feel sorry for Hansa Rose, but not take the step to show her what a safe, forever, loving family feels like. Randomly out in public this little boy will tell people Hansa Rose’s story and ask them if they want to adopt her forever. The father of this little boy found a stuffed animal that actually resembles Hansa Rose and is carried all over for this toddler to share her story with others. She will always be beautiful to him: on the inside and the out! Just tonight in his prayers, he asked God to help her forever home find her so she can be home for Christmas.

Tara Moser
Cape Coral, FL

Dakota's Story

Dakota came to our rescue, Internet Miniature Pinscher Service, Inc., Nashville, TN, a little over two years ago. The woman who turned him into the shelter had rescued him from an abusive situation, and the sores on him showed, but due to her living situation she was unable to keep him. When I picked Dakota up from the shelter, his eyes were sad and he was terrified. The shelter staff stated they thought he had been burned with cigarettes and that he had a fear of men. Dakota stayed with me for a month but due to construction, we had to move him. After a few weeks, due to unforeseen circumstances, Dakota was moved again. Dakota was eventually adopted but after a year, he was returned. He was kept in the garage and was no longer allowed in the house and with the nights getting colder, he was returned and I once again became his foster mom. Dakota was adopted two more times over the next year but due to his fear level, he was returned each time. After two years and eight homes, Dakota has finally found the perfect home and will never have to be afraid of moving from home to home again. I adopted Dakota, as there was no better home than mine. Dakota's eyes are now filled with joy and love and he spends his days running around the backyard chasing squirrels and playing with his min pin brother and sisters. His favorite place is on top of the couch soaking up the sun or snuggling close to me in bed at night. I can't imagine how someone could mistreat this sweet little boy who just wanted to please and love unconditionally. With training, Dakota is working through his fears and becoming the perfect gentleman.

Perrianne Stein
Murfreesboro, TN

Our Boy, Shadow

We adopted Shadow (a.k.a. Man) just a few weeks after losing our dear, old, sweet female pup, Pepper. Man was adopted from a no-kill shelter in Sterling, Massachusetts, but his life started in Virginia. He was found as a stray at only 8 weeks old and thankfully made his way to Massachusetts and straight into our hearts. He had a scarred over wound already. His vet at that time thought it might have been a gunshot wound. Had his entire litter been killed? But he survived?

On the day of adoption, we were greeted by no less than 30 squirming, adorable puppies, and I thought, "How will we possibly choose?" But my husband, who says Man did everything short of an old soft-shoe to gain his attention, knew almost instantly as he proclaimed, "This is the one!"

Man is quite mischievous and is the most independent dog I've ever known. He still holds fast to some habits which were gained in his first few weeks alone in the wild, but thank goodness he's deserted some as well, like eating bugs, worms and leaves!

Each morning when I awake, I watch my husband rise, go straight to Man and pat and kiss him. Then I wait and listen for the words I've heard him say every morning in these past nine years..."I'm so glad you picked me. I'm so glad you're my boy." And I smile.

Lynn Reed
Worcester, MA

Herbie Hancock, Canine Adventurer

Herbie Hancock was found grinning in the face of danger, navigating the precipitous length of a Vermont dam—the gates of which might open at any time to release tons of rushing water! Add to his peril the fact that Herbie was hobbling on only three legs—the fourth rendered useless by an old injury. Local animal control whisked him to safety, but found no means of identifying the lone wanderer. And so, Herbie Hancock (as we dubbed him) ultimately arrived at the Humane Society of Chittenden County in South Burlington, Vermont, USA.

It didn’t take us long to affirm that our resources would be well invested in this loveable, happy-go-lucky guy. So when a veterinarian recommended amputation for Herbie’s injured leg, we didn’t hesitate.

At exactly the same time our hero was discovered atop the dam, a young couple decided to begin searching for a new canine companion. They looked at dogs online for weeks before finally spotting Herbie on our website--and knew instantly that they had to meet him.

The first thing they noticed was Herbie’s big, goofy grin. Realizing that adult dogs have a harder time getting adopted in general, their hearts went out to this three-legged “underdog,” and they couldn’t leave without him.

Now, the couple gets to relive their heartwarming first impression of Herbie each time they come home to his wide, toothy grin. And he remains ever the adventurer! His family reports that he loves to run, and sometimes when he’s off-leash, his adventurous inclinations kick in (riding off into the sunset, perhaps?). But like any good adventurer, at the end of every day, Herbie always finds his treasure: it’s basking in the love of his new best friends, curled up on the couch watching TV with them, perfectly whole in their number of three.

Megan Stearns
South Burlington, VT

Mistreated Homeless Man's Dog Finds a Home

In late October, the founder of Ruffles Rescue, Christina Chandler, was contacted about a dog named Blue in the City of Long Beach Animal Shelter. Blue was a homeless man’s dog that had been abused by his drunken owner while crossing a public intersection. Local veterinarian, Greg Perrault, intervened to stop the abuse and contacted local law enforcement. During his two week evidence hold at the shelter, Blue was deemed 0-60 dog aggressive. It was said that he became aggressive if he even saw a dog 100 feet away. For that reason, he was classified as a “rescue only” dog. Long Beach only allows preapproved rescues to pull dogs from their shelter. When Christina heard about Blue, she kicked into rescue mode with full force. Christina was able to hire a behaviorist to house Blue and assess his aggression, become an approved rescue with Long Beach animal shelter, and rescue Blue from certain death. On 10/4/2012, Ruffles made the 10 hour drive to get Blue out of the shelter. Upon his release from the shelter, Blue received love, toys, and the standard chicken nugget meal that all Ruffles’ dogs get. From the moment Blue was taken from the shelter, he has had the perfect, loveable pit bull demeanor. He showed no aggression toward any dog during his two week stay with the behaviorist or since. He assimilated into Christina’s personal 4 dog pack without a problem when he came back to her as a foster. Just before Thanksgiving, the veterinarian who originally saved Blue from his abuse contacted Ruffles about one of his patients adopting Blue. Despite his near death sentence of “rescue only”, Blue is enjoying his new start in his furever home thanks to Ruffles and all the other wonderful people that committed to a dog in need.

Roger Laird
Visalia, CA
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