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Handsome Levi

Levi is an answer to prayer.

We had 2 rescued dogs & lost our male coonhound suddenly to bloat. We were devastated & so was his mate Lucy an American bulldog mix.

We prayed & asked the Lord to show us our next family member. He brought handsome Levi!

He is a plott hound-greyhound mix, saved by the Rescue Express in media, pa. He was abused and had a subluxated hip & healed vertebrae to prove it. He was fostered for 6 months in a loving family who began to teach him to love.

He was 40lbs when we adopted him & became scared easily. When we tried to train him to walk on a leash, his fear would take over him. We prayed, asking God to train us in training Levi. He did!

He guided my husband to walk him & Lucy together. He guided me to jog with Levi.

I am not a jogger! I walked, & went to the gym and took classes. That’s it.

But I trust God, so I tried.

I prayed the whole time. And God helped us.

Through years of exercise & training, Levi is now a loving, happy, friendly & healthy dog.

He put on 10lbs of muscle and became physically & mentally stronger.

My husband and I learned to trust God & became healthier & more patient.

Thank God for Levi!


Mike, Holly, lucy & Levi Blandford.

Holly Blandford
Mohnton, PA


He was the boss of the neighbourhood, one of the many ferals we were feeding and providing shelters for. We fed him for six years, and managed to sneak in a stroke or pat every now and then. Then one icy February night, I found him crouched on our step, eyes running and his breath a wheeze. It is a measure of how sick he was that he let me scoop him up and take him inside to a warm bed and warm food in the basement. For weeks, the only sign there was a cat in the basement was the used litter box and the eaten food, but slowly he warmed to us. A few months later he began to come upstairs and has reached an accord with out other two rescues. It took a while longer for him to discover laps, but these days he has decided that my husband's lap is the place to be. His ears are ragged from frostbite and he has only a third of a tail, relics of a hard life. But he will have comfort for the rest of his days.

Jeanne MacDonald
New Waterford, NS, Canada

The Day I Was Adopted

It was a frigid December morning when you showed up at my doorstep, a handful of kitten, cold, sick and hungry, all mite-ridden ears, rheumy eyes and scruffy tail, but not short on charm—oh, you had plenty of that! You looked up at me, gave me a ‘silent meow,’ and it was a done deal! That was just days before I was planning on going to the local shelter to adopt a cat—you decided to save me the trouble. For thirteen years you filled my life and home with love, laughter, and companionship. For months after you crossed the Bridge, whenever I sat at my computer I could almost feel the pressure of your paw on my leg when you decided I’d worked long enough and it was time for a cuddling break (if I ignored you, you’d resort to more drastic action, jumping on the desk and sitting on the keyboard!). When you left, you left a void as big as the Texas sky in my heart. My sweet boy, it’s been thirty years since that December day when you adopted me, and other rescues have come and then joined you over the Bridge, but I miss you still. Your pawprints will be in my heart forever.

Mommy - December 2017

Lancaster, PA

Pretty Yannie

I first met Yannie at an adoption event and it was love at first sight. First, I saw only her back but when I saw her face, despite her crippled ear, her tearing eyes, I thought she was the most beautiful kitty in the world! But she was sick, so lethargic, and was sneezing a lot. I had to think again before adopting a sick cat since I had just put my 20+ years old beloved Millie to sleep after 19 years of companionship, with the last 5 years caring for her with medication for several medical conditions.

But Yannie kept being on my mind, so I called the lady who had rescued her from a high kill rate shelter in Georgia and she was still available. With appropriate vet care, months later, she went over her URI, the worst case of ear mites my vet had ever seen, ringworm, and got her herpes virus under control. Her sweet personality was never affected by all those health issues and she became my husband's girlfriend.

Yannie didn't like other cats but she compensated with all the love she could give to us, and every human she would meet. She definitely was a people cat and would not accept being ignored, she always had to be the center of attention. Two years after we moved back to Canada, she started having health problems. After a couple of months of blood work and several vet appointments, an ultra sound test showed that she had a big tumor attached to her stomach. That day I went to the vet with a kitty in a carrier and came back with an empty carrier... Sooo heartbreaking! But I know I made the right decision, no more suffering for that beautiful soul. She was about 8. We will never forget our Yannie and all the love and wonderful years she gave us. I'm so glad we gave her a second chance, she paid us so much in return with love and laughter.

Denise Bellefleur
Williamstown, ON, Canada


In 2008 when the economy crashed, we lost two thirds of our income and I needed to reenter the workforce after years of being at stay at home mom and wife. It was a very depressing and lonely time because my husband was working long hours trying to make ends meet, my daughter decided to move out and took her up with her, and even with a master’s degree I wasn’t finding a job. Finally, my husband suggested I look for a free dog. Well, I decided on looking at the “New Hope” dogs at the local shelter. These were dogs close to being euthanized so their adoption fees were reduced. Of the 3 there, Chewie attracted me because of his coloring. I went and met all three, and chose Chewie because he was laid back, house and crate trained. While doing paper work he looked even better because the lady helping me wanted to alert the volunteers through email that Chewie had a forever home. Chewie has not met anyone who hasn’t liked him, and he more than dispelled my loneliness and depression. He makes me laugh every day, and is my cuddle buddy at night. I don’t know how I would have made those days without him.

Linda Flunker
Gainesville, FL

A Click of Christmas Cheer: Watch This Happy Rescued Puppy Ring in the Holidays After Nearly Dying in the Philippines (Video)

With the holidays just around the corner, PETA Asia is spreading some cheer with a brand-new video ( released today about a puppy named Christmas.

When PETA Asia fieldworkers found Christmas on the island of Taal Volcano in the Philippines, he was tiny, covered with lice, and suffering from infected, pus-filled wounds on his back. But they could tell that he was a fighter. PETA Asia's staffers persuaded his guardian to surrender the tough little dog to their care. He recovered and was adopted, and now, he's full of energy and celebrating his first namesake holiday with a loving family, a cadre of canine companions, and more toys than he has time to play with.

"This puppy's new lease on life is a reminder that the holidays aren't about the gifts under the tree but rather the difference that we can make for those among us who are suffering," says PETA Vice President Colleen O'Brien. "PETA predicts that Christmas' happy story will warm people's hearts this winter and have everyone raising a glass of vegan eggnog in celebration."

PETA's motto reads, in part, that "animals are not ours to abuse in any way." Additional photos of Christmas are available here ( Please let me know if you have any questions or if there's any further information that I can provide. Many thanks.

Was, AL

Rescuing the Rescuer

Sometimes what we think we are rescuing tends to end up rescuing us. Such was the case with the adorable little Basset hound named Lady. In the ten short years we shared together, she showed me such love and kindness that I had never known existed. Sadly, she passed on December 23, 20015. I miss you very much Lady. I will forever be grateful for all the times we shared.



D.Bret Merideth
Noblesville, IN

My Baby Al

This is my cat Alphonse.This cat was suppose to die the day after he came into this world. He was born two years ago in March on my mother's roof, inside a water-cooler. Where I live it was about 90 degrees, and since him and his brothers and sisters were in the water-cooler it was a bit hotter.. After me and my sister took him and his family down, my mother said they weren't going to make it due to being dehydrated because their mother wasn't at their side most of the time. So, I took care of them. Couple months passed and Al's siblings passed for an unknown reasons. The vet told me that Al wouldn't make it through the month. They said he was too young to find out what was wrong with him. But he told me that they could have gotten worms or AID’s from his mother. He was shocked he even made it as far as he did. He gave me medicine for them to take. After a month of giving him love and have hope for him. He is still alive and even to this day he is. Alphonse is my lovable cat that loves being on my shoulder and sleeping by my head.

Yuba City, CA

Cat with lots of heart.

i was volunteering at a animal shelter in Dallas, Texas four years ago when someone dropped off a cardboard box full of feral cats who all had a 'clipped ear', which means they were TNR (trapped-neutered-released). One of the cats as sweet tempered and affectionate to all the other cats and to the volunteers, BUT she hated to be picked up and rarely left her cage when the door was opened. So she sat for 6 months with no takers. I couldn't stand that this VERY cute 'snowshoe' cat (part Siamese and part white cat) couldn't find a good home, so I adopted her. After getting her home and setting her free to roam, I noticed a real oddity: she had a 4 inch by 4 inch brown heart image on her white chest. So she was named 'Kitty Heart'. Now she lets me pick her up and she licks my hands and arms (like a puppy). Just shows you never know what good things will happen to you when you volunteer to help homeless animals.

Daryl N. Davis
Dallas, TX

Video: Furry Hurricane Maria Refugees Are Smiling, Playing, and Wagging Their Tails for the First Time

Good afternoon,

It's been only a few months since Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, but the lives of the dogs brought to PETA's hometown of Norfolk, Virginia, by PETA's animal rescue team—which was on the ground ( after the storm—have changed dramatically. Now, a brand-new PETA video ( released today, shows many of the dogs in their new homes, playing with toys, seeing their own reflections (and barking at them!), rolling around in bed, snuggling and smiling big in their new guardians' laps, and more—all things that they're doing for the first time in their lives.

In Puerto Rico, PETA's team provided animals in shelters with food and clean water, took those who were injured to veterinarians, and more. They returned to Norfolk with several of the dogs who were most in need and worked with other local shelters to give the pups a fresh start and the chance to find happy homes.

They include Pedro, whose leg was swollen to three times its normal size and who, after receiving urgent veterinary care, now goes on long walks with his new guardian in Texas. Others include Chiquita, who loves playing in the leaves with her new family and barking at her reflection in the television, and little Stephen, who is soaking up lots of oatmeal baths after suffering from prolonged sun exposure in Puerto Rico.

PETA's motto reads, in part, that "animals are not ours to abuse in any way." More information about PETA's work to help animals is available here ( More information about the animals rescued during Hurricane Maria can be found on PETA's blog ( I'd be happy to answer any questions that you may have. Many thanks.

Washington, DC
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