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Meet our kids

Hello all! We adopted two Papillons last September because they were given to a rescue group. Should start from the beginning. We have an RV and were looking to adopt a 1 or 2 yr old small dog to travel with us. I researched and decided that a Papillon would fit the bill perfectly. So I started looking and came across a posting from SouthPaw Rescue. I read about Tiffany (8) and Chance (6) who had been together since Chance was a pup. BAM! Could not bear to see them seperated at this point in their lives. Sooooo as they were in Kansas and I in NY the rescue and I arranged for "Last Chance Highway" to transport them to NY. We drove an hour and a half upstate to meet them on 9/11/11. I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful they are. They make us laugh everyday and are the most loving, well behaved animals ever! She is definitely the Alfa dog of the two and does not know the meaning of the word come if she is engaged, but other than that they are next to perfect! They have given us sooo much love. SENIORS ROCK!!!!! Have a wonderful week all :-) .

Janice D McFadden
West babylon, NY

Vacation to home

The elder couple who had just bought the 2 month old kitten and was traveling across the country didn't like their yowling and crying kitty in the back seat. He was dropped off at a local pound and sitting on death row to be put down. But I saw the greatness in him and couldn't resist his adorable face and chatty attitude. Today our 13 year old lord of the manor is an awesome traveler who loves car rides, is my son's therapy cat and best friend, and doesn't mind giving us his opinion and we love him for it.

Moses Lake, WA

Rusty II

Like so many veterans I was homeless and living in a tent in a state park. One day while heading for the showers I saw another family living there that had puppies that were just ready for homes. The love of my life had died in July and I was ready to pick out his successor. I spent much time on the ground before picking out a little puppy who's head is now the size of his body when I picked him. I have a cat-loving friend who thinks he's the best dog in the world and if anything should happen to me, Rusty II has a secure home.

San Jacinto, CA

Lost Kitty

Bingbing has been my kitty for 10 years now. On a cold winter night ten years ago, I looked outside and noticed a scrawny stray cat sneaking cat food from my outdoor kitties. I tried to catch him but he ran away scared. A month went by with me edging closer and closer when I'd see him outside. Finally, I coaxed him to me. I brought him in the house, took him to the vet for a check-up, neutering and shots & brought him home to be my baby forever! He stays indoors & he has never had to worry about being hungry again. He now weighs 23 lbs. and he rules the house. He is among three cats that I have rescued and 2 dogs. I love giving an animal a happy home.

Bridget B.
New Albany, IN

The Easter Bunny That Grew Up

Last fall I ran across an article in the newspaper about how in August/September animal shelters are over run with rabbits because people tend to buy them for Easter gifts, then the novelty wears off and they end up abandoned in animal shelters. My original plan was to go to the shelter and make a donation. Which I made it to the Guildford County shelter I just never got to the donation part. It was very busy that day, so I looked around at the cages they had in the waiting area while I waited to talk to someone. In the corner, was a crazy haired rabbit, which was like no creature I had ever seen. It was love at first sight, a seven dollar and fifty cent adoption fee later, he was mine.

I created him a Facebook page under Flopsy Parker, to help other bunnies who are in shelters. We repost adoption ads, share rabbit care pages, and other rabbit rescue sites.He started with just a few friends, and then those friends shared his mission with their friends. A few friends has become 700 in a matter of a few months.

Flopsy's story has been shared in Triad Happy Tails Magazine,and featured on local media sites. He was a winner in the ASPCA National Valentine’s Day Photo Contest. He has been featured on Animal Planet Blog, and his story redistributed to national newspapers by Petfinder. He is a little rabbit with a big message, and is changing the lives of shelter rabbits he might never meet. He is a testament to the wonderful pets who are sitting in shelters right now, waiting for a family and a chance.

Gretta Parker
Greensboro, NC

Needed a home

8 weeks after our 14 year old Yorkie died, our vet gave us a call. They had been boarding a 6 year old Yorkie for a client that had gone in to a nursing home. It became apparent that this little dog was going to need another home. I took one look at Buffy and brought her home. She has been a joy for the last 5 months. Rescue dogs are just the best.

Carol Clemons
Macomb, IL


My wonderful cat Sydney died leaving me alone with 8 month old kitten Sabrina. Sabrina was clingy and clearly missed having a fellow feline. So for Christmas I went to a local shelter and found Sassafras. For fourteen years her gentle disposition blessed both Sabrina and me. Shelter cats are the best; we will miss our Sassafras.

Dayton, OH

Max & Marley find their forever home...

I have an approximately 3-1/2 - 4 year old shelter kitty named Mia. She is truly a diva. She has been with me for the past 15 months. Convinced that she was bored, I decided that this summer she would get a fur baby brother or sister. Well, I have a friend that volunteers at a cat rescue and she told me that had a mama with eight kittens. I couldn't take just one. I chose two of them when they were three weeks old. I was going to take them home when they were nine weeks old, but she asked if I could take them a week early as all eight kittens were in the cage with mom.

These precious boys have been with me for a week. They battled a respiratory infection and and eye infection so they had to wait almost a week to meet big sister Mia. They are all adjusting to each other. So instead of one kitten in the Summer, we added two in the Spring. They have brought so much life into our house. This is Max (orange) and Marley (brown) and they are nine weeks old.

Beth Madorsky
Mentor, OH


When I first saw Chanel at our local SPCA she was hunkered down behind her litter tray, absolutely terrified. She had been bounced around to several homes in her short 4-year life and was completely unsocial and traumatized. It took well over a year before she started feeling comfortable in her now-forever home and winning her trust was hard work, but it was worth the wait! Now she's sweet, loving, playful and loves to spend time sitting near me. We are very happy together.

Helen A
Vancouver, BC, Canada


I found Hannah Marie being abused by a group of children on a stairwell in an apartment complex in Miami Gardens, She was just lying there in a corner as though she had given up and my heart broke. I stopped the children (though in truth I wanted to kill each one of them) and approached Hannah. I then taught the children how to approach a dog and Hannah lied there calmly and allowed them to touch her and come close to her. How amazing is this dog to have allowed her tormentors to learn from her? When I brought her to the vet he estimated her age at 2 months and she was severely under weight - three years later she is a healthy, happy and most importantly loving fifty pound baby who sleeps curled up in the crook of my legs every night. Recently while being treated (surgically and otherwise) for a life threatening illness this beautiful baby did not leave my side and there is no doubt either in my mind or the doctors' mind that Hannah cured me. In essence I did not safe Hannah she saved me.

Fort Lauderdale, FL
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