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My Jenny

Jenny was found running loose somewhere in our town. She was caught and turned over to the River King Newfoundland Club which is 2 hours away. Since we had 3 other newfies, they called and asked if we were interested. We were ! Jenny was returning to Urbana.

The night Jenny came to live with us in the country, she slipped out of her collar and was gone. As we frantically searched the countryside, we called the club and they sent some local members to help search. Club members even drove the 2 hours to help !

After about 4 hours, we decided to resume the search in the morning.

We went home and there was Jenny, laying in the grass. She was at the house maybe 5 minutes before she bolted. We caught a glimpse of her about a mile away earlier in the evening. But she knew where her new home was. We still can't believe it.

Jenny must have been terribly abused in the past, but 2 years later, she is coming out of her shell. She is my shadow. She loves to cuddle in bed in the mornings. She no longer is afraid. She love to run and play on our 5 acres. She is the sweetest baby girl. Her newfie brothers and sisters love her too and watch out for her. We are truly blessed that she came to live with us !

Brad Olson
Urbana, IL

A Forever Home for Christmas

When our oldest cat died we knew we would have to find another "lap cat." We search through 3 cat shelters before deciding on Bovie at Colony Cats in Columbus, OH. He climbed right up onto my huband's lap and kneaded himself into a snuggly ball. He had been in a managed trap/neuter/release colony but was rescued when he was injured. During his recovery they realized what a sweetheart he was and that he should be adopted, not sent back outside. He seems to appreciate every bit of attention he gets and we love having him snuggle on laps and on our bed. He got his Christmas present in November-his forever family.

L. Lascheid
Westerville, OH

Sweet muse

This autumn, a calico started hanging out in the lot behind my house. I visit the feral cats that live there, but could tell right away that this calico was an abandoned house cat. I fed her and she started sleeping under my neighbour's porch. I searched for her owner for 2 weeks without any luck. She was very starved for affection and it was starting to get cold, but we couldn't take her in since we already have 2 rambunctious feline sisters. My mother had recently lost her beloved calico of 21 years, and I suggested she take this one in. She did, and none of us have looked back since. She is the sweetest girl, who sleeps on my mother's pillow. We christened her Calliope, after the Greek muse, and hope that she inspires many kitties in search of a home.

Rebecca Bain
Montreal, QC, Canada


I was up late one night studying. Around midnight I heard the loud cries of what sounded like a very tiny kitten. I went outside and checked around and found nothing. After a few minutes the cries started up again and this time they sounded even louder and more desperate. I got my flash-light and headed back outside. I followed the cries and ended up about 1 ½ blocks from my house. There was Midnight aka Nipsy stuffed down into a cinderblock wall. He was so young he was still nursing, so he had to be bottle fed. We changed his name to Nipsy because he loves to nip everyone and everything he sees. He sleeps on the bed with me every night right next to his best buddy our Pit Maddie.

April McDannell
Victorville, CA

Our rescued kitten, Patches

Not knowing there was a tiny stray kitten under the hood of the car, hubby turned the key, quickly shutting off the engine when he heard noises. A race to the local vets with the injured kitten. Patches lost her tail in the ordeal. Sadly, her leg could not be saved after several weeks in a cast but nothing stops this little girl who can move as fast as a rabbit around the house. She rules the house now with her bossy ways and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Sidney, OH

Xena's Welcome Home Hug

This is picture of Bob and Xena's nightly hug ritual. Xena is a German Shepherd mix rescued by Bob and Marianne Calabrese from Friends of Strays in St. Petersburg, Florida. She was very timid and seemed particularly wary of men. It took several months, but Xena has come out of her shell. She has established a nightly ritual with her new man, Bob. Every evening when Bob comes home from work, Xena follows him to the laundry room where he drops off his gym bag she then continues to the bedroom and (somewhat) patiently waits while he puts away wallet, watch & keys. She knows the highlight of her day has almost arrived. When Bob sits on the bed, she approaches, stands on her hind legs and with her front paws on Bob’s chest she leans on him and stays there while he hugs her. She doesn’t move until she has been hugged for about one and a half to two minutes. It's like she's thanking Bob for giving her faith in mankind again.

Lisa Reinbolt
St. Petersburg, FL

Meet Othello

Othello had been abandoned in an apartment after his owners moved out suddenly and left him there without food or water. As soon as I saw him and he jumped into my lap I knew I couldn't leave him and he came home with me. Now Othello is living the good life and loves to get into any kind of mischief he can. We joke that he is an evil genius becuase he can turn off the TV and the alarm clock. Here he is perched on top of the kitchen cabinets (where conicidently the cat treats are stored)!

Kansas City, MO

Rescued From a Rough Family Experience.

We rescued Derringer when he was a puppy after his mother killed all of his brothers and sisters. For some reason Derringer is the only one she spared, but he lost his tail in the ordeal. Now he's a full grown, happy, healthy little Min Pin. His hobbies are chewing his toys, guarding, walking, traveling in our 5th wheel, and making friends in all the new places we visit!

The Shoemake Family
Pahrump, NV

Terrific Timmy!

A few months ago some trees around the house were growing into the electrical wires so we had to have them cut down. In the process of getting this done a tree fell on our fence and smashed it. Soon after we noticed a little brown stray dog started coming into our yard. He was so frail and malnourished but he had the sweetest and most gentle face. For the next few days I fed him and whenever he was finished he'd run off on his own. I continued to leave food for him and he always returned. About a week later the fence was fully repaired. I decided to give him a bath and convinced my parents to keep him because I so badly wanted to give him a home and he just seemed so grateful and happy.

It's been a few months now, Timmy has put on quite a bit of weight and he is a healthy happy pup. He's very clever and we taught him a couple tricks. He's also a bit bit naughty but extremely playful. Whenever any of us leave the house he always looks so sad but when we return he is so ecstatic scampering about full speed and jumping on us, you'd swear we went away for a month. He is not a fussy eater at all and he even likes lettuce! We don't know what kind of dog he is or how old he is and although we have had many dogs in the past we all agree that Timmy is undoubtedly the most loving and energetic dog ever. We are all so happy that he is now a part of our family because the unconditional love and tremendous joy that he gives to us is absolutely priceless.

Chaguanas, Trinidad and Tobago

Lucky Girl

Rescued this beautiful calico girl at a county pound. She was skinny, hungry, and had been abused. The vets at the pound said she was two years old. She had contracted some sort of kennel cough, and was probably due to be euthanized within the next day or so.Took her home, and gave her the name "Lucky". Eighteen years later you can see a special 20 year old healthy and happy cat, still as full of love as the first day we got her. Advice to anyone looking for a pet: ALWAYS rescue a pound animal!

Mark Ellis
Valley Village, CA
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