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This is Alora

After losing my cat of 13 years to a busted artery in his chest, the grieving process for me and his biological brother was horrendous.None of us had been apart since the day the born, except minus day trips, or work.Never for

more then a couple days at a time.Shortly after he had passed away, in walked a kitten, a very tiny kitten through the doors of my work place and no one saw her do it.She was feral, that I could tell and I had heard there was a litter of kittens across the street under a storage building.Some how she sneaked away from her mother, and managed to cross the busy intersection, and walk right into my store.I kept hearing little cries, but I could not find her. Once I finally did, she would not let me near her.I got a can of cat food from the shelf and opened it trying to coax her out from where she was hiding, and it worked.I snatched her up, took her to my office and fed and watered her. The local vet's office is right beside my work place, I took her over there, and asked if they could hold her.They said they could, but I'd have to get her by closing time. I agreed to foster her until she was old enough to be spayed, and then through web sites, maybe someone would give her a good home. It was not an hour after bringing her home, I realized I could never part with her. I think to this day, it was not I that rescued her, it was her that rescued me. I was still missing Oreo so much,she helped eased that pain. I believe Oreo sent her to me, so I could once be happy.

Saundra White
Mineral Wells, WV

My Moochie Poo

Moochie was a pound puppy. After battling cancer with our basset hound, Pappy for a year, and realizing that surgery was not an option anymore, we decided to let him rest in peace. He was a pound puppy that was neglected and abused, and tied down stairs in the basement and left for dead when the owners moved. He was a great dog. The silence in the house became too much, and I have never gone that long with no dog in my life. I talked my husband into looking the dogs at the local Humane Society. After walking through there repeatedly, and seeing all those dogs, I and them weakened him. In every cage dogs and puppies where bouncing around, wagging their tails, barking, except for Moochie. She just sat there, perfectly still, those big eyes staring at us with frightened interest. I asked if I could walk her outside, so we did. She calmly walked along, not paying us much mind. I told my husband this is the one. He said are you sure, there a lot of cuter puppies in there. I said ,"nope, she's the one!" So...we adopted her. We walked to the car, opened the back door, she hopped in and sat down. Perfectly still. I got in the passenger seat, and looked back at her, then to my husband and said, "what shall we name her?" I looked back at her, she jumped up and started licking me all over the face. We laughed so hard. She knew she had a new home and she was giving me mooches and smooches of gratitude. So...that is how Moochie came to be. She's the best!

Saundra White
Mineral Wells, WV

Our "Lover Boy" Rocky and Little Bella

Rocky came to us by way of a family friend. He was rescued from a local neighborhood where city people frequently drop off unwanted pets. He was an 18 pound one-eyed orange and white tabby with the biggest most lovable heart anyone could imagine. We fell in love with him the moment he came into our home. Our little Bella also came to us from the same friend. She was rescued from a barn close to the shelter. She was malnourished and at one year old she still looked like a kitten. She also had a severe gum infection. Our friend had two other cats who would pick on Bella as she was being fostered there. My mom decided to adopt her as well. They have brought so much love and joy to our house, and seeing Bella healthier, happier and re-cooperating from her gum disease with laser treatment is so rewarding. Though she is costing my mom a few pennies for the treatment it is worth every penny. We also have a black cat named Pierre who was a stray dropped off in our neighbourhood, and he is one crazy kitty! He and Rocky are best friends, they cuddle and play together all the time. All together we have 4 cats (The other is Whiskers, and she is the queen of the house!) and a dog, Sandy, and I prefer animal family members to humans. Non-stop love and appreciation.

I donated all of my birthday money to my local shelter, as the animals need it more than I do.

Adopt a shelter animal, they will give you more love than you will ever know and enrich your life with so much joy and happiness.

Thank you for all you do (Animal Rescue Site, fellow animal lovers and adopters).

Alana DeCoste
Collingwood, ON, Canada

Our Lucky Cat- Maneki Neko (from the Japanese)

My daughter found this little angel under a dumpster, on a cold rainy night. She had large, deep cuts all over her body as if a dog may have tried to kill her. My daughter was crying when she brought Neeko to me for first aid. I did not think she would live, there were so many lacerations. This sweet kitten actually purred while I was treated her wounds! She healed beautifully and the Vet said she must be one tough kitty and a very lucky one to have found us in time. Another night in the cold would have killed her. You cant even find the scars now. She purrs if I even look at her, and she follows me everywhere. She is the sweetest cat I have ever had, and I've rescued many! She is definately one Lucky Cat - Maneki Neko, hence her name Neeko.

lisa olson
temecula, CA

The Dog from France

I was feeling my maternal insticts kicking in and just needed to share the love I have for babies. At 53 you do not want another child, just to hold one and rock it to sleep. Then I decided I should get me a puppy to love and occupy my time. I have never had a dog that was only mine. A friend of a friend had adopted a tiny white furry dog from the Denton Humane Society and decided their family didn't want her any more. The friend asked if I would baby-sit the dog for a few days and if I decided I wanted her, I could keep her. If not, I could return her. Needless to say, I fell in love with her. She had been discarded, abused and did not look healthy. I felt as if I saved her life mentally and physically. She needed the love I have to give her; I needed what she has to offer. She is very loving and precious. Since she is a mix of a poodle, I named her Paris. She is my baby at 5 lbs.

Connie J. Dill
Denton, TX


We had lost our dog, Sophie, of nearly 14 years a year before Jojo showed up. He walked into our lives onto our front lawn June of 2008. He's a full bred Miniature Pinscher and weighs about 10 pounds. At first he wasn't too sure about my husband who was trying to coax him over to him and Jojo kept barking at him. When I came out of the house, he started hopping on his hind legs and just jumped into my arms! Over the first month we tried to find his owners by contacting the Houston SPCA, and local veterinarians in the area. We put posters up everywhere, but no one claimed him. We didn't think we would keep him, but as time wore on we fell in love with him. We'd been thinking about getting another dog, and wanted a big dog. However, Jojo has a big personality in a little package. He plays with one of our cats and chases the other around the house! Now he sleeps with us at night -- a mistake, but one we love!

Houston, TX

Lucy Agatha

Lucy Agatha was abandoned on a very busy bridge in 1996. I noticed her as I looked across the bridge at the on-coming traffic. I cannot imagine her fear as cars and trucks straddled her or veered into another lane to avoid hitting her. Nor can I imagine how I managed to go across the bridge, turn around and come back to rescue her. I was sure that she would be dead by the time I got there.

I picked her up gently and headed straight to the vet's office. She found a comfortable position on the car floor, stared directly into my eyes and started to purr, loudly. She had a severely fractured leg that required amputation. Our vet recommended euthanasia, but my husband said "If she was meant to die today, she would have been killed on the bridge." We took her home, wearing a hot pink cast, for a week so that she could stabilize and adjust before the surgery. The surgery went well and she was soon hopping around on three legs.

Thirteen years later, she is a happy, snuggly ball of love. I still shudder every time I think about that tiny kitten trapped and alone and I thank Saint Lucy for protecting her until I could reach her.

Nancy Steil
South Williamsport, PA

Our Hemi girl

This is our Hemi. She was in a kill shelter when we found her. We were looking for another dog for our Cuda May to have company. When we found Hemi, she was going to be put down the next day. She has an Immune disease and we think that is why she was in the shelter. We tried everything except surgery. The doctor didn't want to try steroids first but he listened to us and did it anyway. So, every 3-5 days she has a steroid pill. You can tell when it is time for one also, she won't eat her goodies and her tummy has the loadest rumbles. It sounds like she is hungry but isn't. We have had her now for about 8 years. Not sure of her age but she was between 1 & 2 when we got her. We think she might have had pups at one time but not sure. We found the tinyest kitten and brought it home and then found it a good home. She would not even let us near the kitten. That was her baby while it was here. It was neat. She likes to run all over if we let her. She got off the leash one time and ran in the woods after something. Our horrible relative/neighbors shot her. Said they were target practicing. She lived and it was a good thing. Only got her in the leg but she made her way through the back of the woods to our house and we drove (fast) to the hospital. She doesn't even seem different. She sprung back really good. Sorry the story is a little long but she is worth it.

Branson, MO

She rescued us

We had just lost our pet Australian Blue Heeler after 14 years and we were devastated. We found Sadie Samantha through the on-line site of our local Animal Rescue organization. When I met her at 11 weeks old, she was recovering from beginning her life under a mobile home and being covered with fleas. She stole my heart and eventually rescued my husband and me from our sadness. She is a joy!

Amy Faulkner
Liberty, NC

Rosie and Gibson

In September of 2003, our cat of 11 years - Francis - died after a long but non-suffering illness. We have always had a cat in our lives and by December, we knew we had to adopt a new kitten. We went to adoption day at PetsMart looking for a sweet kitten. My son was immediately drawn to a beautiful female Maine Coon mix about 9 months old. She was so sweet and immediately started licking his hand. Though my husband and I were sceptical of a more mature cat that had already had another human companion, we agreed. As we were walking out, I saw an orange and white male, 1 1/2 years old sitting so regally in his cage - nothing moving except his eyes following every person that walked by. As I looked into those eyes, I knew he had to come home with us.

So contrary to all reasonable thought, we adopted two older cats and brought them home. From the first moment, Rosie and Gibson became lifelong friends and watch over us and each other with loving hearts. We have since adopted 2 kittens and 3 other older cats. The kittens are fun and loving but the older cats not only demand attention, they give attention unconditionally and seem to appreciate it more because of their past - whether loved or unwanted. I recommend adoption of older cats to all my friends!

Cindy Cook
Macon, GA
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