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Long Distance Adoption Makes My DREAM Come True

Once I adopted a beautiful long haired dachshund, I fell in love with the breed and decided that I must have another. I wasn't sure exactly what I was looking for, but knew that I would know him when I saw him.

After looking on at what must have been every adoptable dachshund in Texas, I needed to expand my search. Having recently traveled to Georgia, I decided to give that state a try. There I found DREAM Rescue of Atlanta, and the little silver dapple boy they had named Samson.

The wonderful folks at DREAM were understandably a little hesitant about facilitating such a long distance adoption. After a few weeks of emails, phone calls and a letter writing campaign from my doggie loving friends, they agreed to let me come to Atlanta to meet Sam. I happily made the 13 hour drive from Dallas to Atlanta.

Having had a rough start to life, it took about an hour to build enough trust for the pup to allow me to hold him. Once I had him in my arms, I knew he had found his FURever home with me. I renamed him Hamilton, after my favorite baseball player Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers. Josh also had a rough past, but overcame it to become the American League's MVP last year.

Hamilton is flourishing in his new home with his "brothers", doxie Hatcher and Chihuahua Julius. They spend their days romping and playing and chasing each other. I can't thank DREAM Rescue enough for making my family complete.

Kristi Jeter
Dallas, TX

Little Romo

We have two large dogs and we were looking to add a small one to the group. We had been looking for a few weeks when we met a lady with a Rescue Group in Collin Cty, she said she would start sending us pictures of small dogs to be rescued. She was sending the rescue dogs to us and we continued to look for that special one. One day she sent us this sad story about a little 4yr long haired Chiuaua that a pound had found on the street, no one had claimed him so they were going to euthanize him in a couple of days. When we saw him we just knew he was the one without even meeting him! We adopted Romo and he has just fit right in with the family, we don't know what we'd do without little Romo!!

Kylee Kelley
Plano, TX

Abby's Story

Several years ago, I woke up early one summer morning to the sound of my neighbor banging on my door. She told me that her truck had failed shortly after having started it. She lifted up the hood to examine the engine, but found a cat instead. Knowing that I had been involved in cat rescue, she asked me for help. When I peered into the engine, I exclaimed “that’s not a cat… it’s a kitten!” While I lied on the ground, underneath the engine, my neighbor reached into the compartment as if to grab her. This forced the kitten to back down (she had no intention of being “rescued”) and when she did, I was able to grab her and pull her out. The unhappy, frightened little kitten initially appeared to be no worse for the wear. I brought her inside and isolated her in a room, separate from my other cats. When I placed her on the floor, however, she tried to run away, dragging her backside. I quickly brought her to my vet, where she was diagnosed with a broken pelvis. She also had a huge gash in her side. The vet stitched her up and told me to keep her confined in a crate for six weeks so her pelvis could heal. I already had four cats, so my plan during this time was to find her a new home. However, by the time she was released from the crate, I had grown much attached to her and knew that there was no way I was going to give her up. This sweet, feisty little kitten, Abby, is now seven years old and, despite her inauspicious start in life, I am forever grateful that she came into my life.

Julie Anderson
Bloomington, IN

A Dog Called Marrakech

Marrakech is a beautiful striped boy with amber eyes. He was feral: he had apparently been living since birth with his mother in the woods. Understandably terrified when he first arrived in his new home, he did not eat for five days. I just stayed on the floor, eating, sleeping and walking outside beside him. Interestingly, he never strayed far from the house.

He is now is a wonderful friend: very obedient, gentle and merry with other dogs in the park. Unlike other dogs, he makes no noise, and is a skilled mouser. Now he has passed his test to become a hospital visitor to Canadian veterans. We are blessed.

Montreal, QC, Canada

Oscar Paterson

Oscar and his three siblings were left for dead in a crate in Paterson, NJ this past summer. As we all know this summer was extremely hot (100 + degrees) and they were left with no food, water or shelter from the sun. A building inspector happened to find them. The Paterson Shelter went on TV and told everyone they would keep them for seven days when in fact they only gave them two before they were going to put them down. I received an e-mail looking for foster parents. When we saw Oscar we just fell in love with him. I knew he was going to be in my life forever. I took him into my arms and told him nothing bad would ever happen to him again. Now he's a very spoiled, happy puppy.

Maureen Grace
West Nyack, NY

A Real Pipperoo

When we lost our 14 yr old dog in June, our other dog became very lonely so we decided to find her a companion. When I searched Petfinder, this dog jumped right off the page at me and I thought "that's a real pip". We drove 2 hours to the shelter which had rescued him from the pound. He is now in his forever home and he is a great companion to his big sis. He also livens up all of our lives! His name? You've probably guessed it -"Pip".

Jeanne Lemieux
Tucson, AZ

Cedric the Entertaining Cat

I found Cedric on shortly after the death of our first cat in March of 2008. He looked so sweet and happy even in his shelter photos. They described him as a one year old stray who was being so laid back and purring while posing for the camera, "looking for his forever home." It was love at first sight for both of us; when we visited him at the shelter, Cedric climbed in my lap as soon as the cage was open and has basically claimed that as his spot ever since.

Cedric is a truly curious and incredibly smart cat- he knows how to open doors, gets stray pieces of food to come out of his automatic feeder by lifting the dish with his paw, and will beg for treats on command.He will compete for attention with my laptop when necessary, and is always looking for ways to get into mischief. He will pounce on invisible carpet specks one minute and do his "daily constitutionals" twice a day where he runs from one end of the house to the other numerous times. He has a wide range of personalities from crazy cat to cuddly lap cat that never ceases to amaze us. There is even a special "smile" he reserves for his favorite ear massages. My family and I have been blessed with an irreplaceable gift in Cedric.

Katie Siskonen
Ann Arbor, MI

Walmart Pup

I moved to West Helena Arkansas in June 2009, the stray animals population was like a third world county. November 2009, I went to Walmart before work and saw what looked like a puppy following an employee around the parking lot, while he was cleaning up. The pup was waiting for scraps. As I walked into Walmart, I called my husband and told him about the dog, so I would not try to bring him home. But when I walked out the doors, the same puppy was right outside he came up to me sat in front of me with the saddest look. I was sucked in to his dark, handsome eyes; I could not leave him there alone in a parking lot. If for no other reason I wanted to find him a home that was not the street. I talked to the employee for a few minutes about the dog, and then he helped me put the "Walmart" dog in my car. Immediately I went to the vet. Riley had fleas, intestinal parasites and red mange. We have since named him Riley. Riley-Roo also got vaccinated and neutered. We had every intention of finding him a family. Well we did find him a home, ours. Happily my husband, our other two dogs, and I welcomed Riley in to our hearts.

West Helena, AR

3rd time's the charm

Finnegan had been surrendered twice by the same person. I can only assume because they had no idea what it meant to own an Aussie. I went to the Humane Society that day with the intention of just seeing what dogs they had and continuing to look at other shelters and rescues. He saw me standing aside waiting quietly to look at him and immediately began ignoring the people right in front of him trying to get his attention. Once he squished his little face through side of the door to try and get to me I was hooked! He gives me a hiking partner and motivation to get up and get out. I give him his forever home and unconditional love.

Windsor, CT

He wouldn't give up.

I was walking in a nearby park with some friends when I saw Roger, curled up and seemingly ready to die. I picked him up and brought him home, put him in the bathroom to isolate him from my two dogs and other cat, fed him, took him to the vet, and a year later he's happy, healthy, playful and a real character. He and my Corgi puppy Rollie are best friends (and about the same size) and love going on walks with me in the same park. Roger (from Roger Williams Park) is a great family member and I can't imagine not having him around.

Amy Johnsen-Harris
Cranston, RI
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