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Meet Noel

We met Noel in 2002 at an adoption day outing when she was two years old. She was very sweet and looked so frightened. We were not looking to adopt as we already had a dog, but after meeting her, we couldn't stop thinking about her. It was upsetting to think about such a wonderful dog living in a shelter. A week later we made the hour long drive to the SPCA and brought her home. She is beautiful, smart, fun and a true best friend. We promised her she would never be without a family again.

DeGulis Family
Langhorne, PA

Suzanne - Alabama to Portland

Suzanne is a beautiful miniature long hair dachshund. When I first saw her on the rescue site, she did not have any hair, she was considered fractious, her nails were white, and she needed major dental work and she was four year old. She had been rescued from a breed mill. It took her only two days to start snuggling with myself and my other miniature long hair dachshund in the bed and on the couch. She now knows how to play with toys, loves her “sister”, runs on the beach, has a gorgeous coat of hair, strong nails, and her jaw/teeth and all fixed. She seems so happy and loving. The only time she shows signs of PTSD is if you wake her up suddenly. She loves the back yard, going for walks, and sleeping on pillows. Her amazing attitude, loving nature, and adorable looks have permanently settled into our family and in our hearts. Thank you to the rescue, you save her life and enriched mine.

Portland, OR


While volunteering at a local shelter, i met and fell for Muffy. After 3+ years it was finally the right time to attempt fostering her. She turned out to be the best house dog i have had. We are slowly introducing her to the other 3 dogs. She lays in my lap and licks me, looks into my eyes lovingly and just enjoys being stroked and cared for. Maybe she has found her forever home after 7 long years of waiting.

Ligonier, PA

Paxton the perfect dog

My husband and I had been looking for a dog for a long time, and after checking with multiple rescues, we found a beautiful, furry boy who seemed to be what we were looking for... and boy, were we right! Not only is Paxton a complete snuggle bug, but he will also play fetch with his daddy all day long - the perfect combination! Even after starting life dumped over a fence, Paxton is our perfect dog and we wouldn't trade him for anything.

Houston, TX

Please Adopt! They need you!

I am a mom to two rescued fur babies. Our Torti-Point Siamese Lzzy was adopted from a shelter after her breeder threw her outside when they had to move and her tabby brother Priest was found outside where I work. Lzzy and Priest came home to be with their two other sisters, Chloe and Angel in 2009 and 2010. Priest came to me in August of 2009 where he lived outside for a short time until we could get him into the vet before bringing him in. He came just in time. Somehow he must have known I'd need a little buddy very soon because my beloved Siamese of 14 years passed away that October. Miss Lzzy Beth is still quite skittish and wary of humans but she's slowly coming around and is just a playful young lady who loves her brother and sisters. Four cats is a handful but I love them all dearly! They make me laugh every day. All I can say is that rescused pets are a blessing. Rescused pets appreciate the love and care you give them and give you back what you give them ten fold. Their appreciation shows each and every day. Please adopt from a shelter! And if you see one that needs your help, don't just walk away. I write this in memory of my baby boy, Khuma (shown in picture) 1995-2009. I know he'd love his new brother and sister.

Heidi Davies
Millersburg, IN

Miss Tina

Tina is the 5th shelter cat in my home. She and her sister were left in a dumpster behind a restaurant. A school bus driver heard their cries and took them to a shelter. Although I already had 4 cats, when I saw Miss Tina at a Pet Smart adoption center I could not resist. She walked right in and immediately took over the house just like the princess she is. While her three sisters Amy, Mary and Violet are not so fond of her, she and Yoda, the only male in the house, are now bosum buddies.

Kay Brook
Hull, MA

My Pit Bull Pupcake

At 17 I worked in a local pet supply store. One evening a homeless man came in asking if we took in animals; he had a puppy he had just taken from some other homeless men who were throwing the puppy around and slamming it on cement park benches. He didn't want to keep the puppy any longer than necessary because he knew if they saw him with the puppy he would be in danger himself. We had no such facilities but I couldn't let the man just walk away so I asked him where the puppy was. He pointed to a shopping cart outside the store. In the baby seat was an 8 week old male pitbull mix playing with some frayed fabric laid down to keep him warm. I asked him to bring the puppy in and if I could hold him. The homeless man agreed and when I went to reach for him he coward in the corner whimpered, fearful I was going to hit him. I had never seen such a strong negative reaction from a puppy. My heart instantly broke. I knew I had to take him. I asked to go home early and took the puppy home, naming him Bruce. That was 5 years ago this month (Feb) and Bruce is the best thing that could have ever happened to me. After a lot of training and an endless supply of love, he is the best AND happiest dog I have ever had. He has opened my eyes to what Pitbulls really are and made me into a lifelong Pitbull advocate. Bruce has been my best friend from day one, through high school, all of college, and he will alway be my pupcake :)

San Diego Humane Society and SPCA

San Diego, CA, USA

Makaela Anderson
San Diego, CA

A Tale of Two Chow Mixes

Max, a blond chow mix in January of 2007, adopted us after his picture on charmed us into going to meet him. He was loud, energetic, and a bit bigger than we were thinking of adopting into our small townhome, but we took him home anyway. Three months later, the former stray talked us into buying him a house with a big yard, and he has benevolently ruled it ever since.

Although Max has always been somewhat dog and leash reactive, we dreamed of adding another canine to our home. We met with some trainers but were reluctant to try bringing home another dog to disturb the peace. In the middle of the sweltering summer heat of August, 2010, my husband heeded an email plea circulating our community for help with an abandoned dog in a foreclosure home and assisted a couple that had volunteered to rescue him for fostering. He felt an instant connection with the fearful red chow mix left for weeks, and fed by kindly neighbors. We visited him at his foster family's home several times, and then started working with a trainer to help Max be introduced successfully to his possible sibling.

Cabo has now been with us for almost three months, and despite Max's vocal dissension the first few days, they now have settled in very comfortably. Cabo still has a decent amount of fear of new things. We are working with him on reconditioning his fears, and with love, care, and patience, we will have him trotting down the street with his brother, Max.

Foreclosure abandonment has became a huge problem, and everyone needs to keep an eye out in their community for these dispossessed animals.

Trish Aquilino
Scottsdale, AZ

Our Family's Double Blessing

What can I say about Blind Dog Rescue Alliance of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA? I say they are responsible for bringing unlimited love and compassion into our home. About a year ago, we lost our dog, Clifford and were just devastated. We had another dog, Kaylee, at the time, who was 13 years old. We looked on to try to find a dog to fill the void left by this loss, and, as we were looking on 2 separate laptops at the same time, my husband and son chose a dog which turned out to be the very same dog that my daughter and I were considering. We figured that must be the one for us, and we have never been more right. That dog was Adam, our beautiful and loving pointer mix that we adopted in April of 2010. Later that year, our family suffered yet another terrible loss - our dog, Kaylee passed away. We could see that there was something missing in our home - Adam seemed lonely without Kaylee. Again, our family began a search on to find a furry friend for my daughter and to keep Adam company. We found that in our beautiful beagle bulldog mix puppy, Theia, whom we just adopted from Blind Dog Rescue Alliance as well. Their volunteers helped us choose a dog that would be a perfect fit for our home and they absolutely succeeded. Adam and Theia have made our house a home again and I just can't imagine what my life would be like without them. Blind dog Rescue Alliance took care of transporting Adam to us from Wisconsin and were extremely dedicated to caring for Adam and we are so grateful for that. We have become a better family since adopting these two loving blessings!

Susan Stein
Bensalem, PA

Oreo, the 10- year- old Cocker Spaniel

When my friend Dottie and my husband reached the 110th Street pound, they found Oreo, the 10- year- old cocker spaniel. The dog’s howls had finally brought police to the Upper East Side apartment where her owner lay dead. In the darkened room of the pound, away from dogs on display for adoption, the attendant shone a light at the curled up dog. Oreo looked up. Dottie wanted to cry. The little dog was thin, hair hanging like a blanket, toenails too long to let the dog walk. “You’ll take her?” the attendant asked incredulously. “We’re taking her,” my husband replied. Now, months later Oreo is fit and she’s very special. And we’re so happy she’s ours.


New York

New York, NY
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