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Zee's story with a side warning.

My boyfriend wanting to get me a cat for my birthday found this adorable Tabby kitten advertised as 4 months old in February on craigslist. The advertiser claimed she was a rescue shelter for her area and claimed she rescued her and rehabilitated our new baby. She had told my boyfriend that our new little baby at the time was socialized, loved kids and dogs and was a cuddle bug, scared of the outside but other wise a kitten with no issues. He was also told she was big for her age. I was leery causes there was no adoption paperwork done no story of Zee's history given just nothing but this frightened baby We get her home and she hides - at first we figured she was just a bit frightened and scared and gave her a few days but it got drastic when our little one wasn't eating and drinking.. After the third day we had to finally catch her and cage her so she could get used to us and eat and drink water. She is still skittish but she now will ask for attention and look at you like you are here to serve me. After month we could finally pet her. I knew by then she was feral. I noticed something else i would pet her on one side and she would meow and jerk. I suspect she was abused not sure by who but i have suspicions given the misinformation we were given. We later found out why all of sudden at after 1 month of having her she went into heat. She wasn't 4 months when we got her she was 6 months old. So yes we are rehabilitating our baby and is a great loving cat who loves her rope and playing fetch with it. MY warning though when dealing with people who claim to be rescue shelters - ask for paper work, ask for history of the rescue, and definitely keep the address and phone number.

Marion, IA

Jeeves at Your Service, Mum

Still grieving at the death of my 15-year-old dog Jack, I was persuaded by a friend to stop by a pet supply shop that also holds periodic adoption events for an area shelter. They had had a cat showing that day but when we got there only one kitty remained un-adopted, probably because he was, perhaps, 6 or 7 years old while prospective parents preferred kittens. He was a very sweet cat, the proprietor explained, and seemed well-cared for having been neutered and seemingly at home among not only other cats but dogs of all sizes. I immediately felt sorry for the left-behind feline, the more so when I found him spread out on a shelf behind the cash register, clearly eager to be petted. It didn't take me long to decide we were meant for each other. Since then Jeeves--I named him that in light of his formal wear attire that reminded me of the storied manservant in P.G. Wodehouse's famous stories--has settled in nicely, following me from room to room and curling up on the bed by my side at night.

J. Allen
Washington, DC

Our Little Tom

I was in the checkout line at Petco and saw a guy standing off to the side holding something in his hand and talking to a group of people gathered around him. He turned around as I got closer to checkout and he had this poor kitten in his hand. He found it on the road near his house and was trying to find someone to take it. The pound would have put it down. I was shocked at the kittens condition. It is a boy. One eye was caked shut with infection and his nostrils were closed with infection and he was skin and bones and very weak. He tried to meow at me when I looked at him. No one would take him so I told him I would. He was near death. I got out to the car and my husband Bob looked in the box he was in and said we needed to rush him to the vet. We cancelled our plans to go see our draft horse Alex, and headed to the vet. His body temp was ony 95. He was in shock. Got him cleaned up and blood tested. No leukemia or FIV. He had an upper respiratory infection and was malnourished. He was only about 4 weeks old and weighed under a pound. Brought him home and started oral meds, eye meds, wormed him and started hand feeding with a syringe and got him set up in a carrier with a heating pad. By day 2 and he was doing great. Still hand feeding. Everytime he saw me he wanted to eat. I'm furious how neglected he was and no one cared. We didn't need him, we had already rescued many cats over the years we were caring for, but he needed us. He is now a beautiful affectionate healthy adult cat. His name is Tom.

Debbie Apperson
Dickson, TN

Went to the store for some frozen fish, came home with a kitten

On June 16th after picking up our grandson from daycare I went to our local HEB to pick up some fish for dinner. As I walked in I noticed a kitten lurking by the entrance, near the Red Box. In the back of my mind I thought, "If she still there when I come out, I'll catch her and take her home." We already have two cats but I couldn't just leave her. Twenty minutes later I came out to see one of the managers trying to chase her away from the door. He said store policy prohibited animals in the store. I asked him to help me catch her. We blocked her escape route between the Red Box and the shopping carts and he ran inside to get a hamburger and a box to catch her in. She was easy to catch, a little skittish but definitely not feral. I think she was abandoned there as there are no homes nearby. I brought her home and later on when my husband came home showed her to him. He has told me many times that we cannot have any more animals (we have 5 dogs too!) but he fell in love with her immediately. Our future son-in-law who loves cats said that if for any reason we could not keep her (the other cats perhaps not liking her) he would take her. But we have nothing to worry about - Sushi, our one year old black cat absolutely adores her, and even Drake, our 9-year old 'grumpy' orange tabby tolerates her, and gives her the occasional bath. She has been named Mercedes and is a huge people lover - she loves to jump up into our laps and just laze there for as long as we let her. She is now our 5th rescue!

San Antonio, TX

A scared Hazel Rain

After loosing my beautiful Mishu i was looking for another kitty. I knew i wanted to save the kitty that needed me most. I wanted another Maine Coon since i feel in love with the breed after i had Mishu. I went online to see what kitties i could find to adopt. I fell in love with my dream cat but the foster mother last minute decided to keep him. So back to searching for that special one that once i saw the picture something would click in my heart. After sorting i came upon a picture of a black Maine Coon that looked so scared that my heart stuttered. I knew she was the one! Trixie D was her name, I inquired right away and filled the application. I spent the week emailing back and forth with the agency.I was approved! I was so happy and i went to NY city to pick her up. I was told that as a kitten she was front paw declawed and when she hissed at family they took her to a shelter and declared her stray to not pay shelter fees. She was traumatized by other animals and i believe she was hit(if i lift my hand to pet she cowers,hisses). She was separated and put in her own cage alone and lived for a year in a cage no love or attention. She was deemed ORANGE by shelter because she bites and hisses and refuses touch and cowers in a corner.She was to be euthanized when Zanies came to her rescue.She's only 11/2 yr. She then was sent to a foster and she was again isolated for her hate of other animals. She came home with me and at first friendly but then when i went to pick her up she lost it.Letting her be for a week to acclimate and wk 2 i blocked all hiding spaces and forced her into the open.She is now a free happy cat still wary bitty & hissy at times,but blossomed into a beautiful girl who was never given a chance at love.

Kathleen J
Westchester, NY

Rocky the Fighter

I had just bought a house with my boyfriend and we were getting used to living together. I had always had cats my whole life, but he had never had any pets. After about a year of being cat-free I had mentioned how much I would like a cat, but he told me he didn't want a cat in our house. I looked at so many cat rescue sites on Facebook every day, and saw so many cute ones that I was dying to find one of my own.

One cat rescue page that I frequently visited on Facebook had a cat that was looking for a foster home. He was FIV+ and needed to be the only cat in the home. I have had many FIV+ cats over the years, so I inquired about fostering him. My boyfriend had gone out of town for a few days so I agreed to pick up Rocky and keep him until he could find a permanent home. I figured since I wasn't technically adopting him that it would be OK.

I ended up hiding Rocky in the den and closing the door. Since he was scared it was best for him anyway. Once my boyfriend found him he wasn't very happy, but I figured he'd come around. Unfortunately Rocky was the one that I had trouble with - he was very angry! If we walked past him he would jump out and try to attack us. If we put down food he would scratch us. For 3 weeks he lived under my couch, and every day I would spend hours talking to him, trying to get him used to us.

After about 4 weeks, Rocky turned into a whole new cat. He became lovable, sweet, and friendly, always wanting to sit on your lap and be petted. I have no idea what happened, but it was a miracle. My boyfriend fell in love and asked if we could keep him! Now we can't imagine life without him

Boston, MA

my new baby <3

when i was 11 i moved to mandurah and was looking for a cat the next day we got settled in and bought a beautiful little boy called jay jay he was only about seven weeks old and was the most beautiful cat i had laid my eyes on, but 2 years later i had to go to perth and when i got home i called him name but some sick people had taken my little baby and put him in a box and threw him over a fence and he got ran over.

i had lost my little baby, but a week of morning went past and mum said it is time for a new baby and we went and picked up a tiny little baby boy called Maximus (i named them), and he was a beautiful little one only about the size of my two hands when i got him i could never loose him but one day he went missing for a whole month and i said not again and because i was really upset mum got me another beautiful cat her name was avanjalein or AJ for short, when i brought her home she was the happiest girl ever because we had got her from a farm and was about a year old and had no love but when we got home i heard a meow maxi was home and i felt so guilty because i had just given up but they soon became to like each other

and now they live happily together with me and my little girl is sitting right next to me watching me type and i am only 14 and these two have found there forever home and i could never thank them enough for how much they helped me with finally letting my little baby go over the rainbow bridge.

Tayla B
mandurah, Australia

Filling The Gap

My childhood dog, Pepper, passed away unexpectedly in the summer of 2015 and I was not home for it. I was working out of state when my mother called to tell me and I was heartbroken that I could not come home and bury him myself. And while I still feel a pang when I think about him, I knew that I needed to keep a dog in my life. The snag was that my mother did not want another dog and I was still living with her while in school.

So for nearly a year I was driven mad from dog deprivation while I finished up a college degree. My mother and I eventually reached a compromise: when I was moved out and in my own place she would pay the adoption fee for a dog as my graduation present. And I knew I didn't want just any dog.

I wanted a "less adoptable". Old, impaired, both, it did not matter to me but I wanted to give a home to a dog that just needed a quiet and safe place to live. Which is where Haji came in.

He was called "Danny" at the rescue and at only two years old he had been hit in the head with a 2x4 so hard by a guy that he was partially blinded. Then "rescued" by a hoarder until the shelter found him. He was scared and nervous but still wanting so much to love someone.

I still spent a month or so looking at various special needs dogs, but I kept coming back to him. The rescue was overjoyed when I offered my home to him.

Haji is learning to trust again and I am re-learning the joys of having a pup again.

Taylor Wallace
Lexington, KY

Maverick Was Left to Die

Maverick is a sweet little Jack Russell Terrier found laying on the ground with terrible injuries. Chris, a volunteer of our rescue, saw Maverick dragging his back legs around and called us right away. This poor dog must have been dragging himself for quite a while because he had scrapes and sores on his body. We didn’t think he had a chance of surviving.

Upon the first vet visit it was determined that his spinal cord was severed and he would never walk again. The vet said he has no feeling and his medical care could be astronomical, estimated anywhere from $6000-$8000. Should we euthanize this poor dog? We’ve heard of stories of dogs living full and happy lives while paralyzed and using a wheelchair so why couldn't we try.

The vet did x-rays and realized his back was broken. Also, his leg was severely broken, his spinal cord completely severed and he had no control of his bladder or bowels. We had to make a tough decision. When I went back to see Maverick, he just melted into my hands. We knew we couldn’t fail him and promised we would help him. Against the recommendation of the neurosurgeon, we're going to save his life. He spent two nights at the emergency vet getting fluids and antibiotics. He had a CT scan which revealed something both horrifying and inspiring, his spinal injury was at least one month old. What happened to Maverick a month ago before he broke his leg? We will never know.

It is now several months later and Maverick has begun to moving his legs. It's a miracle! Against all odds he is a happy boy, loving life, and we are so grateful we gave him a chance. He now has his wheelchair and he receives mobility therapy daily. We hope that one day Maverick will walk again! Polka Dogz Pet Rescue located in Oakland, Florida has more updates, photos and videos about Maverick and our other rescue dogs on our Facebook pages.

Linda Rock
Winter Garden, FL

No Longer "The Cat from Hell"

After losing Petey, my companion kitty of 15 years, I vowed to not get another pet for a while. One year later, my neighbor told me I was going to get a cat, and I resisted at first.

A mutual friend had adopted a male cat from a shelter for his 90-year-old mom. The cat was friendly enough most of the time, but would bite suddenly for no apparent reason, and the lady was terrified of him. He hid behind the couch and she sat in her chair armed with a fly-swatter and a spray bottle of water.

When I met with my friend to talk about the cat I asked him how long he had had him. "About three injuries ago," he said, holding up his bandaged hand. It turned out to be three days. I said, "Oh, what the heck," and Boomer came to live with me.

"Stock up on Neosporin and bandaids," my friend said.

For a while, my friends called Boomer "the Cat From Hell" because I was always injured. He was skin and bones when he came to me and still had some wounds from his time on the street before the shelter people found him. His ears were notched from fights. It seemed he would bite out of anxiety, so I decided I could love him out of it, and that's how it has worked out.

With regular meals, he soon ballooned to a regal 23-pound creature. We have been together for three years now, and he is my good companion. He lets me know his displeasure when he doesn't get his way, but he hates to let me out of his sight.

Leslie Manes
San Diego, CA
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