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My Sweet Boys

A friend suggested I foster care for two young rescue kittens shortly after losing my two cats of 14 years. I was heartbroken over the loss, but these little boys were the remedy. After one week, I knew I had to keep them. Now I'm teased that I'm a foster failure, but we all came out winners. I can't imagine my world without Dash and Jake.

San Diego, CA

Meet Chase aka- Cheese puff

I found Chase thru an employee who had to find him a home. Chase had been chained to a dog house since he was a puppy. I got him at 6 months back in 2001. He is now almost 10 and STILL acts like a puppy and enjoys his freedom. He has been my constant companion, a loyal friend and the sweetest son a mother could ask for!

Indianapolis, IN

Benny and Joey

I found them on My husband was away from home for work a lot and I wanted some company. I was told that someone was interested in Benny and didn't want to take his brother, but if I wanted both of them, I could have them. I couldn't imagine separating them. 6 years later, they bring so much joy with their snuggling and crazy antics. I couldn't imagine my life without them.

Veronica P.
Poughkeepsie, NY

Sadie's retirement home

My dear friend had decided to move to Portugal and could not take her two dogs with her. Lucy, a 3 year old black Labrador was quickly claimed and adopted into a family with children who would enjoy romping around with her. But Sadie had all sorts of joint problems and limped along. She couldn't keep up with children or young dogs. At 12 year's old and feeling every bit of it she wasn't a good option for adoption. Nobody would take on the burden of an older dog with joint problems.

We stopped by our friend’s home the Saturday before she was leaving to pick up items she was giving away. She had scheduled to put Sadie down on Tuesday and was extremely distraught. My husband had never met Sadie and did not want a dog but once he met her he said to me 'that dog is not ready to go'. She was smiling at us and wanted so much to be among everyone. We decided to take her and picked her up on Tuesday - the very day she was originally scheduled to be put down. That was 9 months ago and we haven't regretted it for one minute. She's loving, cheerful, fun, obedient and we walk together every day. Short, slow walks but they are the highlight of her day. And mine too.

Terry Sanders
Indialantic, FL

Puppy Love!

Our Boxer pup Riley needed a brother, a playmate and a forever friend. After many months of perusing rescue sites, we came across Finnegan (left) on PetFinder. One look at his handsome face and he was already taking up a big piece of our hearts. It didn’t take long for these two to become best of friends, cuddle buddies and true brother and sister! We still find it amazing how when dogs are given even the tiniest bit of love, they return that love tenfold. We are so blessed to have these two rambunctious puppies in our lives! Now who wants a good puppy treat?!

Gary & Kelly
Myerstown, PA

Lexie Loo Luvbug

Beautiful Lexie Loo paced her cage at the pound, running her "motor" as loudly as possible when I approached. I had recently lost my sweet Bella, a cat like no other, and just wanted her back. It was Lexie's eyes...her bright green eyes, that caught my attention, and I decided at that moment I would take her home. BEST decision ever!! Lexie has filled this "dog-house" with cat-love, spreading it all around, even to the Flemish Giant rabbits outside, and to any neighbor that will pet her. She comes along on dog walks, and charms everyone she meets. I've not forgotten my Bella, but Lexie has captured my heart as well!!

Natalie Langlois

My Boys

This is Rusty on the right, Blue on the left. Rusty weighed 3 lbs when my husband saw him sitting in the middle of a highway at dawn. He stopped and picked him up. He was full of worms but generally in good health. The vet said he would be a 20 lb beagle when he grew up. Wrong, he is a 75 lb swiss mountain dog mix. We love him so much.. Blue was dumped on our rual county road in January, I took him to the vet and his general health was good but he tested positive for heart worm. The vet said someone probably dumped him when they found out that he had heart worm because they didn't want to pay for the expensive treatments. He starts his treatment next month. He is the sweetest dog ever. When it is all said and done we are going to put him in therapet so he can visit people in hospitals to make their lives a little better. Rusty is going into Search and rescue. They are inseperable but Rusty is way to energetic for therapet and they both need jobs. We thought it would be nice to give them jobs where they could help others. I am so glad they came into our lives. I can't believe people can be so mean to dump dogs out on roads.

Linda S.
Troup, TX

Shiner's & Kittens Lucky Day

This is Shiners Story-A local store owner was keeping an eye out for how his live bait tank was losing fish! During this watch he discovered the culpert, it was a very skinny kitten. She set off no alarms but he followed her to discover she had put 2 kittens in his office and was using the bait to feed them and herself.

Now she is fixed and living the life as the stores mascot. Her 2 babies are fixed and living with the owner's family & his dog was not to happy. But what a wonderful story of how she feed her babies and won the hearts of the local lake area residents.

If she is not featured on his trucks or in the weekly ads, we all ask why? She has gone from rags to riches just being a wonderful Mom. She is sweet and still has the ability to come and go and gets all the human attention she now lives for. This is the perfect ending for a stray young girl trying to get by. I have the Store owners permission to tell this story, they are wonderful and gave 3 lost babies homes.

Janet Houston
Littleton, NC

TJ Wiggles and MickeyHart

T.J. (the dark boy in the photo) was rescued from death row, rural Tennessee style: the end of a sheriff's gun. Matted beyond repair, hungry and scared, he was whisked into rescue, given a haircut, and a new foster home. The moment I saw him on Petfinder, I was in love. When we met, he jumped into my arms (and my heart!), and there he shall remain for all of his days. I was so inspired by his story, I began fostering dogs for his rescue. MickeyHart was Number 5, plucked from the mean streets of the city, he had "attitude": That is to say, he would have rather bitten you than said hello....however, T.J. was enamored to him from the start; they seemed to be "brothers from another mother". DNA tests confirmed that out of the TEN breeds between them, they shared 2...not sure that was the connection, but whatever it was, it was permanent. In record time, Mickey transformed into a sweet, lovable mutt, so smart and intuitive. We three are bonded for life, and so I became what is known in rescue as a "failed foster"...and I couldn't be happier about it!

Natalie Langlois

Meet the Monken

This little boy was dropped off on our block during a 3 day rainstorm. We first noticed him peeking into our neighbor’s window. We later found out the he was dropped off with a brother and this neighbor took the brother in and left Monken out in the rain. When he came crying into my window, we took him in. He was cold, wet, and starving. The vet said he was only about 6 months old, and other than being full of ticks and fleas and starving, he was relatively healthy. It’s been a year and a half now and he’s a happy, lovable little boy. We love him to pieces; we’re so glad he came to our house. My husband named him Bob, but when he meows, he sounds like a cross between a monkey and a chicken—thus, The Monken!

Irene Bankewitz
Patchogue, NY
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