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New Moon

We took Moony in when she was only four weeks old because her Mom was sick with milk fever. I think she thinks I'm her Mom now, because she follows me around the house and watches everything I do. When she got big enough to jump up on my night table, she spent several days sniffing each prescription and suppliment I took, until she decided she wanted the fish oil and garlic oil. Now every morning, she sits on my night table and watches for just the right container to be opened and makes sure I drop the right pills in her bowl.

Kathie Weaver
Martin, GA

Sometimes things just work out.....

When I started working at an animal hospital, we already had two cats and my husband said that was the limit. Then one day some friends came over and asked me take a look at a scruffy little stray that had tried to follow them in the front door. "I think there's something wrong with his mouth." One of them said. There was - the whole of his bottom lip had been pulled away and was hanging in a flap under his chin, exposing bone. Despite this horrible and obviously painful injury, the little brown & white tabby cat was so friendly and affectionate, and so grateful for the food we put out for him. Because it was a Sunday evening, no shelters were open so I kept him overnight and took him to work with me the next morning, meaning to call the humane society from there. The other vet tech looked at him and said "You know they'll just put him to sleep if you do." so I decided to fix him up and find him a home. It took three surgeries, a month of quarantine with special diet and medication, plus vaccines and FELV/FIV blood test (both negative!), but we nursed the little guy back to health. Of course after that long my husband and I had fallen in love with the little guy and decided to keep him. Gryphon has been THE BEST cat - so affectionate, quirky, and grateful for his rescue. He gets along great with his two older kitty brothers, and the 4th cat and 100lb Doberman I acquired after him!

Munster, ON, Canada

Captured our hearts

Our daughter broke us in with a pup named Bailey. My wife and I are near retirement age and we never owned a dog as our children grew up. When our daughter and Bailey moved out we suddenly felt a void. My wife quickly began looking at rescue sites and found Luna. It's almost been a year since we rescued our Lil Luna from ARF Illinois. She was shy and timid and so fragile when she arrived. Having come from a puppy mill she did not relate well to anyone. Now she has so much spirit and she brings us joy everyday. We did not wish to allow Luna the chance to grow without friends. My wife began looking for a friend for Luna. Very soon from the same location we discovered Jessie. She arrived to our home in the same sad shape. It has only been a few weeks for Jessie and Luna and after her first grooming Jessie has taken over. Jessie has brought even more Joy to our home. The two sleep side by side and have taken over a new couch. We have some more challenges ahead however words cannot describe how we feel about both of our new family members. I hope our story inspires others to rescue a pet and let them bring you joy as ours have! Jessie is on the left and Luna on the right on the new couch! Phil & Beth Contreras

Phil Contreras
Blue Island, IL

A Fellow Kansan

My husband was not too sure on the dog thing, but agreed to a dachshund so we could start small. Then my mom got sick and we took in her 8 week old rescued pug puppy. Thought I loved these 2, I still yearned for a big, gentle dog. At Christmas last year, my generous husband asked what I wanted for my gift and I said to give a big shelter dog a home. He agreed and I quickly got on the Denver Dumb Friends League website and found this guy. He was named Frank and was not adopted where he was originally picked up in Garden City, Kansas, about an hour from where I grew up. I decided it was kismet and took the two little dogs to visit and Frank came home with us. The family that had turned him into the shelter in Kansas had the last name of Sanchez, so that stuck better than Frank. Sanchez is the love of my doggie life, is well-behaved, and well loved by everyone he meets. He weighs 90 pounds now, has shaken his kennel cough, and thinks he's a lap dog.

Denver, CO

Took a Chance with Lance

Approximately 7 years ago I took in a stray infant kitten cowering outside my doorstep in Philadelphia. I wasn't going to keep him because I was a "dog person". He had a broken tail, a limp, and was incredibly sick. I nursed him back to health and named him Lance. We quickly became the best of friends. Lance was the first to greet me at the door. He would howl and yelp whenever I left my apartment and would eagerly paw and scratch the door when he heard me coming back. Lance followed me everywhere and was attached to me like a little piece of velcro. Every single night and day (for as long as I would allow him) Lance would stay curled up in my arms like a little baby sleeping for hours. He was my little pet soul mate. I loved him more than anything in this world. He saw me through my darkest hours and would literally lick away my tears whenever I cried. I would take him for walks on a leash. Lance was so loving, sweet, playful, affectionate and charmed everyone. I took the best care of my little baby boy. He was always healthy. On July 17th of this year, my little baby boy died abruptly and completely unexpectedly of a massive heart attack. He was still so warm when I found him. I have never cried so much in my entire life. I cradled him in my arms for the last time at the vet hospital and said my final goodbye to my furry little angel, my little baby boy, and told him that I would miss him so, so much and I would never forget everything he gave me and that I would love and cherish him forever.

Marcos Di Pinto
Santa Ana, CA

My shelter girls

These 2 girls had been at the CHA shelter where I volunteer for quite a while and I loved them both. When my baby girl Blaze died of MCT cancer at age 9 I knew I wanted to rescue both of them and give them all the love and attention they both needed and deserved full time. I have had them almost 3 weeks now and enjoy having them here to spoil. My other dog Buddy loves having them here to keep him entertained as well. I think they were waiting for me to give them their fur-ever home.

Columbus, OH

Senior Pet Adoption

I just adopted Detective Tinkerton from a San Francisco Shelter called Muttville. ( Sherri Franklin, is behind Muttville and does a great job! She takes in Senior dogs that would be put down due to their age.

I have a Papillon that is 4 years old and have been considering looking to adopt an older buddy for him. We alas I found Tink! He is pretty blind, has one tooth!, some neurological problems and a few tumors. Well that does not stop him! He is a trooper and a happy little guy. You would never have guessed this little sweetie was abandoned in an apartment in SF the way he acts. He has a very silly bark that sounds like a hound dog! He can see me enough to look up at my face when I talk to him. He wags his little pathetic thing of a tail. He even knows which door to go to and barks to go out to potty!

Even though I know his days are numbered due to all that is wrong with him, I am so glad I got him! I love this little guy and I know he loves me and is thankful for his forever home!

Everyone should consider an older pet!

janice serilla
Santa Cruz, CA

Let me tell you about my Mom


You came to get me in January of 2007, and I knew it. The minute you held me, I knew this little dachshund was home. I had heard some of the other dogs talk about a home, but boy was I in for a treat. It was SO much better than what they described. I had my own I could play with whenever I wanted-a big yard to run around in and a pal (that looked almost like me) I could play with all the time. Most importantly, I had you Mom. You loved me and I was your boy. I loved to snuggle under the covers at night and keep your legs warm or sleep on more of your pillow than you did. I knew how special I was to you and I wanted to make you happy every second of every day. I didn't want to get sick Mom. I tried to get well and did for a while. When I started to feel bad again I tried to hide it, but you knew. I know that you did everything you could to make me better. I had the best vet in the whole world and the doctors at the special hospital you took me to were great. I'm sorry I couldn't stay. I had to leave July 9, 2010. There was nothing more I wanted than to come home to you. I'm in a great place now and I'm not sick anymore. I've even met some of the other special boys that were lucky enough to be loved by you and we are all waiting to see you again-we don't even argue over who was your favorite. We know your heart is so full of love for all of us. .

Love your boy


Springville, AL

"Rufus" HOT kitty!

It was a very hot day in July 2004, over the 100 degree mark and most everyone and everything was seeking the coolest place possible to spend the rest of the day. Not so for a 2 lb. kitten that my husband later named Rufus. My husband was on his way somewhere in his truck when he spotted a tiny yellow kitten sitting on the white line at the edge of the street. He told me that he made a mental note and decided to pick the kitten up if it was still there on his return trip...for me to attend to because I have a great love for cats in general, especially yellow ones. Well the kitten WAS still there and R.B. stoped, got out and called to it. It seemed somewhat confused but hurried as best it could in my husbands' general direction. R.B. realized that it was injured, appeared nearly blind and had barely enough hair to cover its tiny bones. He carefully picked it up and brought it home to me. A good inspection revealed maggots in some wounds near his spine and severe dehydration that had also caused very sticky mucous to interfere with his vision. My Vet told us that this kitten would not have been alive for another day if R.B. and I hadn't intervened. I know that GOD had a hand in this rescue as he does in all miracles. Rufus and I will forever be grateful to my husband R.B., who went the extra mile that day for a 2 lb. kitten that today calls ME "Mama" and weighs 18 llbs!

Helen McLawhorn
Seagrove, NC

Rusty -Daddys boy


When I came here last week it was strange at first but it's really beautiful wait till you see it ! There's lots to do and I have a lot of new friends.Daddy, I have something important to tell you that just couldn't wait. I want you to know how much I loved being you're boy. You were the best Daddy and I couldn't wait to wake up and play with you everyday and give you all my kisses. I didn't mind waiting for you by the door when you were gone because I loved it when you came home! I'm sorry I had to leave so soon but I'm OK and I don't hurt anymore .I miss you so much but sometimes things don't happen the way we want them to. Please don't be sad , because we'll be together again someday, I promise.

Until then I will be waiting by the door to Heaven for you .

Rusty 7-11-2007 /11-16-2010

p.s. when you come don't forget to bring my squeaky OK

Caylynn Hunt
Euless, TX
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