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Our Special Pebbles

Last October while walking thru the Tampa Humane Society I looked up and saw this beauty. When I spoke she stretched out her paws towards me and said "you're finally here to take me to my forever home!". She was 4-1/2 years old and had been there waiting for us over 2 months. She is a joy & a blessing. If we say "you are soooo beautiful can you roll over" she does but not always. After all she's really a cat. Please consider an older animal.

Jackie & Art
Tampa, FL

Mischief Kirk Brings Action Back to Our Household

Mischief Kirk was born in May of 2009 in a garage with his two sisters. He was rescued by Pink Paws Rescue and Adoption and I drove 45 miles to adopt him. Despite how pretty his sisters were, I could only take him because I already have two cats, both rescues themselves: Danny Girl (10) and Pacey Jack (9). I wanted a spunky kitten who would engage my little boy and girl in play more regularly than I have time for and I wanted a kitten I could teach to take walks with me (in a pet stroller, of course). I've gotten that in spades with this little boy. I've only had him three weeks now but he and Pacey Jack constantly chase and roughhouse together like little boys do, often keeping me awake at night because they aren't silent about it. And whenever Mischief carries a toy mouse in his mouth, Pacey chases him to try to get it away from him. Mischief's still working on alpha Danny Girl -- she's a harder nut to crack, used to being in control. He sits in all her favorite places as soon as he identifies them, hoping she'll join him and snuggle. So far he hasn't been successful in getting her to join him, but she's given this kitten more latitude than she's ever given Pacey, so I think it's only a matter of time before he wins her over. Needless to say, Mischief's other favorite thing is to snuggle in to my side or follow me around the house. And he's been happy to ride in the pet stroller on my walks without protesting. Already I love him as dearly as I do my Danny Girl and Pacey Jack. It's definitely worth adopting rescues, because they love you forever.

Crystal Taylor
Los Angeles, CA


While dog-walking one morning, I glanced over my shoulder to see a sad puppy struggling to follow us, limping slowly and painfully on three legs. He'd been hit by a car and abandoned, and in addition to his badly broken leg and other injuries he was thin and very sick, and he broke my heart with his big, pleading eyes and hopeful, wagging tail. A year (and some huge vet bills) later, Kona is a healthy, happy, loving and sweet-natured boy, best friends with our other dog and our cat (also rescues!), and an absolutely essential part of our family.

Fremont, CA

Mittens the Poly.

A little over two years ago, my dad heard about two litters of kittens born to an older man who lives near my grandfather. About two or three weeks after the kittens' birth, Dad visited the kittens and their mothers. It was love at first sight. It took two months for us to convince my mom to let us pick up the kitten, by which time he was being weaned. When my mom and I arrived at the small farm, the kitten came right to us, although he was lethargic and uninterested in much going on around him. All their animals were outside, and it was obvious the kitten was suffering from a flea infestation. After taking him home, we gave him a thorough bathing that eliminated many of the fleas (we counted over 200 dead ones before we gave up). Two days after he arrived home, we took him to the vet (we couldn't take him sooner because the clinic was closed), who confirmed our theory about border-line anemia, as well as gave us an approximate age and time-frame until we could get him nuetered. They told us that if we hadn't brought the kitten home, he most likely would have developed anemia and passed. When we got him, he weighed a grand total of two pounds. He now weighs ten pounds and grew into his "Gizmo" ears. Mittens celebrated his second birthday approximately two months ago, and my parents couldn't be happier we made the decision to get him. And he gets along very well with our other two cats, who are 6 (nuetered male) and 11 (spayed female).

Kingman, IN

Princess Scribbles

I rescued Scribbles from a Wal-Mart. She was afraid of her own shadow. I took her home and could not find her for about 6 hours...she had hid herself up inside a lazy boy recliner. She was scrawny and scared. She was afraid of people which led me to believe she probably had been abused.

Scribbles is now turning 9(her birthday tomorrow) and she is happy and loves her Dad so much. She was always quiet and kept to herself...until I got married. She is in love with my husband. She talks with him and just hangs out with him. She is very motherly. When I'm sick, she never leaves my side until I feel better. She has a younger brother who she helped to take care of when I rescued him. She is sweet and loving and can't get enough of chicken! She's definitely Daddy's girl and we wouldn't have it any other way! She's awesome :)

Atlanta, GA

Bobo The Man!

I rescued Bobo from Pet Smart. He was there with his little sister and someone came to get her and left him alone. It was sad. They were taken away from their mom too young. I took him home and he didn't want to sit on my girlfriend, he kept crawling back to me and settling in the nook of my neck...he was happy there. I guess he felt safe.

Bobo now runs the house. He is now 7 yrs. old. He tells us when to get up in the morning and when to go to bed. He's on top of the food and water supply. He's a man who loves peanut butter and yogurt and his favorite is..his blue blankey! He is also very athletic...he can jump up to a little over 6 ft from a standing point. He is an amazing cat and friend. I can't tell you how much he means to us....I can't even measure it!

Atlanta, GA

Kyah our lil burrower :)

This all started about 12 years ago. I was at work, a pool construction company. I working in the office and my husband working as site manager out in the field over looking jobs. One of our city permit pullers at the time had called me from Los Angeles, CA, Building Dept. He was obviously getting some blueprints approved for one of our jobs. Anyway, it was during the month of July and we were having yet, another heatwave, about 116 F' !!! As he was pulling out of the parking lot he noticed a little gray kitten in the middle of the street with very heavy traffic! He pulled aside of the road and stopped all oncoming traffic and picked her up, she was so lethargic and panting from the extreme heat. He called me at the office from his cell phone and said ' Ok Chris you really need to help me out and continued to explain. I told him to stop ASAP to get her some water and drive her back to the office to me. I put her in a box with water under my desk and she was out in like 10 minutes. I carried her w/ box and all to my car and took her home with me. My husband slept in our computer room with her that night in his sleeping bag. She ran up to his face and gave him that little paw hit a couple times just to wake him up. Then would run a couple feet back to see his reaction, then when she trusted him, she would burrow to the bottom of that sleeping bag. She does the same thing now, but in our bed. Cutest thing ever :)

Upland, CA

Phoebe-the best dog ever!

We've had Phoebe for four years now and she is the best little dog anyone could ever want! She was rescued from a living a life on a concrete slab outside, along with her Mom and three siblings, by K-9 Angels small dog rescue here in the Atlanta area. She's a very smart dog! I've taught her several tricks and she also knows the meaning of a lot of words. If you spell b-o-n-e outloud, she dances in circles and runs to the cabinet where the bones are kept. When you mention 'company', she will go to the end of the deck and stick her head through the rails where she can see the driveway to welcome her guests. She will do the same thing if you tell her 'your Daddy's coming home'. She knows that the little girl 'Abby' lives on one side of us and her buddy 'Jack' (Schnauzer-Scotty) lives on the other side of us. If you aks her where Jack is, her head snaps around looking for him in his yard. If you say 'let's go see Abby', she runs to that side of the yard. She has been so much company to us and I don't know what we ever did without her!

We don't really know what kind of dog she is. She resembles a LARGE (23 lbs.) Maltese Terrier and her hair is very similar. Whatever combination she is, it's a good one for sure!

Lynda and Mack

Lynda Saunders
Peachtree City, GA

Auggie's Story

After my 17-yr old pekignese died, I adopted 2 older dogs from Pekignese Rescue of TN that needed forever homes (one of them is blind). One year later, I adopted 2 more. Each of them is special, with their own stories of survival... But Auggie is extra special and especially lovable considering his background.

Auggie was a puppy-mill breeder dog and is about 8 yrs old. I hate to think of what he's been through in his past. When I brought him home, he had already lost 1 eye and 10 teeth due to poor health and lack of care. He had a bad skin condition and terrible ear infections. The vet also discovered that Auggie also had huge tumors in both ears that had to be surgically removed, along with holes in both eardrums.

Long-story-short...after all he's been through in his life...he is now fat & healthy, and his hearing is fine. And he's the sweetest, cuddliest little dude! Having Auggie is like having a pet Teddy Bear! I look forward every night to being met at the door by all my doggies, but I especially enjoy the "koala" hugs I get from my Auggie Doggie...who spends the evening cuddled up at the foot of the recliner with me!

Everyone loves cute little puppies...but please remember that there are adult and especially "senior" dogs out there that need forever homes too!

Mona Hedrick
Columbia, TN

Sweet Tootie

Before she was rescued from the streets, Tootie was being fed outside by an elderly gentleman. He related that whenever he went to catch the bus she would walk with him to the bus stop and wait until the bus came and he boarded it before walking back up the street. He was unable to care for her as an indoor cat - he has 5 cats. Our rescue group found her a wonderful indoor forever home and she is very happy!

Philadelphia, PA
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