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The Three Doxiteers

Three years ago, our two doxies crossed the Bridge within 30 days of each other, Rocky at 14 yrs. to cancer and Max at 17+ yrs. to a broken heart from losing his BFF, Rocky. After weeks of crying, I visited Dachshund Rescue & Pet Services of Killingworth, CT and fell in love with the 22 doxies running all around! They were so sweet, so well-cared for but some had very sad stories. Their savior, Anne Jordan, was phenomenal and before I knew it, a couple of hours had passed and I wanted to take them all home with me. But, I selected four doxies to adopt! Since the little piebald appeared quite sickly, Anne gave him to me because she was so happy someone wanted to love him and I just wanted whatever time he had to be his best days ever. Two had been returned a couple of times and were sadly not expected to be adopted. Maybe that’s why I wanted them all the more. Anne said she’d groom them all and deliver them the day before Thanksgiving so my husband could see them and we’d be certain they liked our home. The one Chiweenie, Lucky, proved to be too possessive once on my lap that day and lunged at the others so he returned with Anne to be later adopted. Charlie Brown (black/tan longhair), Rudy-Toots (red longhair) and Solly-No-Tooth (black/white piebald longhair) all stayed and made themselves at home immediately. The photo included is of Thanksgiving Day with my husband giving little tidbits of turkey and sweet potato – they were delighted, and we totally adored our new furry family. It was sad to be without our Max and Rocky but these characters brought tons of love and antics to help us. Thank you, Anne Jordan!

Sharon Wilkie
Uncasville, CT

What Happened When I Was Little....

My name is Lisa. When I was little, I found a cat that was gray and white. The cat was a boy cat, it was kind though. For a while I took care of it. It came to me as a stray. My mom and I took turns feeding it and it started to come around us more often. It was always coming and going. A friendly cat though. It gave us a temporary companion. If you see a pet in need, try to help it. Remember, it may not have an owner.

lisa seitz
Choctaw, OK

Here's to Livin'!

Who can explain it? Despite a farm rich with adopted cats, Corrie clicked into the Lucky’s Place online pets list. She was already surrounded by demanding feline personalities and responsible to a variety of other animals too. But someone’s story sent her down to the Thayne, Wyoming, US shelter for a visit.

The 2-year-old calico wouldn't willingly come out of her little apartment in the village of cats cared for by the Animal Humane Association of Star Valley. She cowered in the litter box space instead of on her blanket in the larger room beside it. But she let Corrie scratch her ears, and pushed against her hand for more.

Clearly this cat held an inner beauty to match her gorgeous exterior. Her gray and fawn markings stood bold against snowy white. Though a broken pelvis and fractured front leg had both healed crookedly, Dr. Tina assured us the remnant nerve damage meant no pain. She would always have a gait particularly her own.

In her first days of freedom, she skulked between hiding spots, but gradually began rubbing up against our Border Collie, who was in the cabin, recuperating from surgery. At first, she would only agree to be touched if the dog was safely between her and a person. In time, she reveled in being stroked, rolling on her back and stretching white paws out like catcher’s mitts in the air. With the run of the farm and lots of time playing with her new many-cat family, atrophied muscles strengthened. Now she frolics with anyone who can withstand her careening glee.

YaYa inspires, entertains, and models a gratitude that--in her presence--we all feel. Like a tidal river, the benefits of this adoption truly flow in both directions. Her name personifies her resilience: Just keep saying Yes!

sidney woods
Afton, WY

Sheba's Second Chance

Sheba is the dog that won the lottery. After being abandoned and then surrendered to Paws and Hooves Rescue, she eventually got what she deserved, a second chance. Sheba had been shot and had a rear leg that was healed but deformed from lack of care in her earlier years. Once she completed her vet check and spay/vaccinations visit, we learned that Sheba was also heartworm positive. But we at Paws and Hooves knew she was something special. After months of trying to find that right home in Oklahoma that could take care of her, Sheba finally went to Chicago to live in foster that is now her permanent family. Her heartworms are treated and her new owner helped her through orthopedic surgery and she now has four usable legs and a great big heart full of love. Sheba is our inspiration of why we don’t give up on these guys!!!


Paws and Hooves Rescue Foundation

Stilwell, OK USA

Yalonda Burton
Stilwell, OK

Spud... A will to live and kisses to give!

In March of 2012, Tennessee Death Row Dogs, Inc in Spring Hill, TN pulled Spud from a shelter on the day that was scheduled to be his last. A few days later, Spud became very ill and his health deteriorated quickly. He couldn't eat, he vomited constantly to the point where he couldn't lay down to even rest and he was hospitalized. The rescue acted quickly and after testing, found that he had the Adenovirus, Canine ParaInfluenza Type II and Mycoplasma. Spud didn't have one virus; he had three and any one of those could have taken his life. This puppy who got so excited to greet people, no longer had the strength to even lift his head to see who was visiting him. No one had ever seen a dog fight so hard to live. Everyone was in awe of this little dog; the fact that he was still alive was a miracle. After intravenous fluids and weeks of hospitalization, he became well enough to leave the vet and I took him home to foster. I already knew that Spud was a very special dog, but it wasn't long after taking him home that I realized I couldn't part with him. His life has been spared twice now and he wasn't even a year old yet. Spud seems to know he is lucky and he wakes up every day with such an appreciation for life. Spud is now the official rescue mascot because he loves to meet people and give everyone kisses. He wears a vest that was custom made for him. In it he collects donations to help save other dogs like him from “death row”. Spud has a beautiful soul and is a poster dog for perseverance. I'm grateful and honored to call him my dog.

Jamie Hawkins
Spring HIll, TN

Silvertoes (aka Carson) A Second Chance

Silvertoes (aka Carson) is a Chihuahua that lived 9 years in a puppy mill cage. Imagine never feeling sunshine on your face or grass between your toes. But all of that changed when he was rescued by Small Breed Rescue of East TN (SBRET) located in Oak Ridge, TN in November 2011.

Carson was one of the most shut down dogs that SBRET had ever taken in. He was so scared he couldn’t make eye contact, and his skin would literally crawl when someone would reach out to touch him. To help him learn that good things could come from people, he was hand fed. To help him learn to not be afraid of the normal sights and sounds of a home, his bed was put in the middle of the living room. Over several months he became more comfortable with home life and with his foster mom.

In October 2012, almost a year after being rescued, Carson was taken to one more adoption event. He had been to several but never showed well because of his fear of strangers. But this day was different because Carson was the star of the show when he took first prize in the Halloween costume contest and when Carolyn, a past adopter, found us. She was just out on an errand and didn’t know SBRET was there. She said she wasn’t sure what made her stop. She knew of Carson and had been following his progress that was posted on SBRET’s website. When she saw him and he looked at her, she knew it was time to have him join her four Chihuahua family. It was serendipity that made Carolyn stop and this time the earth, the moon and the stars were aligned just right and now Carson is home forever.

Kathy Grunwell
Oak Ridge, TN

Big Red from Rags to Riches

In the Summer of 2011, singer songwriter Crissi Cochrane contacted For The Love of Grace Spay Neuter Program concerning a stray cat living in downtown Windsor Ontario, nick named Big Red. Red had been someone`s pet once... Like so many cats living on the street, he was left to fend for himself. Thanks to a woman named Gail though, Big Red ate daily, along with the feral cats Gail also cared for.

Ragged, & battered from one too many fights, Red was in dire need of medical attention if he was to survive. A plan to get him trapped, neutered and released was set in place by For The Love Of Grace. Once captured, Red was off to the clinic. Open wounds on his ears were stitched & antibiotics given. Fleas openly crawled across his weary head when first brought in. Red needed help big time!

Now neutered, and on the mend, Gail did not have the heart to put him back outside. She adopted Red, making him part of her family. Red had one more battle however, as a lump on his tail was discovered. Rushed back to the clinic, tests revealed his tail was infected with gangrene & needed amputation to prevent blood poisoning. Tail gone, Red was once again home to recover. His story took an interesting twist.. It seemed that Red answered to a few previous names. Gail, received knocks on her door, from area women that heard she had taken in their beloved stray. It was clear the impression this ragged, flea infested stray had made on so many.Now retired from his wandering, and a beauty, Big Red will live the rest of his cat lives comfortably with Gail. For The Love Of Grace was glad to be apart of this success story.

Kathy Patterson
Windsor, ON, Canada
Surf to Sand Embroidered Tunic
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