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My son and I went to our local pet store in search of a larger fish tank but instead came home with a beautiful 16 pound cross-eyed kitty. He was there as one of the featured pets up for adoption from the humane society. Even though he is challenged, his eyes certainly do not hamper his activities. He loves to play with his remote control mouse and learned quickly how to effectively "kill" it by flipping it over. Plastic bags provide another fun activity for him as he slowly stalks his "prey" then pounces on it sending them both skidding across the carpet. He's quite vocal in the morning and shows his affection by the many head butts he gives us. The adoption records indicated that he had been in two different homes before spending 5 long months at the humane society. But that's behind him now. Although he came to us with the name Buddy, it just didn't fit his unique personality. After getting to know and love this beautiful kitty, he's now known as Chumley. I am so happy to have found a new best friend and to be able to provide him the safety and security of his forever home with us!!!

Raechel Turnbull
Cranberry Township, PA

My favorite flower Sylvester

After a couple of weeks trying to rescue a couple of stray kitties from work, I succeeded and found a home for one and took the other to the Humane Society (the other was very thin and sick). I said I would take him and give him a loving home, should he survive. After 1 1/2 months, I get a letter saying they had to humanely euthanise him. I was very sad. In the meantime, an acquaintance of mine showed me a picture of four kittens that someone dropped off on her porch in her flowerpot. I told her if this other cat I rescued didn't survive I would take one of the flowerpot kitties...well lo and behold, I ended up taking one of them and his name is Sylvester. What a joy he's been. I certainly didn't need another cat as I already have two as well as a golden retriever and two guinea pigs, but Sylvester slid his way into my heart and that is where he is now "planted" for the rest of his life! Don't find yourself saying you can't afford another animal due to funds, just think of it as "What's one more mouth to feed!" You will not regret it :)

Hell, MI

A Whole Lotta Love

We fell in love with Echo in a heartbeat when she was brought out by the technician at our local shelter. We knew she had some health issues, and emotional trauma to deal with, but we were willing to work through these with her. She has blossomed in the 4 years since we have brought her home, and given us unconditional love every day that we share with her.

It wasn't until we had completed our adoption forms that we learned Echo would have been euthanized if she was not adopted soon. She had been in the shelter for a while; and as the technician put it bluntly - big, black dogs can be intimidating to most individuals.

We are very fortunate that did not sway our decision. She's Big, She's Black...and She's a WHOLE LOTTA LOVE!

Bradford, ON, Canada

I'm So Glad I Saved A Stray!

Some might say that I found my cat, but I like to say that he found me.

Four years ago, I was walking to my apartment. An unfamiliar tabby cat with beautiful yellow eyes emerged from the bushes and greeted me with a loud meow. I said hello and petted him; he was very friendly, which is not typical for a stray. My neighbor who had lived in the complex for a long time said she had never seen him before. He was skinny, scratched up, collarless, and he wasn't neutered. He was clearly in need of a home. I picked him up and I brought him inside, where he seemed immediately comfortable and not at all scared.

He seemed to feel at home when I brought him in. I decided to name him Hey Jupiter (after a Tori Amos song), but I call him Jupiter for short. I set him up with food, water, litter, and toys. I searched local resources to make sure that there were no reports of missing cats. I also took him to the vet for a checkup, where they determined that he had not been microchipped. After the vet visit, it became clear to me that Jupiter was mine to keep. This worked out perfectly, because I had already fallen in love with him.

Jupiter is an affectionate cat who enjoys snuggling and having his ears rubbed. He is very playful and has been spoiled with many toys. When he walks into my bedroom, he meows to greet me (just like he did when we first met).

I don't understand why people spend money to buy a pet from a breeder or store. Jupiter may not have a fancy pedigree, but he is a wonderful pet. I couldn't ask for a better cat.

Aviva M. Cantor
Charlotte, NC

The Lie I Took Home with Me

I had no intention of getting a pet the day I visited the Humane Society. But as soon as I heard a boy shriek, “Mom! I want THIS one!” and saw that he held a four-month-old kitten by her ears, I heard myself say, “I’m sorry. That one’s taken.” After lying to a child, I felt obliged to adopt the tiny creature. I would be her third guardian (the first had abused her, leaving her brain damaged; the second thought her dull).

For nearly 24 years after the adoption, that delicate snow-white feline with emerald eyes was my constant companion. Precious loved going on walks with her dog, insisted on supervising (from the crook of my arm) the morning coffee preparation, and herded me toward any strange bug she wanted me to escort from our home. She stood on her back paws to get an “uppie” and would do anything for a piece of pepperoni. She was my emotional barometer: Anyone could see how stressed I was by how much Miss P sucked her tail. When folks asked what kind of cat she was, I would say, “She’s an Empathy Cat.”

I’ve never regretted lying to that brutish little boy all those years ago. If not for his inability to use an “inside voice,” I would have left the Humane Society without the super-lovely and über-loving Miss P.

C. J. Jackson
Lexington, KY

Our Destiny

When I heard a very strange chirping in a parking garage I thought I might find an injured bird. I looked under a van I saw a tiny little kitten. Her eyes and ears were still closed so must have only been a few days old. This was a busy lot and the mom was anywhere to be found. I did try to take her to the SPCA because I already had an 8 year old cat at home who is very much and only cat but when they told me her fate there was no way I would leave without her. I spent many sleepless days and nights bottle feeding her and acting like mom. Although the two cats are still trying to find there place together after 2 years she is such a joy to watch and play with. She loves chasing and catching bottle caps, She never leaves my side and loves to cuddle. She is very special and I would do the same in a heartbeat!

Danielle Coates
Sacramento, CA

Auggie, aka "The Boy"

In 2002 we adopted Auggie, a 1 year old Corgi/Lab mix, from a local foster home. The woman who was fostering him drove hundreds of miles to rescue him just one day before he was scheduled to be euthanized. She told us he had been adopted out and returned a couple of times because his herding instincts were mistaken for aggression. The night we met him, he slithered behind me where I was sitting on a stoop, layed down, and let out a huge sigh. We instantly fell in love but didn't take him with us because we had an appointment to meet another rescue early the next morning. I cried that night because I was worried about Auggie finding a good home with a family who loved him. When we went to meet the other doggie the next day, he bit me. We knew immediately what we needed to do: adopt Auggie! We raced back to the foster home to get him. He was so nervous on our ride home, the poor baby puked several times. Once home, he slept almost continuously for three days! Auggie is so smart and lovey and is a real character! He loves to make us laugh! He also loves his vast collection of squeaky toys, playing ball, going for adventures in the car, and partying with his many doggie friends. We're both musicians, and he often sings/howls along with our practice. Loudly! He guards the fortress from any evil that may lurk outside from his perch on the couch or from his bed at the front window. His favorite thing though, is a good romp at the dog beach. It has been 8 1/2 years and we can't imagine our lives without Auggie. We love our canine child!

Rena & Steve Trapani
Long Beach, CA

A new playmate

This is Tomodachi and Honey Bear. I purchased Tomo in December at two months, then March 20 I picked up Honey Bear from Lone Star Akita Rescue as a playmate for him. Tomo immediately accepted her as a friend, and they've made such a great pair. This picture was made at a soccer field where the kids just loved them, and they were both so well behaved. BTW, Honey is my second rescue Akita.

Frank Parker
Tyler, TX


Years ago we drove from NJ - Florida to go to Disney..At a stop we saw a black lab puppy running on I95. we bought some food and water and waited for someone to pick her up. All through our vacation I kept telling my husband I really think that is supposed to be our dog.We stopped at the same McDonald's on the way back,I called the shelter they told me she was set to be put to sleep. I began to cry until my husband agreed to get her. I lied and said it was close, it was not We spent 50 of our last 100 $ to get her. She was filthy but very loving, we started our journey up north with a 3and 6 year old. We named her Nikki after visiting Nickaloden studios. Nikki was not used to home life,it took months for her to make eye contact. One night my husband and I were going out,Grandma used to take the kids and Meeko overnight but would not take Nikki because she was too bad. The kids went with Grandma, the dogs stayed home. We altered our plans to let them out, when we arrived at home our house was on fire! Thankfully it had just started after being set by a neighbor with a serious psychiatric disorder and we were able to put it out without much damage. It was then that I realized that without Nikki we would not have come home and our house could've burnt to the ground. So I said to my husband I told you we were supposed to have her. She lived over 15 years, gave us much joy, never once did I regret that she found us. It was meant to be.<3

The Last Resort

West Milford, NJ

jeannine sedlacik
west milford, NJ

You never know!

I was the type of person that didn't have a lot of time especially for a pet or at least I thought.About ten years ago I started surfing the net. I came upon I had never had a pet and wasn't looking for one. As I browsed the website I came upon Dandy. I couldn't believe what happened from that point on. Instantly I fell in love with that little guy and there was no turning back. Dandy was at the Wilkes County Pet Shelter in North Carolina. I called the shelter and told them I was on my way to pick up Dandy. Of course, since I had never had a pet they were a little reluctant to let me take him so they went over things required for pet ownership. I insisted he would be well taken care of. I've never been happier. Dandy has been my best friend since. Dandy immediately started having health problems, had to be put on a special diet and had to be on medication for an extended period of time. Everyone was telling me to give him away and he would only continue to cost money. No one understood how much he meant to me. Dandy and I were stuck like glue for life. Dandy was appx. four years old when I got him, according to the vet. Now he is around 15 years old and still with me. Dandy has always got at least four walks a day, sleeps on my bed with me, gets his teeth cleaned and shots every year, has his own fenced in yard to play in when the weather is good along with the best of everything else. Most importantly Dandy has all the love I have to give for as long as he lives.

Zionville, NC
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