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My Senior Girls

Both of my sweet old ladies were approximately 9 to 10 years old when rescued, one was left at the shelter because her family did not want to pay for treatment of her skin issues, the other was left, along with her beautiful little dog bed, for reasons unknown. Both are incredibly loving, great with children and other animals, and extremely well behaved. Each is a wonderful addition to our family. We usually rescue Seniors, they need your love and kindness as much or more than younger animals, and they give so much back to you in return. Rescue a Senior, you'll be glad you did.

Richardson, TX


I had made arrangements to pick up this 6 yr old Huskie/Lab mix on Monday March 30th. I found him thru Petfinders and his story had just touched my heart. The day I was to pick him up, my beloved German Shepherd, Danny (my only non-rescue) passed that very morning at the young age of 11 yrs. My best friends told me to go and pick Foster up anyway that Danny would understand that he needed a 'forever' home and that Foster would be well loved as he was. I went and picked him up and he is helping my other 3 cope. Especially my Rot'n'Lab, Shotze, that Danny trained well to take care of me.

Foster is a great dog and I can't believe that his owners of 5 yrs gave him up. He fits in very nicely here...thanks to all that helped me.

Shari Rose
Anna, OH

Match Made in Heaven

For years, I've wanted my own little red poodle like my mom's. But my husband said "no" to poodles. So, we got a Havanese puppy from a local breeder. But he was a handful! So much energy he exhausted us. My husband agreed that we needed to get another dog to keep him company while we were gone, and also to play with him when we were too tired. That's when I started praying and watching the Animal Rescue Site for a fit.

Of course I still wanted a poodle and I narrowed a search to that breed, but poodles at shelters was rare and I wasn't sure how my husband would feel about a poodle. A few days later, I saw this photo of this pitiful looking darker colored adult poodle that the shelter named "Lil Bit." I went to the shelter to see him and gasped because he was red. I was so excited I could barely contain myself. I wanted to take him home right away. But we had to jump through hoops, have a meet and greet, let the two dogs interact, etc. The "boys" hit it off immediately and played like brothers. Finally, we got to take him home, and he fit right in, as if he always lived with us and grew up with our Havanese. We named him "King Louis Vuitton" because he is so regal and also very fashionable. We call him Louie. The ironic thing is that the foster family who cared for him before we got him also called him Louie! Today, not quite a year later, we are all one happy family.

Shannon Sperte
Seattle, WA

chester , all dressed up and no where to go

Chester was rescued from the streets in Portland Maine. My mom brought him home to me for a birthday present,I used to always say to him " your all dressed up with no where to go !" He is one of the best things to ever happen to me. We had a long happy life for many years. He developed diabeities and kindney failure in Sept. of 2007. We fought for a long time, the diabetis was under control but his kidneys never got better. Sadly chester was peacefully laid to rest yesterday 3/31/2009. He was a wonderful companion and the best friend I could ever ask for. Rest in Peace Chester.

colorado springs, CO

Our Brassy

Our cat of 11 years "Jasper" (whom we saved from "death row" at our local humane society) passed due to an illness 5 years ago, We decided to adopt again. We adopted our "Brassy" who was also on "death row". She has been the perfect addition to our family. She is now 11 years old and though she can't see very well (if you'll notice she is very "cross-eyed"), she is the light and laughter of our days!! I urge everyone to adopt from your humane society, these pets are truly in need of good homes and lots of love. Even if you cannot adopt, I'm sure any donations of money food, toys and time would be a big help for these homeless animals. Please contact your local humane society and see what you can do to make a difference.

Cathy Owen
Fort Smith, AR

Frankie - King of the dogs

Frankie showed up early last summer while I was out walking the dogs. (We have three bulldogs and one beagle.) He was just a tiny kitten someone had put out. My husband is allergic to cats; but we decided to keep one more stray. It's turned out that Frankie doesn't set off the allergies. He loves chasing the dogs around and they love him. My deaf bulldog, Munson, is particularly fond of Frankie. The only problem is that Frankie gets slobbered a lot with all the doggie kisses.

Annette Foster
Taylors, SC

I was just driving to work, minding my own business...

when, as I was about to turn into work, I caught a glimpse of a stray, starving dog walking down the side of the road. He hesitantly came to me as I talked to him. He had no collar and I just had to take him with me, even if for the night, to get him off the road. I took him to work with me, and he just slept all night long. I took him home with me in the morning, but didn't intend to keep him, as I already have a dog and two cats at home, but he quickly became attached to me, and followed me everywhere, and he was such a good dog! So, after notifying animal control and putting an ad in the paper for a found dog, with no calls, Bentley is officially mine and loving his new home and life! He also goes to work with me every night! My co workers just adore him. I adore him too, and I love his company!

Kristen Leigh
Shepherdstown, WV

Mille, Katrina Recue

Hurricane Katrina and it's aftermath was a devastating time for not only the people of New Orleans, but the many abandoned animals as well. After the storm and when the city finally reopened to those residents who could return, we found Millie in a curbside gutter. She was the sole surivor of her litter with the mama cat deceased as well. Millie was barely alive and was only about 3 weeks old. Knowing she couldn't survive alone, we rescued her and bottle fed her every 4 hours until she could take solid food. She is now a much loved and amusing addition to our family. We attribute her extraordinarily good hunting skills to her questionable heritage from the streets of New Orleans. She and our Golden Retriever are very close and play together as though they are true sisters. Millie is quite a survivor and definitely hit the Kitty Jack Pot when we found her and brought her to live within our loving caring family. We are proud we were able to save at least one of the many animals that perished during and following the terrible disaster of Hurricane Katrina. We affectionately refer to her as our "Katrina Gutter Cat" who had the will (with our help) to survive, thrive, and become a treasured member of our family.

Belinda C. Sanchez
Baton Rouge, LA

Allie Finds A Home

While driving down a back road on the way to work one day, I came across the most pitiful dog I'd ever seen! She was a skeleton with fur hanging off in big clumps. I alway carry food in my car; so I opened the door to give her food, and she flew into the front seat of my car and wouldn't move. I took her to the vet and had her checked out. She is a full-blooded German Shepherd but with deformed ears.

Allie is the sweetest and most affectionate dog I've ever had.

Nancy Dowdey
Rossville, TN

Our Perfect Girl!

This is Jackie (or by her 'full' name Jackie Gingersnap!). We adopted her from the Toronto Humane Society in October 2003 after her television appearance on CP24. She was just so beautiful, and her story of being abandoned in an apartment after her original owners moved broke our hearts. We knew then we just had to have her! She was 8 years old at that time, and she also had had cancerous tumors removed from her front legs, with a 50/50 chance of it returning. That did not deter us in the least! We took her home, gave her all the love & attention we could pour out, and she fell in love with us too. Her cancer did come back - in both legs - but thanks to the great folks at the Ontario Vet College in Guelph, Ontario Canada, we had the tumors removed and radiation done. I've always believed in fate, and we were meant to see that TV interview that day. She chose us, as much as we chose her and she has brought far more to our lives than we can ever give her!"

Laura Lawton & Chuck Magee
Whitby, ON, Canada
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