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Sasha & Kingston

My husband (then boyfriend) wanted a dog or two, especially of the pitbull breed. Never having a dog before in my life, I was a bit skeptical, but curious, so I agreed to go to a shelter with him. As we entered the shelter, my husband announced that the dog would call him and he or she would then be the 'right one'. As I am a few paces behind him, a girly reddish pitbull mix catches my eye as she calmly and happily slides her paw under the gate door. I bend down to pet her and as she begins to lick my hand, I call out to my husband, "this one is calling me!" We adopted one-year old 'Sasha' and six months later adopted her best friend, six-month year old 'Kingston'. These two constantly make us laugh, love to cuddle and fill our home with love! As you can see in the picture from halloween, they are definitely treat motivated! I highly recommend adopting from a shelter.

Debi Ernshaw Spivey
deltona, FL

ThreeLittle Kittens

Rex, Billy, and Midnight were three feral kittens that we adopted after their feral Mom (Jasmine) brought them to us to care for. We had fed and loved Jasmine for over a year, but were unable to catch her to have her spayed. She knew that we would take care of her babies, and after we gained their trust, we were able to have them neutered and vacinated. They are now our loving pets that think we are the "cat's meow"! Saving a stray is always the best decision!

Lynn Miller
Suwanee, GA


I was walking my dogs early in the morning (16 degrees) and a small kitten (4-6 weeks old) came out of the bushes crying and followed me home. Since I have allergies (especially cats) we kept her in the garage for several days while my husband and I searched for someone to adopt her. We could not find anyone and by that time we had falling in love with Smokey. I began taking medicine for my allergies so Smokey could move from the garage to our home. She has become a big part of our family.

Becky Johnson
Madison, AL

Earning his trust...

In Summer 2010, I looked outside my 2nd floor apartment and saw a skinny orange cat staring up at my kitties. I went outside with food and water and he ate but only after I left. I watched him from the upstairs window as I talked to him.

So began our love affair.

At 7 pm every night, I would call out his name, Tang, and he would show himself to me from a distance. I would leave him food and water (sometimes catnip) and watch him from the window as I talked to him. Every night for a month, we danced this dance.

After the first month, he allowed me to be present while he ate. Two more weeks passed by and he FINALLY allowed me to touch him as he ate. He trusted me. Sweet Tang finally realized that I wasn't going to harm him.

I had him tested, vaccinated and neutered.

The progress that Tang made once I brought him inside was amazing. He was a sweet kitty that just wanted to be loved. He would allow me to pet him but sometimes got scared of my hand and swatted at it.

I developed a very deep bond with my Tang, watching him go from afraid and skinny to loving & taken care of. There is something very special about watching an animal make that transition and allow a human "in."

Tang was adopted by a friend of mine that loves him as much as I do. I get to visit him often and I can say that Tang is living the good life with his new dad.

I'm so happy he found me that one Summer night.

P.S. - The picture shown is the first time he let me sit near him while he ate.

Rochester,, NY

Fantastic Four!

Nearly 8 years ago, a friend of mine found Sabbath (blk chihuahua/terrier) hiding in her front yard. After asking around, no one claimed him so we decided to adopt him. Two years later, my sister got Zephyr (tan chihuahua). Zeph and Sabbath became the best of friends. Three years after that, my sister adopted Revs (chihuahua mix w/eye patch!) who was rescued by police officers in an abandoned house. Fast forward to last July...a friend of ours could no longer care for Jeffrey (chihuahua/corgi mix). We decided that Sabbath needed a brother (even though he LOVES his cousins very much!). The four of them are quite a handful, but have brought us so much happiness. We are lucky to have such amazing animals in our lives!

San Jose, CA

There's Something in the Closet

My sister found Sirius as a kitten inside the utility closet at her high school. God knows how he got there, but she snuck him under her coat and left school early. Before Sirius we had been an exclusively all-girl cat household, but as fate would have it, the same day Sirius was found was the day that all three of the girls were at the vet being spayed. So when they came home they were too out of it to protest his presence, and by the time they had recovered they were accustomed to him. That was six years ago, and Sirius remains my favourite cat. He's the only one who allows me to and actually enjoys snuggling and hugging him. Here he is protesting my homework, when clearly giving him treats or scratching his ears is more important.

Alyssa B
Steubenville, OH


We had cats while I was growing up, and when our last one died in my early teens, my mom said that if we were to get another one, it would have to be a short-haired white cat with one blue eye and one green eye. Tall order for where we lived, but, eventually she relented and let me get a grey tabby to help control our mouse problem. It was just Porsche and me for about 8 years. One day while shopping, I saw a picture of Winter- the elusive white cat with one blue eye and one green eye. Given that she was a full-grown female and Porsche was, too, I wasn’t going to inquire, but my curiosity got the better of me. When I went to see Winter, she followed me all over the cat house of the rescue shelter who had her, even though it was a very cold November morning and she had just been awakened and taken out of her warm bed to greet me. As I talked to the lady who ran the shelter outside, Winter jumped up on the sill and watched me wherever I went. I knew she had to come home with me. With a couple of baby gates, much hissing and some cat scratches on me, we eventually became a blended family. Winter liked to chase and torture Porsche whenever she could, but, when Porsche’s kidneys started to fail and I had to make that painful decision to end her suffering, Winter was there at my side the night before, keeping vigil over her sick sister and her heartbroken mom. She may be a little bit crazy, but, she is a sweet girl who loves her mom and keeps her 4-legged brothers and sisters in line.

Sharon Sandberg
Southport, NC

Elvis My Lover Boy

I stopped at Burger King to pick up dinner on my way home from work one cold rainy night and there walking across the parking lot was a cat that was nothing but skin and bones – I had never seen something so pitiful. As I sat in the drive thru I saw him disappear underneath a bush. I ordered him some chicken nuggets and parked my car near the bush to try to lure him out. He was very timid and skeptical of me but he was so hungry…he would pop out and grab a nugget and disappear under the bush on the fourth attempt I picked him up and put him in my car…he was so scared but he didn’t put up a fight…I took him home and fed him. I already had a cat and two dogs. My thought was to find him a good home. I made him a vet appointment since not only was he so underweight and weak but he had a cold, a cleft lip, ear mites, and the back of his ears were bleeding from him scratching due to the ear mites…he was a total mess. When the vet examined him he told me that if I hadn’t rescued him when I did that he might not have survived another day. Since that time he has gained weight, the ear mites and cold are gone, his ears have healed and as far as his cleft lip it doesn’t impair his breathing or eating. I found him a good home alright…Mine! He won his way into my heart with his constant love and affection…never have I met a cat so loving…I named him Elvis since he’s such a lover boy and he came from Burger KING. I’m so very thankful for my Elvis!

Julie Smith
Waldorf, MD

Alice The Dog In a Box PLEASE HELP!!!!

Right now in Toombs County GA there is a rescue attempt being made by a rescue group to save a 6 year old female pit bull named Alice. Her owners have kept her isolated in a small wooden box since she was a puppy. She has had to stand and lay in her own feces and drink muddy dirty water and only eat bread all this time. It is now believed that it is possible she is being used as a breeding dog for puppies. Thousands of people all over America are joining this protest to save Alice. The authorities there in Toombs county will not even allow a complaint to be filed, saying they will throw it out, even though there are tons of evidence, pictures and video to show deplorable conditions. We want them to uphold the laws there in Toombs. CNN has covered this and it is all over facebook. You can sign a pettition there. You can also Google it. Thanks for your help. Alice needs you. Evelyn

Atlanta, GA


I was looking for a rescue Boston Terrier but when I saw the lovely face of Peanut I fell in love. I knew instantly she was the dog I was meant to have. She had been surrendered to San Francisco Animal Care and Control and had almost been put down because she was extremely nervous. She had obviously been mistreated and neglected. Thankfully, Wonder Dog rescue agreed to foster her. We've been together 10 years now and she is my perfect dog!

Madeline Marrow
San Francisco, CA
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