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Blu the Russian Blue Kitten

I was homeless and did not have any human contact until I met my rescuer and foster mom. I was bullied by older cats outdoors. I am just a kitten and am slowly understanding and trusting humans. I am being loved in a foster home and cared for and feel safe. I never want to be outdoors again, it is too scary for me as I am just a kitten. I am very quiet and like to hide. I am very docile and timid. It will take me a little to warm up to you. When I do, I am very sweet and loving. I have excellent manners, very tidy, like a clean environment and litter box. I make sure my waste is thoroughly covered without getting litter all over. I love to be petted and will melt into your hand hands purring and do rollovers for you.

I get along with other cats and am interested becoming friends with them. No bully cats as I might shrink back. I have never been around dogs before. I have heard about them through the kitty grape vine and not so sure they would be welcoming to me. I would do best in a quiet household with no kids and 1-2 owners. Preferably someone who is patient with me giving me time to warm up. I prefer to eat a good quality grain free dry food. Will you be the purrfect family to love and take care of me furever?

If you would like to learn more about me, please be sure to visit my facebook page at Blu The Russian Blue Kitten

bradenton, FL

Dangerously Cute Dog

I was perusing Instagram one day and happened upon a photo of a dog with the words "Adopt Me!" on it. The description on the photo said that he needed a child-free home since he had a bite history with kids. Since my husband and I have no children, this of course intrigued me to learn more.

Fletcher used to live in a home where the neighbor kid would torture him on a regular basis. One day he defended himself, and from then on was labelled a "dangerous dog" by the state of Ohio. The owner surrendered him to a different family, and that family decided to put him up for adoption a few weeks later. Despite his rough history, I knew he'd be perfect for us.

We drove down to Ohio (we're in Michigan) and picked him up a couple days later. We brought our other two dogs with us to see how they get along, and everything was great from the start. He's been around my niece and nephew without any problems (always under supervision, of course!) and has seriously been the best dog a family could ask for. He's always up for snuggling on the couch, and whenever anyone is sad or in pain, he tries to make them feel better. And of course it helps a lot that he's probably the cutest dog I've ever known. :) He makes me melt every day, and I am so thankful to have him in my life.

Flint, MI

Sheldon FELV and Deaf and Loves to play bite

Sheldon is a four month Turkish Angora who has all white long hair and has two beautiful blue eyes. He is totally deaf and he also positive for the FELV virus. I have a multiple cat household and therefore Sheldon is currently living by himself in my office. I work from home and I am having difficulty completing my work because he is very playful and full of energy. . He is constantly interrupting me while I work. He loves to play bite my arms and legs and I try to re-direct his play bite behavior by using a feather. I dedicate a good hour in the morning playing with him but that is not enough. I also spend 30 to 60 minutes in the evening as well. He is not alone from 6.30 am. To 4.00 p.m. as this ismy normal work hours. I could really use your expertise in re-directing his play bite behavior and making an enrichment office environment for Sheldon. I am currently fostering Sheldon but every time I get an inquiry and I inform them of his FELV status, the adopters are afraid for their existing cats or fearful of his early life expectancy. I am planning on him living in my household and I could really use your help so I can give Sheldon the quality of life he deserves and continue to be a productive worker.

Larry Burghdorf
Tampa, FL

Dashing into our life

When I moved out of my parents’ house, my sister and I moved in together. I jumped at the opportunity to get a dog, that’s when I got Nala my Min Pin Mix rescue from the shelter. I can bring Nala to work with me, and I noticed that she was a lot happier when there was another dog around to keep her company for when I wasn’t there. I knew my sister wasn’t ok with having a second dog in the home, so I waited till I moved into another apartment. I had a much bigger place and a roommate who was ok with getting a second dog. I knew it was time to find a brother or sister for Nala.

We looked and looked for the right rescue to add to the family. After a few meet and greets we decided that we wanted to take our time. One afternoon we went to a shelter to see a dog that had been recently posted. She had just arrived from Taiwan and from her bio she seemed like the perfect dog. When we got there she was still to scared to come out of her cage area but another dog who had just arrived with her decided he would come and see us. It’s then I felt a connection with him. We had already applied for the other dog but another family was already approved for her. It was just meant to be. We filled out an application, visited him a few more times and then got the call that they wanted to have a interview and a home visit so he and Nala could meet. He clearly made himself comfortable within the first few minutes of the visit, drinking, eating and sleeping. We were approved by the rescue and Dash.

I brought Dash home a couple months back and he’s been great. He’s my shadow, my protector, my goof. Nala and Dash have bonded, they are constantly playing or stealing my sock or sleeping. We still have things to work on, but he’s my good boy.

Toronto, ON, Canada

My Trucker Dog

I had known a few people that had this handsome boy. They weren't wealthy and he wasn't taken care of. His name is Vino. I was a truck driver, and I wanted him on the truck with me, so I had gotten him from my friends. When I had gotten him in the truck with me, he was so skinny. He was infested with fleas. My poor boy wasn't happy and was always scratching. But yet he seemed so happy about being on the truck with my husband and me. We had gotten him a ramp to get in and out of the truck without us lifting him up.

As the days went by my sweet boy wasn't doing well. I was beginning to worry. I was beginning to notice a horrible smell coming off of him. I went to pet him and noticed this ooze coming from his shoulder. So I rushed to the Vet. I spent over $622 to make sure he was okay. I found out someone shot him with a pellet gun. It was stuck in his shoulder! Found out he had a skin bacteria and got pills for him, and had to stop often during the week to bathe him.

A month went by, my sweet happy perky baby was back to himself! But the skin bacteria wasn't clearing up that fast, so 6 months of meds for him. He has all of his hair back on his tail! And plays like no tomorrow! He is now 7 years old, and still acts like a puppy! I couldn't ask for a better partner in the truck than him! We are still on the road and he still enjoys it! I thank him everyday for being with me.

Union City, PA

Cat in a bag

It was almost 2 years ago today, but I was playing basketball at the local neighborhood court. I finished up and was headed towards my car to leave. As I was walking I noticed a gym bag laying in the grass in the middle of the park, as I got closer to the bag, I noticed it was open with a cat just laying inside it with a food and water left with her. She didn't exactly look scared, just more or less confused. She looked at me and meowed. I looked around to see if anyone in the area may have done this purposefully and was coming back to get her, but no one was in sight.

I'm not proud of what I did next, but I left her there assuming someone else would help out. I drove away but my conscious ate at me, I couldn't just leave her. So I called my best friend and told her about the situation. I asked her if I should go back. She gave me the obvious answer and probably wouldn't have stayed friends with me if I ignored her advice. It was probably some of the best advice she gave me to this day and I can't thank her enough for it. I drove back and sure enough the cat in the bag was still right where I last saw her and still no one else in sight. I took her out of the bag and brought her into my car. She appeared malnourished and had some scabs and just all around didn't look very healthy or good, I hope she had seen better days, but she was coming with me anyways.

I had her checked out and she didn't have anything wrong with her, she was even fixed already. Over the next couple of months she grew back into her beautiful self and quickly grew on me. Clementine is my cat from a bag and she has been my friend ever since.

Chandler, AZ

Felicia, "The Lucky One"

A friend called to tell me about a dog she and her daughter had found, running around in busy traffic, with a hurt leg. They took her to the local shelter, but they wanted to try to find a home for her. The shelter was going to put her down because of her leg injury (they suspected a torn ACL) and also because she was at least part pit bull. This friend knew that I had a soft spot for pit bulls, which I do, but I told her that I just didn't have room for another dog. Still, the story nagged at me over the weekend, and Monday morning my husband said, "we have to go get that dog." So I called the shelter, but they told me the decision had been made to put her down. I told them NOT TO DO THAT because I was coming to get her. When we got there, she was so stressed out she growled at my husband, but when we got her out of the cage, she was overjoyed. She licked her new dad all the way home to show him she didn't really mean the growling. Her leg healed beautifully without surgery, and she has turned out to be the sweetest dog imaginable. We are so glad that we overlooked the two strikes against her that almost ended her life! We named her Felicia, "the lucky one." But we were really the lucky ones.

Lexington, IN

Kitten thief

Late summer two years ago a black cat showed up at our house. I started putting out food and water hoping to keep it fed so it would kill the wild birds that came to the feeder. As cold weather approached I made a feral cat house out of a cooler for it. It went unused. I continued to put food and water out and the food would be gone the next day. I would not see the cat everyday and not sure where it went to keep warm in the below freezing temps. In the spring while I was away caring for a sick brother my husband called and said that the cat that I thought was a male had kittens in our shed. When I came home a month later the now "Momma Kitty" growled and hissed when I went to put food out. We decided to trap her to have her spayed as I did not see the babies nursing. After leaving her at the vet I trapped the three kittens and brought them inside to socialize with the hopes of finding them forever homes. After the doctor spayed "momma" she called to inform us that "this cat has never had kittens", When we asked where the babies came from she said "momma" probably stole them. After returning "momma" to our yard we soon started to hear coyotes nearby. We enclosed the porch with hardware cloth and made an insulated house with a light for the winter. She soon became tame enough to pet and pick up for a few seconds. Well, you can probably guess, "momma" and all three kittens found their forever homes - inside with our other cat and two dogs. All get along fine and keep us entertained.

Faye Kratzer
Robbinsville, NC

Abandoned after 14 years

He already had a name. In fact, he had a home for fourteen years, with the same family since he was a kitten. When his owners moved into a new apartment, they decided to make Sonny an outdoor cat, even though he had always spent most of his time indoors. He lived on the steps and porch of the apartment building, and his owners threw out scraps of food if they remembered. I noticed him out there as I walked by with my dog and learned his story, so I started bringing a can of food every morning and night. He was missing part of one ear from an unfortunate encounter with a dog some years ago. He had to fight with feral cats and run from loose dogs in the neighborhood, so he was always nervous when we approached him.

In May, I found out that the owners had moved away and left him. He was still sitting there, hoping they would come back, but they never did. Even though I had been feeding him for a couple of months, I never dreamed of taking him. I'd never even owned a cat and didn't even know how to care for one. I also wasn't sure about my ten-year-old rescue dog accepting him. Still, I went to the pet store and bought every cat supply that I thought I would need, and I scooped him into the cat carrier and brought him home. It has been over four months, and he is a happy and healthy old man. He spends his days hunting and napping in the back yard, and his evenings are spent lounging in the den, sharing snacks with us and enjoying his new life. The dog has accepted him, as long as he stays away from her treats! I'm so glad that he came to live with us, and I will never understand how someone could abandon him. He is a welcome addition to our family!

Michelle Hyde
Florence, AL

One Last Chance

They dumped her at the adoption center in the middle of a rainy night, taped up in a box and shoved under the bumper of a van… the last detail to be taken care of by people with no desire to take on a spoiled cat after the death of her elderly human. She spent the next two weeks in a cage suffering the indignities of physicals, unwelcome handling, and the frightening sounds and smells of a building being remodeled around her. She wasn’t at her best, and didn’t understand she needed to be if she was going to find a new home.

As the days passed, her temperament grew worse. It became apparent she wasn’t doing well – and would continue to decline. The sad reality of animal rescue is that there isn’t room for one who isn’t at all trying to cooperate. She was moved from the cage to a carrier and put back in the same van she had been shoved under several weeks before… on the way to being put down.

Enter my husband and me, in the very nick of time. We had just buried our Gypsy – another rescue – and had room for another furchild. We lean toward hard cases… older, abandoned, special needs… unwanted rejects without hope.

It wasn’t a match made in heaven. Nana wasn’t any happier with us than she had been at the rescue. It took nine months to convince her she was home to stay. She now sleeps with us – and anywhere else she pleases. She comes to me at least once a day for combing and loving.

Home, again, at last.

So be patient. Be open to the ones who aren’t perfect. You never know when the perfect one might be hiding inside – like Nana.

Jenny Dahl
Oklahoma City, OK
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