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Charlie Brown, he's a Clown!

Charlie was one of the three longhaired dachshunds we adopted last Thanksgiving from a wonderful doxie rescue woman. He's six years old and such a character, reminding us of the old song. He's silly and sweet and consistently makes us laugh. Toys are in constant motion, being squeaked and shaken (not stirred) incessantly- when he's not dropping one at your feet for you to join him in play. As the self-established alpha-male, he feels all toys are his but he most generously shares with his two brothers and sister.

Charlie had been declared "too needy" which actually translates for us to a snuggle bunny who just loves to be near you. As a typical doxie, he burrows under pillows, quilts, blankies, anything - then peeks his little face out. But he also loves to sleep on his back, with all four feet in the air. We just cannot imagine life without Charlie.

Older dogs seem to be so grateful for a loving forever home that you can see it on their little furry faces. We love Charlie and he loves us - what else could anyone ask? Please give an older dog a home and he/she will reward you with their whole heart and soul.

Sharon Wilkie
Uncasville, CT

Being Ordinary is that Makes You Special

After growing up with lots of pets, it was hard for me to be on my own and without any pets. So, after two years of wanting, I finally went online to search the shelters in my area. After finding a few cats that I would love to meet, my boyfriend and I journeyed across town to Animal Compassion Network of Asheville NC. We met with some of the cats, but they just didn't seem right. And that is when we found Josie. A brown and black tabby being as calm as could be. I knew from that moment that she would be perfect. No one there knew Josie's story, but no one could believe that anyone would give her up. I found out a few days later what Josie's story was.

Josie was originally at the local humane society where she was turned in as a stray. After being there for a couple of months, the humane society going to have to put down quite a few of the cats. They first called Animal Compassion Network (ACN) and asked them how many they could take. ACN replied that they only had room for 10. One of the ACN representatives went down to the shelter to pick up some of the cats. And there Josie was. One of the plainest, most ordinary black and brown tabbies ever just fighting to get the reps attention. And it worked. Josie was the first one they picked up. And I am grateful for it.

We love Josie and it seems like she was always ours. I can't thank the Animal Compassion Network of Asheville NC enough for rescuing this extra ordinary cat. She is nothing but pure joy.

Asheville, NC

Mr. Skittles was in deep trouble at 18 years old!

I got a call from the shelter not long before Christmas. An 18 y.o. mass of matted fur they thought was a poodle had been dropped off! I went over and fell in love with the tiny dog. Mr. Skittles, starved, cruelly debarked, diminished sight and hearing, wonky knees and breath that would stop a truck, was a friendly guy with his little tail waving happily, seemingly oblivious to the danger. I had to add him to my little family. He is now toothless with no more painful infected teeth, has gained weight and actually RUNS with happiness. He joins my other three rescues to give me love and happiness every day. I had to teach him what petting and holding was. He is held the most every day to make up for the years of not being loved. The others are "trying" to understand!

Sam VanSant
Hendersonville, NC

Cute-Cuddly Critters

I am Debbie and this is My story, I have rescued over 30 Puppies, 20 Kitties, and 3 Stud colt's. This puppy is Reba she came with 2 others which are Staffordshire mixes , she looked like the ugly Duckling with these other Puppies,but boy how they love eachother. My Stud colts are doing wonderful now after 6 months of having them , they came to me starved and full of mange. I love what I do and will continue until I can't keep up anymore. Lander Pet Connection of Lander Wy. are truly amazing by posting my animals on There is Reba, Shania ,and Lady A.I thank my family everyday for helping me with this huge project.

Thank You

Debbie Holcomb

Shoshoni, Wy

Shoshoni, WY

Brandy-girl's Rescue

I had never really thought about animal rescue or shelters before.

I'd see glimpses of rescued strays on TV or an ASPCA commercial. It just never registered. My life was one dimensional and broken in two parts. I was caring for my Mom who had Alzheimer's at home while trying to keep my 24/7 job as a tugboat dispatcher.

My one joy was my Golden Retriever Dickens. At 13, I worried about him.

Mom was slipping away and my boss was a nasty piece of work.

I was lost when suddenly Dickens died.

Days later, I passed a show on TV with two golden's sitting beside Governor Ed Rendell. His dogs were adopted from Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue in Reinholds, Pennsylvania.

Some research and an application later, I was standing in a crowd with lots of excited Golden Retrievers. I was listed to meet a dog. She was waiting inside.

At 10, Brandy had seen a full life, relinquished to a vet after the owner wanted her put down. Her owner did not want to spend money on Brandy's ear infection. A small issue had turned into a life-threatening condition. That vet saved Brandy's life. In that minute, Brandy saved me.

The adoption manager found us sitting on the floor playing and frolicking as only a happy golden can. "I guess we're done here" she said. That got my attention until I saw her smile. She knew.

The best part was when I brought Brandy home. She was home. She knew.

When she met my Mom, they both smiled. They knew.

Ten months. That was all the time Brandy-girl had to love my Mom. A short stay filled with laughter and love. She taught me that Animal Rescue is also about rescuing people. I know.

Maurice Furlong
Broomall, PA

Family Blessing

I knew in my heart that I was ready to get another dog shortly after we lost our 14 year old pit bull. My husband and I have 4 children, so we now thought the best dog for our family

would be a small dog. I have a friend that adopted several Shih Tzu’s from the Ohio Fuzzy Pawz Shih Tzu Rescue, in Columbus, OH. I looked on their Website and found a cute little

3 year old black, brindle, and white shih tzu, named Violet. She, and several other dogs, came from an Amish puppy mill in Pennsylvania. I did a lot of research about dogs from puppy mills

and was a little nervous about how the dog would react with our family. Puppy Mill dogs are usually very shy because they have never been socialized or pet, live in small cages

all of their lives, and are used to breed litters of puppies; one after another, to make money for the breeder. We found out that Violet did have at least one litter of puppies, possibly more. This

would be a leap of faith; but after much prayer, we felt that Violet deserved a chance. We brought Violet into our home and at first she was somewhat shy. Within a week, she was sleeping in bed

with us, jumping up on our laps, playing with toys, and chasing the kids around the house. Violet may not have forgetten whatever she has been through the first 3 years of her life at the puppy

mill, but she certainly has put all of that aside and has blessed us with the sweetest, most affectionate and loyal pet anyone could have.

Pam Marflak
McKeesport, PA

Sometimes the rescue goes both ways.......

January 10th was the 5 year anniversary of when I adopted Mandy from Pinellas County Humane Society. They told me when I adopted her she was "special needs", but I had NO IDEA how much!!!!!

The first few months were trying times, but I knew I was probably her last chance at finding a forever home. She'd already been adopted out once, but was brought back after a month. In her short life (I'm guessing she was around 1-1/2 when I adopted her), she'd been in 2 shelters, of which 9 months was spent in PCHS, so I knew I couldn't take her back. Plus Jake (my other dog) and her became best friends and that was the whole reason for getting another dog.

I'm amazed when I look at her now and think of the scared, timid, submissive dog I brought home 5 years ago. I can't believe the obstacles she's overcome!!!!!!! Being so scared that I had to bring her inside on a leash and she would only stay in the going in every room of the house with confidence plus much more!!!

When most people see her they automatically judge her to be this vicious, ferocious Pitbull, but she's the exact opposite!!! All this dog wants is love. That's what the name Mandy means "deserving of love". Her tail wags nonstop if you just look at her!!!!!!

So I've taught her a lot over the years, but she's taught me just as much. She's taught me to have patience, understanding, and compassion. She's taught me to not judge on appearances, since they can be misleading. That what's on the outside isn't representative of what's on the inside. So I've made her a happy, more confident dog, but more importantly..........she's made me become a better person.

Sheri Ruegsegger
Clearwater, FL

The Incredible Scrugg's Rat-Dawg

He crawled through our back yard gate on Thanksgiving day and begged me to either put him out of his misery or rescue him! We guess you see where this conversation is going. He was starving, emaciated and frozen so I picked him up fed him, watered him and got him warm. Our two other much larger rescues were helping me take care of him as for some reason they knew he needed this help. He has been loved but for some unknown reason was left behind after a death, relocation or abandonment. He looked for them for a while but realized they were not coming back.

It is important to realize that animals in our own neighborhoods need rescuing, just as much as any elsewhere. Support neutering and spaying to keep the inbred animals and over-populations to a minimum for their sake and not necessarily ours.

Virgil/Connie Hayes
Safford, AZ

My little boy Rusty

I adopted my sweet little boy Rusty, almost 3 years ago. In the beginnning he was very mistrusting and withdrawn as he was in foster care for quite sometime. Since then I have had his teeth fixed, pulling-out 6 rotten ones and started him on meds for congestive heart failure. He now has a new lease on life. Now at 10 year old he is just like a puppy, he even gets on my bed before 6 am (everyday!!) to let me know it is time for breakfast. Anyone out there need a live alarm clock!!!!.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

My Love

When I lost my Persian, Spanky I knew I needed another kitty. My house would feel empty without a cat, so I went to the local shelter and found this little guy! Well, he's not so little anymore! This is Carter in our flower bed. He loves going outside with me in the springtime. I call him my Boo Boo kitty!

Jill Kimmle
Belleville, IL
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