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Saved From A Bridge

A GM from one of our hotels was driving to work when she saw a kitten sitting on the edge of the top of the beach bridge too afraid to move. Not wanting to be ticketed for stopping on the bridge, she enlisted the help of her son-in-law. She dropped him off on the bridge, where he gingerly leaned over the side and scooped up the kitten. The GM circled back around to pick him and the kitten up and then headed to the hotel with both in tow. The AGM took one look at the sweet little kitten and took her home. He named her Bridgett.

Gulf Breeze, FL

My Emma

My parents got Emma at the Erie County,NY SPCA ten years ago. When they brought her home, she took an instant liking to me and I knew she was my new best freind. She loves to love,and be loved and she shows it every minute of every day. Is she spoiled? Yes, but she spoils us in return. I could not ask for a better dog!

West Seneca, NY

She saved me

I recently had to say goodbye to my sixteen year old best friend Boomer due to cancer. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do. I know I wasn't ready to get another dog, but for some reason I was drawn to the local SPCA. I asked my husband to stop in while I was at work to see what animals they had. All of a sudden I received an e-mail with a picture of my little Maggie behind a cage. My heart melted instantly. I left work early and headed straight to the shelter to meet her. It was as if my Boomer was looking over me that day and sent me a little angel to help me through this difficult time. Maggie is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met. The strangest part is that she has so many of the same characteristics as my Boomer. We are clearly meant to be together. Although many will say I rescued her, in reality she rescued me. She has opened my heart again and has made my days a little brighter during this difficult time. I will always be grateful to her that chose me to share her life with.

Downingtown, PA

She choose me

Four weeks later I got the call...a siamese kitten was adopted and returned again to the SPCA and she is mine if I want her. I took leave from work and drove right then and there to pick her up. I named her Coco :) a shy, drawn back, most relaxed kitten.

Today I decided to get the details from the SPCA and to call the previous owner to thank him for taking the time to bring her in and told him how she changed my life. And then the shock waves moved through my body as my brain did the calculations...Coco is ACTUALLY Skye! He adopted her on the Tuesday when a volunteer worked at the SPCA since everyone was on leave and the SPCA thought it was best to tell me she died to cover their mistake. He retured her because she was naughty and he could not control her...NOT the Coco I know! I am not going to take any action against the SPCA - I am just so thankfull Coco found her way back to me

Dielda de Jager
Brits, South Africa

Banjolina stole my heart

I wasn't looking for another dog since I already had 2 dogs and 3 cats but for some reason I started looking at the shelters in my area on petfinder. I found a shelter nearby that rescued dogs from our pound before they were put down. There I saw a picture of Banjo! She had been frightened to death at the pound. She was HW + and scared of everyone. She was a beagle spaniel mix with freckles over her nose and legs. I had to have her. I called and they brought her to my home. She got along with my westies and even my old cat went up and gave her a kiss! Banjo is just the sweetest dog I have ever had. To think that she was just hours from being put down just makes me want to cry. Please check out rescues and the pound for your next pet.

Marianne Lordi
Youngstown, OH

A New Companion

I have always been one to give a home to dog in need before I would ever go purchase one. When I found my Sharpei-Lab mix without a companion for a year, I decided to start the search on line for a new friend. I would watch the Jacksonville Humane Societies webpage daily for new arrivals. We tried for a month but were always beaten to punch by another family. Finally one day my fiance had off work and decided to just stop by and there is found my sweatheart "Bella". She is a Am-Staff / Lab mix and was about 3 months old. I raced to the shelter after work and it was love at first site. Bella is now 8 months and has made our family whole again.

Please continue to give to your local shelters even after you adopt a pet, there are many more out there that need your love and compassion.

Jax Beach, FL

A rescue cat

My daughter found this cat at her Vet's. She is the love of my life. I have had cats all my life and love them so much. She is a rescue cat. Someone had thrown battery acid at her and she has one ear burned off. The Vet said she was too nice to euthanize and healed her ear and kept her at the clinic for 6 months. She was in a cage at that time, but was let out 15 minutes at a time. I knew right away that she would be mine. She was so cuddly and when I picked her up she was purring. So I took her home where she is welcome, and I hope to have a long life with her. Her name is Mollikins.She is a very sweet girl.

Ingersoll, ON, Canada

Brindy rescued me

This is Brindy. She rescued me almost 5 years ago. The Town Dog Pound is at the landfill. One Sat. while getting doing the dump run, something told me to stop and check out the dogs. This one caught my eye so I stopped to talk to her, She growled. I talked to her for a while longer but she continued to growl (but it was an "I'm scarred" kind of grow). I walked on to check out the other dogs. Coming back, she jumped up on her cage and acted like I was her long lost family. She "told" me to take her home. I did. She did an all four feet off the ground all at once happy dance when she walked into her new home and settled in immediately. She has been a loving member of the family ever since.

I found out she had been abandoned in late fall on a road that is closed in the winter. Too difficult and remote to keep open. I am so lucky she was found and the dog warden brought her to the pound. the love and happiness she has given is inmeasurable.

Ulster Park, NY

A Real Prince of a Pup!

Prince Harry celebrated his 1st birthday enjoying angel food cupcakes with his sister Sadie (a 10-year-old ball of Papillion fire) and GrayC (a 9-year-old sophisticated tuxedo cat), who are also rescues. The Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) in Mobile had taken Harry's mother and her four babies from an abusive situation and placed them with a wonderful foster family until forever homes were found for all. If not for the willingness of these fine folks to foster, the love of my little Prince might have been lost. I can never thank them enough.


Mobile, AL

Vicki Littlepage
Mobile, AL

Snow Cat

Snow Cat came into my life after my sister found her under a cactus in the parking lot of her office with a crushed hip from what we think was probably a run-in with a car. Even in her debilitated state, Snow Cat gave my sister a big fight about being captured. The vet said the only thing to do for Snow Cat's hip was to let it heal and keep her confined in a small space, and after an initial period in my brother-in-law's office, she took up residence with me. The race was on to find her a home.

Of course, as Snow Cat felt better and began to trust me, my two other cats and two house rabbits, it became clear she would become part of our household. She always brings a touch of playful levity to everything she does and has turned out to be a very affectionate cat, with me and the other cats. (She is still quite curious about the bunnies but does not settle in for a cuddle with them the way the other cats do.) She has a tremendous capacity for adventure that teaches me something new every day about optimism and engagement. To me, Snow Cat is simply one of those very rare blessings that comes along most unexpectedly.

Tucson, AZ
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