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He made puppy dog eyes at me...

Christmas 1996 we decided we needed a dog in our life... DC Animal Shelter had a cocker who needed rescuing... so I hurried over... He & every other dog in the place were barking their heads off... As I stood waiting to see if cocker would settle... a quiet black ball of matted fur slowly made its way to the front of the cage... looked up at me w/big sad puppy dog eyes...& let out a "get me outta here whine"

He made puppy dog eyes at me...

I called my husband "get over here NOW!... staff happily collared him & brought him to the run... Tom squatted down as black ball of fur bolted for him... put his front paws on Tom's thigh & leaned into his chest & began quivering... Tom scooped him into his arms "This is the one...

We'd only recently watched an Ellen TV episode in which she asks Paige why she's fallen in love w/Jeremy Piven's character Spence...

"He made puppy dog eyes at me...

Spence was famous all over Capitol Hill... just ask the guys at La Plaza Restaurante! He loved to ride in the car & had traveled the length & breadth of North America... Maine to Florida... He'd been to Ottawa & stalked giant toads & bears in the backwoods of Quebec... DC to California & back in 2007...

He was "3 or so" when we rescued him... So when we moved to Tucson in 2008 our little old boy had a spring in his step from dry desert air... He left us 5/6/2010... Run & Play little one... there are squirrels & ducks & geese to chase... it is our only consolation that you can now Run & Play... We'll see you again one fine day... Run & Play...

Jonathan & Tom
Tucson, AZ

One Eyed Jack

My best friend found this cat in the middle of the night on a busy road in Bradenton, Florida. He was scared and lost, so she scooped him up and put him in her vehicle and brought him to me. I had just put down my 12 year old Siamese, Lily, a few weeks before and I was NOT looking for another cat right away. I called every shelter I could find in the phone book and no one could guarantee me that they would not put him down after a couple weeks because he was considered to have a "disability"....he only had one eye. After spending a couple days with him and realizing that he had been abused, I decided to keep him. Since I am an avid poker player, I named him One Eyed Jack because there are 2 one eyed jacks in a deck of cards. At first he didn't want to be cuddled, he wouldn't get on any furniture or my bed and he was terrified of my golf clubs, newspapers and magazine. Two years later I am happy to say that he now gets on the couch and cuddles with me and when I come home he sprawls out on his back and lets me pet his belly. I have heard this is the best compliment a cat can give because it means they trust you. I am so happy that I saved his life. I hate to think of how he lost his eye. All I know is that he is my best friend and I am so happy I have given him a life of security, comfort and unconditional love.

Bradenton, FL

He Adopted Me!

After fostering two kittens for about nine months I decided I didn't want to go through that again. Then one day this little guy comes wondering around behind my building at work, very cold, wet and hungry. I had seen him once before but couldn't get close to him. On this day I took a big chance on getting eaten alive. I grabbed him and took him inside to dry off and warm up, thinking I'd take him to the local Humane Society and see if they could find him a home. It didn't work out that way and now Rascal, all 14 pounds of him is my best friend. He was six years old, and feral, when I got him but now he is the sweetest, most loving cat anyone could ask for. He is living proof that with time, love and a lot of patience, ferals can be tamed and turned into wonderful companions.

Panama City, FL


When our last kitty went over the rainbow four years ago, we said no more, it just hurt too much to have to let go. THEN, we discovered something just seemed to be missing from our family.

Last summer we filled that missing something when we adopted two older kitties from Kitty City (just outside Alamogordo NM). The ten year orange tabby, Baxter, came from a hoarding situation and was near death when he was rescued. Hunter came from a horrible situation of being caged in the desert and kept in the dark for two of his four years of life. When he was first rescued, he was thought to be blind.

Now they are in their forever home and very much loved. This photo demonstrats how they have gone from being distrustful shy souls to being very loving and, of course, comfortable in thier forever home!

For those who overlook older cats and think only kittens can fit in their home, PLEASE... think again.

BJ Cockrum
Alamogordo, NM

I love Lucy!

I found Lucy along with her 2 daughters abandoned on the road on the way to work.I was amazed to see how sad her eyes were. I found homes for her 2 girls. Lucy turned out to be pregnant and since I already had 2 dogs at home, she went to stay at a rescue until she had her pups, EIGHT! But her eyes bonded me and I went back to get her as soon as the pups were weaned! I always tell her, "Lucy, you got some 'splainin' to do!"

Lynda Miranda
Le Grand, CA

Justin as in "Just In Time"

Justin was rescued on April 1, 2010 by the HSEC in Alabama. He was almost dead and only the love of the shelter and his foster mom, Melinda, kept him alive. On July 5, 2010 he became our loving boy. As you can see from the picture, it was a long road and he will always have some health issues. Justin brings such joy to our house and we wouldn't trade him for anything.

Elaine Entrekin
Wetumpka, AL

Couldn't Have Just One

Toby and Molly were a brother and sister from a litter of Christmas puppies. They didn’t sell and were in danger of being euthanized when poodle lovers in Tulsa stepped in and took custody of them. I had only planned to adopt Toby. Molly cried when I left with him so back we went to get her. I adopted them both, and they immediately moved in and took over my home and my heart. They are both in puppy dog heaven now. I imagine it is a noisier place with them running and barking and teasing each other like brothers and sisters do!!

Jerrie Townsend
Stuttgart, AR

Riley Jones

We got Riley from Volusia County Humane Society in DeLand, FL in the summer of 2008. They told us he was about 2 years old and was found covered in fleas and ticks along a very busy highway. He adores our granddaughters, sleeps with them, sits with them on the couch and just follows them everywhere when they come over.

Karen Jones
DeBary, FL

Prison Cell Diesel

Hi!! My name is Diesel and I'm about 3 years old! I'm not sure what I'm mixed with, but I think I got all the best "parts"! I was living in a shelter in Ohio and was placed into a cell program at a local prison. I was trained by one of the prisoners so that I could become "more adoptable" once I went back at the shelter. Well, it worked!! I now live in snowy cold Buffalo, NY but life is pretty cozy here! Long walks, rides in the car and lots of love from my new family! LIFE IS GOOD!! :)

Ann P
Buffalo, NY

What is in a Name?

OK, so here is my story. I rescued two cats from danger. Roo in 2007, who was lying in the middle of the road on a hot day, and Tigger a few months ago, who was being stalked by a coyote and I found him while I was out running.

It was obvious in both of these cases that the cat was someone's pet at one time. They were both friendly and had good coats, good teeth, etc. I just kept experimenting with names until I came up with something each cat would respond to. Roo was named as such because she has the longest back legs and stands on them like a kangaroo. Tigger is an orange tabby and did not like the names Pumpkin or Garfield. He did, however, give me his full attention the first time my husband said, jokingly, "hey Tigger."

Linda Whaley
Newark, IL
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