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Nammie showed up at our house as a tiny kitten hiding in a fallen tree after a terrible storm six years ago. No one responded to our fliers about a lost kitten so we gladly added him to our family. The tiny kitten has grown to 16 pounds and still thinks he is a lap cat. He's the self-appointed king in our house of three other cats and two dogs.

Becky Sater
Eads, TN

My Boys, Gus and Gibson

When I lost Tory, I didn't think I would be able to have another cat in my life. I had decided to get brothers if I did, but it was so painful to lose Tory that I refused to even look at pictures of kittens.

Despite this, one Friday almost 2 years after losing Tory, seemingly against my own wishes, I went to, searched for male kittens, and saw Button. I fell in love. And, when I read that he had a brother also up for adoption and I saw his brother, Mr. Bigglesworth, I fell doubly in love.

I couldn't stop thinking about them. The next day, I called the number listed, and drove an hour away to pick them up.

Now named Gus and Gibson, my boys have filled my life with laughter. Gus is my joy, and Gibson is my heart. Together, they are My Boys, and I couldn't love them more. One and a half years later, they have grown into beautiful and loving cats, but they will always be my babies and I will always strive to be worthy of them.

Tulsa, OK

Hurricane Katrina survivor

I love cats & never imagined a Siamese would enter my life. I already have 3 shelter darlings & thought I'd go to North Shore Animal League to help with survivors they had brought to my area. Yang is just beautiful & filled with love and gratitude. He moved right in & I'm so glad I took him home. Lynne

Lynne Veitch
New York, NY

"Thief of my Heart"

Thunder is a 12 year old Westie who loves chasing squirrels and being outside. He loves going to the park and exploring the mountain trails at his Granny's. His pet peeves are baths and not getting to patrol his yard.

This is our Story

I moved to Myrtle Beach 4 yrs. ago and was so lost and lonely. One day, about 2 wks. later, I looked out my window and saw a little white dog tied outside laying in the sun. I flew out the door & went over & started playing with him, this went on every day for about 2 wks. Then his owner an older gentleman in his 80's came out and introduced himself (Wendell), he was no longer able to walk his little dog (Thunder) so I immediately volunteered for the job. We became fast friends, really good friends and as Wendells health declined I took over the care of Thunder. Wendell passed away Sept. 07 and he left me with his most treasured companion,Thunder. I like to say we saved each other, they saved me from depression, I saved them from loneliness. Thunder and I definitely have a special relationship, it's one that God put in the making especially for us. :)

Thunder truly is the "Thief of my Heart"

Tamara Sherrill
Myrtle Beach, SC

Muad Dib

When I lost Muad Dib I at age 14 (white Black Forest cat with gray tail and gray "mouse" shape on his head) I was devestated. But several weeks later, I felt the urge to find a red kitty, and a friend's sister had a cat who had had 4 boys. We went to see them, and she brought out 3 of the boys, 2 "siamese", 1 tabby, no red kitty. When I said I wanted a red baby, she reluctantly brought out a small bundle of screaming red kitty! The moment she put him into my hands he stopped yowling, and nuzzled for two hours asleep at my neck. She couldn't believe it, as he hadn't stopped howling since he was born. Needless to say, we brought Muad Dib II (the Red) home, and he's been my constant Reiki companion ever since -- Muad Dib I returned, with the same behavior patterns, and the same big heart and sweet personality. He's my treasure, along with my other 4 babies (we took 3 of the boys home with us, Sebastian (Siamese look-a-like), and Belgarath (the tabby). He sits each day with me when I send Reiki healing to animals in need, and he sleeps at my head or on my chest every night. He's my dearest companion.

Dr. Elizabeth King
Las Vegas, NV

Nora and Alexander

It began with a chance sighting of what looked to be my neighbor's white cat running in the bushes... upon closer inspection, we saw two mottled kittens with her. I took a picture to my neighbors and they confirmed their cat had kittens. (She was an outdoor cat) They said the mom had taken the two darker kittens away and abandoned the two all white ones that looked like her in their backyard. She stopped visiting them when they were about 2 1/2 weeks old!

I offered to take the kittens. They were SO TINY The girl would try to nurse on the fuzzy cushion I made for their bed. They never did care for the tiny bottle I bought to feed them with, but would lap kitten formula from a saucer. They've been the most wonderful babies. We had them altered of course, and they live contentedly indoors.Alexander is very snuggly, out "arctic lion" and Nora is Princess of the manor, regal as any queen.

Renee Adams
Arlington, TX

Sami the Gerbil

Sami was abandoned, along with 12 other gerbils, in such a way that they were inflicting serious injuries on each other. Rabbit Rescue Inc. took them in and gave them the second chance they deserved, along with the medical care they needed. I adopted Sami when I was looking for a buddy for my other rescued gerbil Zeus. In the beginning Sami was a very frightened little guy, he spooked at the sound of my voice, cringed at the smell of my hand when offered treats and stayed hidden most of the time. Today he is the most relaxed and fun loving gerbil who loves to hang out with his buddy, zip around his exercise yard, sit on my hand for a treat, and climb up onto my shoulder for a look at his new world.

Pakenham, ON, Canada

$500 Shelter Cat

My cat Claude had just died suddenly at age 9 from an aneurysm and I was searching daily for a cat of similar breed since Claude had such a sweet "purrsonality." I found a cat named Ira in Columbus, Indiana that was so beautiful and his description said he was very sweet too. I knew this was the cat for me. My husband at the time could not believe I wanted to drive over five hours to adopt a cat, but I insisted and we went to meet Ira. When they brought him out of his cage he climbed on my shoulder, started "talking" to me and even gave me a smooch. They told us that when they found him he was not neutered, flea infested, and had ear mites (not to mention it was January and extrememly cold). When we got him home we took him to our veterinarian who discovered he also had a wound on his leg that he believed was an animal bite that had become abcessed. By the time we got him all healed up we figured that including the trip to get him, adoption fees, and vet bills, he cost around $500.00. I knew that I could have bought a purebred cat for that money but Smoochie (we changed his name) is one-of-a-kind and definitely worth every penny.

Joanna Baron
Benwood, WV

My Lucky Day!

One evening I was driving home from work on a rather busy country road and noticed a small "face" peering at me from the narrow shoulder. I stopped my car immediately (in the middle of the road) and jumped out. What I found on the side of the road was an emaciated, naked, flea ridden little cat. I scooped him up and wisked him home with me. I put him in a warm, safe place away from my other animals and gave him water and lots of food. I then took him to my vet in the morning and asked her to examine him and do what she could, totally expecting that he would not survive for long. My vet called me later that day and said "There is nothing wrong with this kitty, except that he is starving, has fleas and is very old." I took him home and named him Rusty because when his hair grew back he was a wonderful medium hair orange tabby. Rusty turned out to be the delight of my life! He had the most endearing personality and everyone that met him, fell in love with him! Because of his age and frailty, I knew that we would not have long together, but he was my constant companion, following me around the house and sleeping with me every night, usually on my head. We we lucky enough to have Rusty in our lives for 2 and a half years and the world . . . at least my world, is a better place because of him. My husband and I both miss him very much, but his gratefulness and the unconditional love he gave to us has touched our hearts forever. Thank you, Rusty.

Lynn Law
Oregon City, OR

Our angel straight from heaven

One night in July 2002 after a party at our subdivision clubhouse, a small orange and white tabby cat appeared in the parking lot near several neighbors and me. I told myself "if she comes over and rubs against my legs, I'm taking her home!" As if she just knew me, she came right over, I picked her up and carried "Honey" happily home in my arms. She's been "my little girl" ever since and sleeps with me every night. Honey has been such a blessing to my husband (a former "Mr. I Hate Cats") and me, it's difficult to imagine how we ever got along before she came into our lives.

Susie Payne
Smyrna, GA
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