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It must've been fate that she came back to us!

Our story begins with the "Pet of the Week" ad in our local paper. We had already adopted a dog from our shelter and also saved another dog 10 years ago from their brutal owners so we didn't have the room for another one, but this puppy we saw in the ad stayed on our minds for a while. Her name was Ashby and she was a black whippet mix puppy about 3 months old. We were told she was left on the side of the road, in the middle of nowhere, with her sister. Her sister was adopted right off. Since we didn't have room for Ashby, we went ahead and paid her adoption fees so someone else could adopt her for free and within a week of paying her fees, she was adopted as well. We were sad we couldn't take her ourselves, but glad she had a home. A month goes by and we find out the people no longer wanted her and took her back to the shelter. We tried to figure out a way to adopt her ourselves but with 2 inside dogs, and 2 cats we had our hands full. Sad to say a few months later our first adopted dog that we had for 4 years passed away in an accident and our other dog was moping all over the house looking for her. It was so sad and after a week of crying we knew what we had to do. So I called the shelter to see if Ashby was still there and she was! So mom made arrangements to pick her up and the next day she came home with us and has made our family whole ever since! We did change her name to Pepper which suits her better:)

Clarkesville, GA

The kittens in the Trash can

About four years ago, I was wandering around on the streets one day with a group of my friend and we passed a small trash can outside an apartment complex. There was a soft crying from somewhere so we all stopped and took a look around . Finally I lifted the lid of the trashcan to reveal a shoe box once we looked inside there was a small litter of 5 kittens. Someone had thrown them away like last nights dinner.

Heart broken i quickly took them home and brought them to our nursing cat in hopes she would accept them into her litter. She did without a problem and they went on nursing. We had them all then checked out by a vet , the runt of the litter was bad. it looked as if soeone had kicked him, he had problems and his body wasn't maturing as fast as the rest of him. For the first year we had him ,his body remained smaller then his head. We carried for him happily and he remains a spoiled part of our family. The other kittens all found loving and caring homes through the local animal shelter.

Furball is now almost 4 and his body evened out , he's now a spoiled king of the house hold and lives with two other cats. Our kitten rascal and our pruebred simease who is almost 19 or so, puppy.

Brittinay Simmons
Milwaukee, WI

My rescued family

Every cat in this picture is a rescue that showed up on my front porch starved and abandoned through the years.There are 15 cats in the picture.It is an older picture so many of them have passed away from old age but it seems as soon as one passes within a week or two another one shows up in the same bad shape.I also have 3 dogs,2 guinea hens,1 turtle,a few fish and a rabbit.All the cat's and dogs are fixed and fat and I manage to do it all on permanent disability.So were there is a will you can always find a way.

Wallkill, NY

The Quiet Type

When I went to the shelter looking for a kitten, I thought I was going to come home with a baby who had a very unique style. I didn't want a cat that appeared to be "common"...So the quiet little tabby was definitely not my first choice. Still, I decided to reach in his cage and give him a little scratch on the head before I began searching for the kitten I would take home. Little did I know, he had other plans for me. As I opened the cage door and reached in, he reached out and crawled onto my shoulder. The relentless little guy refused to come down, and perched proudly as I walked through the shelter. He knew he was going home with me and he never gave the other kittens a chance. It didn't matter that he was a little older than I was looking for. It didn't matter that he was a little more plain than I thought I wanted. He chose me and the only thing I could do was give in. It's been that way ever since. It doesn't matter how many times I say no to Mr. K. If there is something that he wants, his persistence wins every time! It's been almost 7 years now, and I can honestly say that Mr. K is about as far from common or plain as you can get, regardless of his markings.

Hartselle, AL

Sophie's Choice

Our blonde lab, Sandi, needed a playmate. Through NOAH, (North Okaloosa Humane Society) we found a cute little dog named Sophie. Sophie had the softest brown eyes and we thought it coincidental she was 'S.' We checked the website regularly for information on Sophie and found out she had numerous foster homes in her short life, and NOAH had to adopt her out. We brought Sophie home for a trial run with Sandi, 10 days before Hurricane Ivan hit this area. Despite being terrified to this day of lightening/storms, Sophie has fit in. She has the most expressive eyes, as if she's grateful for our choice of playmate.

Now, with Sandi having turned 8, and Sophie 5, we can't imagine life without two such different canine personalities in our home.

Sophie's choice proved right!

They posed so we could share their picture.

Crestview, FL


This is Sonny, we got him because the people who purchased him from a pet shop was going to take him to the SPCA because he was untrainable. They spent a fortune to purchase him but no money to have him trained. We got him when he was 11 months old. He's not perfect, but he's ours now and we spent a good amount of money to have him trained and he loves, we are his people now. He has a way to go, but he learns every day. We love him.

Donna Lavecchia

Schwenksville, PA

Donna Lavecchia
Schwenksville, PA

The little dog from the zoo.

His name is Monkey Boy, if you saw him and saw how he acts , you would understand the name. My wife found him on She saw his face and had to have him. So, off to the Popcorn Zoo in Lacey Twp, NJ we went. When we finally saw him he was as funny looking in real life as he was in his picture. He has a Cleft lip and nose, he also has a pretty good underbite too. He took to my wife right away. We also noticed his crooked upper spine,neck and skull. But, turns out he is very smart and loving. He is also a living rocket, he can run like no dog we have ever seen before. He can jump up on my shoulder from a stand still, I am six feet tall. I told my wife that although i love all my dogs, there is something about this one that makes me want to love and protect him more fiercely than any other. He is our comfort when things get hectic or too much to bear at times. We have learned a lot about life from this little dog from a zoo.

Bradley Beach, NJ

Mia to the Rescue

When we lost our beloved Pointer, Chula, to a sudden illness, we were devastated. In our grief, about the only thing that helped in the weeks afterwards, was perusing Petfinder and other websites and seeing all the wonderful dogs who needed homes. When we happened upon another Pointer, a puppy rescued by the Hill Country Animal Shelter in Boerne, Tx., we drove down to see her. The rest, as they say, is history.

Mia is now a full grown, happy and healthy Pointer, who is really enjoying her big fenced yard and lots of walks and games of ball.

If you are a "dog person", the best remedy for grief or sadness, is to give a rescue a second chance at happiness. It will benefit the both of you!

Andrew Forsythe
Spicewood, TX

Shelter GIfts

After my dog Charlie (another Shelter Dog ) passed at the age of 16 - a large part of my life was missing. After waiting for about a year, I HAD to have another dog!! After checking with all the shelters we found Max. He's

so smart and loving he has filled our empty spot with laughter and fun. He is

about 3 now but was a special needs dog ( distemper) but with the care of

the foster home from the shelter ( Adirondack-Save-A-Stray ) and our help - he is as healthy as can be.

I wish EVERYONE would adopt from a shelter. I shudder when I think of animals like my Charlie and MAx who have so much to give and are such

great pets being euthanized. I Click EVERY DAY - and hope in my heart

that all these wonderful animals find homes. Bless you all for caring and


Christine - Lake George, NY

Lake George, NY

Jack Shaw

This is Jack. He was found at a dumpster in Franklin County. He had a harness so embedded it had to be surgically removed. He was then placed for adoption.

He is the second older dog we've rescued. When the first one died we went looking for another member of our household. One dog is just not enough. We asked for a dog that would fit with our 5 year-old female. Jack was suggested. When I saw his online picture I was hooked.

This August was his third birthday with us. It took about a year for him to start sleeping upstairs with the rest of us. Now it's like he's been ours forever. He is just the sweetest dog.

There are issues with adopting an older dog. Not having them around as long and then there's health. Jack has seizures and has had a slipped disk. Do you know how humiliating it is to be out run by a disabled dog?

That said, I'd not trade Jack's big smile for any puppy. All I have to do it hold my arms wide and he grins and comes for a hug.

We love you, Jack Buddy.

Kathy Shaw
Hardy, VA
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