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My Callie a new beginning

My neighbors had 2 female cats who I used to feed a little since I was worried they didnt feed them enough, if at all. They would be in my yard all the time and my dogs played with them. One day when they were moving I had a feeling they were going to leave the cats behind, and they did, but only one I guess they took the other, since i never saw it after the day they left.

So I couldnt let the one they left be homeless so I fed her and played with her and was going to make her an inside cat after I got her spayed, a week after they moved her belly was getting bigger(probably why they left her, they knew she would be pregnant). So the babies came and we brought them all inside and babies all went to new forever homes(friends of ours). and the rest is history, she is a house cat now and loves her new home and we love her also....funny thing is Im allergic to cats, but I just take my allergy pills and Im good to go!!!

Stacy burks
Apopka, FL

From Hope...To Hopeless!

I first saw Hope on the street close the school where I work. I stopped and left her some food. She was very wary and wouldn't let me near her. The next day I saw another person feeding her. I thought she was the owner; but Isabel turned out to be another dog lover who feeds strays. It was the beginning of a wonderful friendship.

Hope had been hit by a car and was only using three legs. She was still very mobile, though, and wandered farther and farther each day. Isabel and I began to work as a team to find her and feed her. After about four weeks, I decided it was time to bring her home so she would be safe -- and I wouldn't have to spend so much time before and after work looking for her! She stayed in the same spot all day long -- the only day that ever happened - and calmly jumped in my car. I think she was ready to come home. A visit to the vet confirmed a shattered thigh bone, heartworms and the need for shots and spaying. With a $1200 vet bill looming, I turned to my wonderful, patient husband (this is dog #4 for us) who simply said "peanut better and jelly for us is fine! Let's get Hope well!".

Oneyear later, she is heartworm negative, runs faster than any other of our dogs without any trace of a limp and is the sweetest, happiest dog I have ever owned. We named her "Hope" because I would say "I hope I can find that dog today" or "I hope that dog found somewhere safe to sleep tonight". Now we just call her Hopeless!

Amy Harrington
Harlingen, TX

Rescuing Brighid

I found my little girl, as I call her, at my school where I teach high school English. I heard there was a friendly stray around school and she actually got in my truck one afternoon, but then hopped back out. I was determined to get her before freezing rain set in the next weekend, so I waited for her in the parking lot and scooped her up after some boys chased her. She sat on my lap the whole way home. She told me her named was Brighid. It was love at first sight. She followed me everywhere---the bathroom, my bedroom, up and down the stairs. She sat with me as I got dressed in the morning and even meditated with me. After taking her to the vet the next weekend, my husband and I found out she was very ill with worms, eye fungus, and a massive infection from an incomplete birth. I had known she wasn't totally healthy, but I didn't know she was dying. She wouldn't survive another week. I sobbed. She was my soul mate even though I'd only known her for such a short time. So, my SAT tutoring money---a little under 1,000 dollars---went to making my Brighid healthy. The surgery was a success and I thank God she has been healthy since then. For two years, she has my best friend. She still follows me to the bathroom, eagerly waits for some of my breakfast, naps with me, and drives me crazy sometimes if I try to sit down after school instead of going upstairs with her to give her my undivided attention. I am so grateful that chose me to help her, because every day she completes my heart and soul with her love and affection.

Linnea DA Houskeeper-Silien
Hankins, NY


Opie was one of 52 dogs rescued from a "hoarder" and spent most of her 11 years tied outdoors. She lived in a couple of foster homes before we adopted from Animal Friends shelter last summer. She is a "special needs" dog, surviving two cancer surgeries, requiring special food, supplements and lots of love an attention. We are happy to do this and she has adapted well to her new home. She follows me everywhere and is the only dog we ever had who does not bark - a very quiet and sweet little girl.

Nancy Hurley
Wexford, PA


Misty, a Calico cat, came from a local shelter as therapy for my Pop, who has Alzheimers. Little did my Mom (not a cat-lover) know that Misty would actually help her with the stress as Pop's caregiver. Misty totally won her heart over, and now phone calls are filled with laughter and stories of the latest Misty antics, not about Pop's problems. And Pop's famous saying now is, "your mother thought she got Misty for me, but I know better." Misty has proven she has enough love for both of them! And laughter is the best medicine.

Karen Clevenger
Moline, IL

MaLassie the Collie

Once upon a time I was looking for a Collie for my fost/adopt children and spread the word in Southern California. Many of the show dogs had health problems, and I wanted one like I found in a shelter, years ago, a farm Collie, who was good with children. One day I went to a pet store. The owner said he did not get many requests for Collies. I tried Collie Rescue, but no luck. Six months later, the pet store owner called me saying he had a Collie, ordered by a family, but they decided they did not want her. I exclaimed, "I will take her!" However, he said, "Wait. She is large now. I can't sell her. She is on her way out of here. No one wants her." I rushed to the store. She was no longer a baby, long, big feet. The show dog folks told me I would have nothing but health problems with her. She did have Kennel Cough. She had no undercoat, very little hair -- not the normal fur ball. A year later I tracked down her baby brother. An elderly couple in the Midwest bred Collies as a hobby. Last year she met her mother. She was already named Lassie; we called her MaLassie. She had been there so long, she was afraid to go out of the store. What a wild horsie! At 6 months, she brought in all the sheep and the strays. MaLassie will be seven in June. In a way, I rescued her, because she was on her way to the pound when I got her. A problem child as sweet as she can be; talks a lot! Grabbed a lot when I got her; she had been in a cage so long. She transformed my life.

C. Weismantel
Southern, CA

My Cherub

The Story of Tinker will always be a mystery to me. I was taking my usual mid-morning walk around the parking lot at work when I heard a persistent cry from a very tiny voice. With some persistence of my own, I searched around the parked cars calling back to the little voice. In moments I had discovered a 10 ounce, dirt smudged, kitten clinging on to the back tire of a car. What a find; it's a miracle he survived this high traffic area. I took him home, cleaned him up and a year and a half later he is a happy, healthy 12lb cherub that loves to go for a ride in the car!

Clifton Park, NY

My Little Doll Peachie Yorkshire Terrier Stolen - Spring, TX

Spring, TX is just north of Houston. My little dog was stolen by an Asian man driving metallic SUV on Sept 30, 2006. I have an eye witness. She is micro-chipped. I have a very large reward that I will donate to group or person who can return her. 6 yrs , 5 lbs, small, golden & charcoal ears up tail short. Contact owner 24/7 anytime 713-516-4294. Her entire story is on several websites, she is listed on Houston craigs list w/photo. We want her back w/o questions or trouble to person who kind find her for us. I keep praying someone will see her and do the right thing. She is the love of our life and she was devoted to us, I know she is broken hearted as well. Before I die, I hope I can hold her again and have her know how much she has been missed and how much we love her, we will never will stop looking for her.

Darlyne & Tom Sodders
Spring, TX

Luke found me

Luke found me. Ten years ago while working at my factory job, a golden retreiver mix hesitantly came thru a open door, he seemed fearful when approached by a male and started to go out the door. He spotted me and I called for him, with a liitle TLC in my voice he came to me timid but wagging his tail. I instantly fell in love with his big brown eyes and I knew he was trying to tell me he needed a new home. I was told that he was dumped off at a farm house who did not have much interest in keeping him and said if you want him you can have him. I later found out he traveled about a mile on a gravel road and crossed a highway to find his way to me. He's been my best friend ever sense, and I m so glad that he found me.

Marilyn, Iowa

marilyn slack
marshalltown, IA

Mici and Lillo

I adopted Mici and Lillo when they were two months old. A rescue couple found a litter of kittens in a construction site. The mother had been killed by demolition and the kittens were only 2 days old. Mici and Lillo were the last two kittens waiting to be adopted. They have filled my life with so much love and laughter. Mici ([prounounced Mee-Chee,) was the runt of the litter and had health problems, which we battled together. He passed away last December at almost seven years old. Lillo, Mici's brother, continues to thrive and to give unconditional love and so much laughter. We miss our Mici ever single day. I will never Ever regret my decision to adopt my two beautiful boys.

Gabriela Amari
Brooklyn, NY
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