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Meet Fancy

A co-worker of my daughter's found Fancy in her yard, where she had been dropped off one cold night. She was about 2 months old. The co-worker, brought Fancy to us the following evening, knowing most of our pets have been rescues. Fancy has been with us for over 10 years now and is a delight! She shares our house with a beautiful long haired Balinese, named Bubba, who loves her like they are litter mates. Our lives are richer because of her antics and unconditional love.

Sherry Menning
Sedalia, MO


Bubba came to us through a co-worker. He was going from house to house for food, and she knew he would soon be picked up by animal control, so she brought him to us. He was about 1½ years old. He loves myself and our pomeranian, Fancy, and only tolerates others. He becomes very irate when anyone tries to groom him, becoming very vocal. He is now 10 years old, and has quite a unique personality, but we wouldn't have it any other way.

Sherry Menning
Sedalia, MO

When rescues rescue

We rescued Amanda (on right) when she was three and as far as we know she has never had puppies. But when we fostered King (on left) who was abandoned at 4 weeks old she rescued him as her own and let us know in no uncertain terms that he was here to stay. They are joined at the hip and the heart. Rescues are the best!

Kathy Meyer
St. Louis, MO

Our Zoe

Her name was Fido at the shelter, but the name Zoe just seemed more appropriate! We adopted her when she was about 2-3 months old and she made herself right at home. Nine years later she is so still so much fun to be around and we have never regretted rescuing her. We laugh at how her ears always seem to be part of her personality!

Ruston, LA


I was surfing the internet on my break one day when I came across the website for our local SPCA. Although I already had two older cats (both rescues) and had no intention of adding to our family, I decided to check out the pictures of cats available for adoption. I was drawn to a skinny, scruffy little orange and white cat named Cuthbert. Turned in as a stray, 3-year-old Cuthbert had been injured (broken teeth and infected wounds) and sick with an upper respiratory infection. The dedicted shelter staff had saved his life, and his adoption fee was waived because he'd been at the overcrowded shelter too long. When I finally met him in person, he was the sickliest, scrappiest, stinkiest cat I ever saw, and it was love at first sight! I renamed him Pumpkin (it was the middle of Autumn) and took him home to nurse him back to health. Fifteen months later, my sweet-tempered, rambunctious Pumpkin is happy and healthy and a beloved member of our family. I still look at the shelter photos regularly, but, though they tug at my heartstrings, I haven't felt pulled towards any of them the way I was with Pumpkin. Some things are just meant to be.

Kenmore, NY

Bob Cat

We were looking for a kitten but none of them seemed right. We walked past Filmore's cage and as I looked in at him, he sneezed on me.It just seemed right, so I asked to see him, and once on my lap, he put a paw on either shoulder and sneezed in my face again. It was meant to be. Except that he never looked like a Filmore, so he became Bob Cat. A more mellow fellow doesn't exist. And he fits right in with the dogs!

Addison, IL


When I was a about seven or eight, I had a Cat named Kit. Our other cats were indoor cats but Kit was an outdoor cat! I remember sending her outside to catch gnomes for me. She cuddled with my cat Elmer. Before a big storm we moved Kit ran away and we couldn't find mom and I cried for years,She didn't even want me to say kit's name! 29 years later I got a call from my mom and she asked me what was kit's colorings? I wondered why she was bringing up kit all the sudden? Then she said that she just talked to the person that took Kit in. I was shocked! there was so much proof that it was kit! She was fixed(my mom had her fixed) and the markings were the same (Kit was a calaco). Her new owner said that she was hanging around the house we lived in! Her new family loved her so much! and now we are friendly with them. Kit's new name was Sadie. I was always worried if something bad happened to her,know i know.

Sarah Braun
oxford, NJ

Best Present

I had to put my cat of 17 years down the day before Halloween and was very traumatic for me. At first my husband said no more animals after they are gone (we have a German Shepherd too). He saw how devastated I was and for Christmas gave me a coupon for 1 cat. We went to a local shelter and so many cats to choose from it took hours. I wanted to give a cat a home that normally no one would want and then we met Lisa Lou. She had been at the shelter for 8 months as she is older (10 years). She was very friendly and we decided to give her a forever home. We made the best decision. She made herself at home and just loves us and gets along with our German Shepherd. We love her so much. We have since changed her name and responds to her new name. Please give an older animal a chance.

toni souza
hillsboro, OR

Meet Zorro

Two days before Thanksgiving, we lost our orange tabby, Mango, to old age and it didn't seem like it would be a happy holiday. Our neighbor, Karen, told us about 4 motherless kittens her friend Lori had found. 2 had found homes, but the two little males were still headed for a shelter. Lori brought them up on the day before Thanksgiving for Karen, Mike and I to meet. The runt of the litter was a tiny, all black kitten with caramel eyes. We offered to foster him over the long weekend to see how we all bonded, but it was clear the first night that he wasn't going anywhere. We named him Zorro, and he has burrowed his way into our hearts with his purrs and his comical antics. Zorro has made our house a home again and has helped to ease our pain. As our newest family member, Zorro helped us to have a very Happy Thanksgiving and he got to pig out on turkey too. As it turned out, his brother, Lucky, was adopted by Karen and lives next door—perfect for play dates!

Nancy Walker
Kent, WA

two rescue dogs who rescued me

I found a young Rio,one bitter December evening in 2004 hovering outside a local grocery store, frightened, thin, wounded and desperate. I had lost my dear Casper almost a year before and was still grieving for him so much. I was not ready for another dog. However, Rio was covered in fleas, terrible bite wounds, had both eye and ear infections and broken toes and my heart broke for him. I took him to the vet and after surgery on two feet, neutering and many antibiotics, he recovered. He was a much bigger dog than I was used to but no one ever claimed him so he became mine. Three years later, I saw a beautiful black puppy on Petfinder from New Hope Dog Rescue in Saskatoon, Sk. in Canada. They asked that this special needs pup have a very quiet home with another dog who would give her confidence. She was a feral puppy born to a feral mother who had been captured from a rural area up north. It was like having a baby coyote in the house. She was terrified of me. But she adored my Rio and became his shadow. Over time both Rio and Sasha recovered from their physical and emotional wounds and in the process became the main source of joy, laughter and comfort in my life. I thank God every day for the amazing gift He gave me when he brought them into my life.

Shelley Stone
Leader, SK, Canada
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