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Smokey blew in during Hurricane Irene in 2011

During the height of the storm, I noticed something grey and furry slink around the corner in the kitchen. With the storm at its worst, I decided to pretend I didn’t see anything. After the storm passed, I discovered it was a young cat, well groomed and neutered, so my husband tried to put him outside so he could “go home”. The cat totally freaked out about being outside and kept scrambling to get back in. If we closed the door with him still outside, he returned through the pet door on the opposite side of the house. We decided that perhaps he was an indoor only cat and put up posters on every corner for a 3-mile radius as well as in pet stores, notifying the police department, shelters, etc. Since our elderly girls, Princess and Minuit (also rescues), were receptive to sharing their home with him; we decided to let him stay till he was claimed.

No-one ever did claim him. After a year we took him to the vet for immunizations and to be micro-chipped. Once he was confident that he was “home”, he started following my husband outdoors to hang laundry, put out the trash, etc., and then followed him back indoors. He loved to roll on the carpet in front of the fire in the winter, lounge in the windows in the summer, and cuddle with me at bed-time. We were blessed to have his comfort when our girls crossed the rainbow bridge within a short time of each other. Unfortunately in 2016 we had to bring him to the rainbow bridge when fast growing mouth cancer caused him to be unable to eat or drink. My heart was broken as this was the first time in over 30-years we didn't have a fur baby. They will all be forever in our hearts!

Eileen Moreau
Manchester, NH

Puerto Rican Princess.

While vacationing at our timeshare in Humacao, Puerto Rico during March of 1996, in a 2nd floor corner unit, next to a tall tree, a kitten climbed down from the tree to greet my husband in the early morning while reading outside, begging for a free meal. Of course he found something for her and the visits became more frequent. There always were a lot of strays in the area and we always fed them while vacationing there for years. This one was different. She seemed to be more used to people and would let you pet her and cuddle a bit. After a couple of days, she was hanging out with us and our friends, both indoors and outdoors. As time came close to leaving for home, I couldn't bear the though of just leaving her, amongst the many other strays, so we found a local vet to have her checked out and get her shots and a "good health" certificate. We called the Airlines to find that if we could put a pet in a carrier under the front seat, we could bring the pet on board - which is what we did. There is a small tree frog in Puerto Rico called Coqui, so that is what her name would be. She didn't grow much from the small size at about 6 months old, estimated by the first vet. It took a bit to get her acclimated with our 2 other cats, but it all worked out. When we went back to Puerto Rico the next year - all the strays were gone - they had been "taken care of", sadly. We were blessed to have gotten Coqui home when we did.

We had Coqui for almost 20 years, losing her mid-January, 2016, when her legs just wouldn't hold her up any longer. She ruled our house, especially when she was the only kitty in the household. Coqui truly was our fiesty Puerto Rican Princess!

Reggi Baika
Salem, NH

She's vicious...just euthanize her

She arrived at the shelter in a cardboard box sealed with duct tape. Upon opening it, the man told shelter workers that she was vicious and should probably just be euthanized. She weighed only 5 pounds, even with all the mats that covered her body, including her eyes. After cutting holes in the mats for her to see, she was nicknamed "Peach" because she was so sweet. She was, however, afraid of everything and wouldn't even venture outside her run at the shelter. It seems she had been a puppy mill mom, and so probably never got out of a crate. It was a challenge to house train her, and work with her on her fears. Fast forward a year...she's the light of our lives, weighs a healthy 10 pounds, and is no longer afraid of much except loud noises. She's a bit spoiled, but deserves to be!

Sue P
Sayre, PA

My Little Meme

As I fed my 2 cats in the kitchen, I heard a very young, “Me----Me…” at the back door. I stepped out and saw a small black and white flash of fur, running across the lawn and under the fence. I left a small bowl of dry food and water on the step. It was gone when I got home that night.

I found out from my neighbor that the people down the street had moved and left a mama cat and 6 kittens behind. She had caught all but the one I had seen. I kept leaving food and water out and would talk to her each time I saw her. It took me 3 months before I could finally pet her and another 2 months before I could pick her up. A trip to the vet said she was healthy and all shots got updated. When asked for a name, Meme was the only logical one!

She lived with me for 13 wonderful years, always with lots of love, pats and food. She went over the rainbow bridge a few weeks ago to see her brother and sister. I miss her being next to me on the bed, her academy award winning eyes when she wanted treats and her touching my nose when she wanted breakfast. Little Meme, you will be in my heart, always.

Los Angeles, CA

Batman by the Pool

I work nights at a hotel in Florida and unfortunately people sometimes abandon their cats on the property. Many of the employees feed our little feral colony, taking turns buying kibble and storing it in a big bin in the office. One day a young tuxedo cat showed up, hungry and scared. He was very affectionate but didn't get along with the other cats. We fed him seperately from them (by the pool) and tried to find him a home as he was obviously an indoor cat. One morning he followed me to my car and jumped right in, he hopped into the back window and let out a loud Meow as if to say, "What are you waiting for? Let's go home!"; And so we did. I named him Batman and he is still incredibly affectionate and loving 3 years later. He brings me joy and mischief and seems to know he may have had a hard future ahead if not for coming home that day with me. I like to say that I didn't rescue him, he rescued himself!

Casselberry, FL

My Blue

My precious baby Blue. Blue came to me on October 4, 2009, as a 4 ½ month old Beagle/Rottweiler mix from the rescue facility, Four Legged Love, out of Toronto. He was so full of energy and playfulness and became the baby brother to my Otis, who was an abused and abandoned Basset Hound. Blue taught Otis how to be a dog again and it was always a house of laughter when they would play. I had 6 colourful years with my baby boy. On August 25, 2015, I was devastated to learn that Blue had stage 4 lymphoma and was given 2 – 6 months. With his treatment and cannabis oil, Blue outlived the cancer by a couple of months however the lymphoma infection became uncontrollable. My darling boy suffered a heart attack on March 5, 2016, and died at home. It was the only bad day he had while dealing with his illness. He handled his disease with grace and a not-giving-up attitude and was his fun, playful self. Even his pawprints were still in the snow from when he played outside the day before. He comes to me in my dreams, always giving me his tasty kisses. Life will never be the same without my darling Blue

Mayrienne Buxton
Beeton, ON, Canada

Abandoned after Christmas and left for the foxes.

It was an icy cold night in February 2006 when I met a friendly little black kitten roaming a pub car park in an area dominated by urban foxes. The bar tender told me the little cat has been living in the builder's skip at the rear or the pub since January and appeared to be abandoned after Christmas. He was amazed that it had survived this long because the area was dominated by foxes and the skip was going in two days time!

As we left to come home, the friendly little kitten approached me again and cheekily jumped into our car as we were leaving. I looked at the frost on the ground and gave in. We took him home for one night but he had ticks and fleas so had to stay in the garage before I took him to the vet for a checkover the next day.

He was sick, undernourished and needed help. The vet cared for him for over a week while we tried, but failed, to find his owner. So he came home to us.

Skippy is now 11 years old and adored by his adopted tabby sisters, Lilly and Lulu.

Paul Wingfield
Cheam Sutton, United Kingdom


Rescued from a foster home as a small kitten whose mother abandoned the litter or met with an untimely fate, Gizzy was shy and took some time to come out of her shell. Now she dresses up for every holiday and is constantly at our side. She is more like a dog than cat expressing vocally exactly what she wants. Orange cats that are female are rare and this one fits that bill to a tee. She jumps at the chance to make new friends, both animal and human. Gizzy and her 2 adopted sisters live happily together with lots of warmth and love and sometimes an occasional squabble typical of sisters. Our lives have been filled with fun and laughter because of this adoption.

Philadelphia, PA

The rescue of Audrey and Thom Cat

Black cats were 50% off at the local shelter during the month of October. Audrey was in there, in dire need of rescue. She was emaciated and pregnant, and they wouldn't let me take her unless they aborted her litter, which I refused to allow. Putting a hold on her, I went and got a friend to come in and claim her as her lost cat. In the time it took for her to get there and free her, 5 kittens were born!

Sadly, Audrey developed kennel cough and all but one of the kits died before they were 2 weeks old. The survivor was Thom Cat, the strongest, most vocal of the bunch. I supplemented his feedings and he thrived and grew to be the happiest, gentlest cat I've ever owned. He is my son, and he knows it!

Diana Covington
Tacoma, WA

Our little Sox

Sox wandered into my mother's yard about 15 years ago. Obviously a young little cat, very pretty and quite a little hunter. Couldn't convince my mother to keep her - so, she moved across the field to our house. We already had a couple of dogs and my husband was putting up some resistance about keeping her. So - I whispered in her ear to follow him around - she did that - and, the rest is history. She was the sweetest little cat - every morning she would want me to pick her up and hold her like a baby. Today she went over the Rainbow Bridge after a considerable fight to keep her here. We will really miss you Soxy - but, will see you again on the other side.

Linda Lusk
Dunlap, IL
Twilight Solar Light
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