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Rufus...My World

Rufus was a Toodle aka Poodle/Terrier Mix was Rescued from the Pound so close to death. He was 10 months old. He was Rescued by The Hearing Dogs of Minnesota & became My EARS for I am Deaf. For 13 years We were joined at the hip, never straying far from me, the Best set of EARS you could ask for. Rufus is now waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge~I miss Him so

Kari Dyrdahl
Mounds View, MN

Ricky driving.

My Fancy died in 2013. She was a toy poodle rescue, almost 15. My other dog, Lucy was lonely, so I looked at another bunch of rescues. I found Eric, who looked like Fancy but bigger. I have a nephew named Eric, so I called the dog Ricky. He wasn't potty trained, still is not 100% and he has seizures (he's on meds now). He was about 2 1/2 years younger than Lucy and they got along like peanut butter & jelly. Ricky gets along with EVERYBODY. He is the most loving, sweet dog I've ever known & I adore him & Lucy. Too bad my health has suddenly taken a turn for the worse. I love my kids but my dogs have become my life. Thanx to JOYOUS RESCUE. He is my third rescue over the years, My oldest daughter is on her second, My 3rd daughter has her first still , my youngest is on her first & my second daughter has rescue cats!! Readers you should do it.They are WONDERFUL animals.

Dottie Swingle
Hilton, NY

"Bunnyface" Being Cute

Bunnyface was abandoned at our R/C flying field and he was a scrawny little thing. We took him in and after vet bills and good food he is fatter and happier and lounging in the sun for over 11 years now !

Peter Butschek
Langley, BC, Canada

My fat baby cat

He was born in a parking lot: his mama dropped him and kept on going. Still wet, he was picked up by the boss's personal assistant who passed him on the top kitten rescuer in-house. He spent his early life with her, going everywhere in a carrier with a bottle of hot water wrapped in a rabbit fur. He went to the dentist, to the chiropractor, shopping...everywhere. When he was three months old he came to live with me. He howled at an amazing volume when given a bath in the ladies' room when hygiene required serious measures.

Harley grew into a 15 lb cuddle bug who loved women, dental floss, broccoli and cheese potatoes, and pouncing on me. He slept on me, (in later years) ate from my plate, terrified veterinary assistants with his screaming rage at being at the vet, screeched like a banshee when I clipped his claws, and parked on me every time I sat down prepared to spend the next month in that spot. His kitty kisses resembled a massage with 00 grit sandpaper: I have never seen a cat with a rougher tongue than Harley.

I never actually called him Harley when talking to him: he was his whole life "Baby."

After 18 years, he left me and I miss him still, a fiber torn from my heart never to be replaced.

gainesville, FL

My Sunshine is the Best Healer

My little Sunshine was saved from inexperienced breeders and came with a pretty grand list of health issues. We know that we were chosen through love to become his parents and nurture each and every ailment and episode he's gone through. What is the biggest gift is that he has become OUR greatest healer, with his sweet devotion and loving demeanor, he has taken us through our own challenging times. He is also the best healer himself, making it through many health issues and we can say with so much gratitude, he always ends up getting better in the end.


Mommy's M&M's

We had just lost my rescued JR Terrier, Dixie, unexpectedly at 4 yrs old in 2015. Even though we still had other fur babies, she left a big hole. So we started looking to fill that space with another pup needing a forever home. I was looking for a lap dog (read Yorkie or the like) so we went to the Animal Rescue League of NH's website. That's when we saw those faces...beagle/terrier mixes, a bonded pair, mother & daughter, 8 & 6 years old. The backstory was something like 'spent their whole lives together in an outside cage, very shy & timid, the daughter wouldn't let mom out of her sight'. They'd been in the shelter for 6 months and only had a couple of inquiries. They had 3 strikes against them: they HAD to go together, they were older and they would require LOTS of special attention with someone who could spend a significant amount of time with them.

My husband said - "let's go take a look, they shouldn't be in a shelter". Well, you know how that went. Of course, they came home with us. We renamed them Molly (mom) & Millie (hence the M&M's). They got along well with their rescued siblings (dogs & cats) and with lots of love and patience, Millie was eventually able to let Molly out of her sight. They slept together in a kennel at night--until they decided sleeping on the bed with daddy was way better! They became the world's greatest couch potatoes and would tattle on their brothers if they were hogging the couch. We had Molly for two wonderful years before we lost her recently to cancer. We were concerned that Millie wouldn't adapt - but she's doing well, maintaining her couch potato status and demanding & getting all the attention she can handle.

Older animals requiring special attention deserve the chance to be loved & happy in a forever home. Don't overlook them. Their love & devotion make all your efforts worthwhile! PLEASE - ADOPT - DON'T SHOP!

Theresa Ingle
Antrim, NH

My Roof Cat

I was cutting my back yard and looked up on the roof and there was a magnificent grey cat. We kept eyeing each other, he, moving his head back and forth with the movements of my mowing and me, checking to see if he was still there. By the time I was putting the mower away in my storage shed, he was on top of the shed. I put my hand up toward him and he sniffed it. I said, "So do I pass?" He jumped down and followed me into the house and slept by my head that night and every night since. He became Rufus. .

We used to play this game where he popped the screen on my bedroom window. Every time, I would get up and go outside, lift him off the sill and carry him like a baby. We are consistent at our house. It was December, and about 4 degrees out at 11 PM and he was on the sill popping the screen. Did I mention this was a warm weather activity? I moaned but put on my robe and slippers and went outside to get him. It was there I discovered another cat, crying from the cold. After bringing him in. I saved the other cat and got him back to his owner. After that, he became my "Mensa" kitty. He has a vast vocabulary and has, thus far, been able to solve the treat puzzles that I've made for him.

He got me out of the bath when a pan was burning on the stove...I just adore him and am glad we found each other...

Denver, CO

Little RIcky - Not Adoptable

We had come to adopt another dog but he peeked his little head out from under a desk and stared straight at my husband. My husband asked to see him and was told he was not adoptable. He had heartworm, Pneumonia, and severe nerve damage from being attached by a large dog. But he had spunk and we took him home that day, where he proceeded to chase (AND CATCH!) one of my chickens, which I had to pry from his little jaws. There was nothing wrong with this dog and we had him for 9 very active years when, in his final 2 weeks, he suffered from a brain tumor (causing seizures), breathing issues and 90% blockage of his spinal cord, due to the injuries he sustained as a puppy. He passed in my husband's arms, which is where he always wanted to be and we miss him dearly every day. No, he was not adoptable. He was a gift.

Rixeyville, VA

My kitty foster..

Could a dog person get along with a cat ? Well, foster and see. My son in-law carried and brought him to my home after the Dumb Friends League volunteer chose him for me. I didn't see Thomas for 3 1/2 weeks. He ate, drank, used his litter box. I called for help, behaviorist tried, volunteer tried. I get a call someone saw his pic online, wants to adopt him. I'm told best for him and they have another cat better suited for me; this will happen tomorrow. I grudgingly agree :( That night I talk to the air in my bedroom saying "Thomas someone wants to adopt you BUT, if you want to live with me and this is your home you must give me a sign". That night while I lay in bed reading he jumps up/walks across my dresser-ok a sign. He then jumps down and up to my chair with my large teddy bear who he nuzzles-sign 2. I go to sleep to wake up to Thomas sitting on my nightstand looking at me -sign 3. I now wake to use the bathroom, he follows me in. He puts his face in my hand..I pet him for many minutes, he follows me to my bed where I say "ok come on up", he does. I call the shelter to say "no one is adopting him but, ME"! I have now shared my bed and life with him for 6 years :)

Did G-d intervene? Does Thomas understand English; I'm pretty sure he does ;) Anyway..he's mine and I'm his !

Thank you


Linda Serio
Aurora, CO

Snoop Dog from AC to Pet Therapy

This is a picture of my best friend, Snoopy. She's an 11 year old Labrador Retriever/Corgi cross. Snoopy was raised by a lovely couple who made her the center of their Universe until the baby was born. At the age of 6 Snoop found herself at Animal Control and, by the Grace of God, a local rescue saw potential in her and pulled her.

Right about that time I was looking for Therapy Dog #2 because my Golden Retriever Girl was getting on in years and her arthritis made getting in and out of the car to go to visits difficult for her. I met Snoopy, thought she had the right temperament for therapy work and adopted her.

Snoopy aka Snoop Dog aka Snoopers and I have been doing visits together as a registered/certified pet therapy team for Happy Tails for 5 years now. Snoopy loves people and loves making people happy so she makes an awesome therapy dog! We are pictured her just before visiting at a local hospital.

Christy Morrison
Hoschton, GA
Lilac Paws Shower Curtain
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