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Taking Charge

The house behind our neighbor's had 2 cats, but one day they just up and left them when they moved. The cats weren't used to people because they were never allowed inside or cared for. However, my family and our neightbors worked real hard and finally got the cats to trust us. They kept one and we kept the other, and they're now fully cared for pampered kitties! Here is the one we kept-Charger!

Sandy, UT

Justice in DC

I found Justice at the Arizona Humane Society. After 12 years together in Phoenix, we moved to Washington DC. Justice really enjoys touring the monuments, memorials, and other points of interest in our Nation's Capital.

Washington, DC

Double the fun, Double the love

My husband and I adopted a stray cat that landed on our door step. We got him neutered and named him Murphy. He is grey and white and is a big baby. He was 5 pounds when he showed up and is 2 years old. He has gained a few pounds since being with us. We decided he needed a friend to play with so we also adopted another cat that was a year old from the humane society. We named him Marty, he is orange and white. Both cats got along together fairly quickly. Within a week of sniffing each other, they now play with each other, clean each other and sleep with each other like brothers do. I am posting a picture of Marty resting on top of Murphy. They both meow for lots of attention and now know what it feels like to be loved.

Kensington, PE, Canada

The Adventures of Cottontail

My husband had promised me that I could adopt a pet cat once we'd settled into our new flat. The wait was agonizing, but a few weeks later we drove down to the local Animal Anti-Cruelty League... They showed us all the cute little kittens first and our hearts melted, but we went on to see the adult cats. Listening to their background stories - I wanted to take them all home. Lastly we came to Melody's cage; apparently no one had wanted her because of her fluffy coat (they were concerned about allergies and shedding? As if short-haired cats don't shed). She'd been found wandering the streets, she was pregnant and her owners could not be located. Her pregnancy was aborted and she was later sterilized. The poor girl had been in that cage at the AACL for 6 months! I took one look at those big golden eyes and fluffy bunny-like paws and fell instantly in love.

We renamed her 'Cottontail' and took her into our home and our hearts. At first she was a little unsure of her new surroundings and would follow us like a shadow around the apartment. But after time and lots of love, she has become fully confident and now rules the roost. She has such character! No longer the timid little creature we first saw - her lovable and quirky personality has come to the fore; as playful as any kitten (probably making up for lost time). I can sincerely say we have enriched and brightened each other's lives.

Trish Storbeck
Cape Town, South Africa

He rescued us!

I found Cimmaron's picture quite by accident. He's a husky who was given honorary space on a labs rescue page! We already had a 3 yr. old husky and were not even thinking of getting another dog. One look at his face and I was hooked, the paperwork was done!

It took over 2 days for the transport vehicle to arrive from Tenn. and the pick up location was about 1.5 hrs. from our home. Cimmy was so nervous on the way "home" he sat in my husbands lap the whole time. And he still had to meet his new and older husky sister; Tasha. What a stressful few days for this "little boy". Could he handle all this trauma? Well, he survived all the trauma quite well and quickly proved to be the sweetest and most loving dog. There couldn't be a better match!

Tasha and Cimmy became fast friends and are now just about joined at the hip! Tasha has lost most of her eyesight from diabetes and Cimmy has appointed himself her "guide" dog. He leads the way when they go "outside" and waits for her before he heads back in. He wakes us if she needs to go out at night. He won't even take a treat until she has taken hers first! He is the best companion and is happy just being near us. He loves going for walks and rides (though I think he would prefer to drive) and has lots of friends at our local dog park. He plays while Tasha "holds court" but keeps a watchful eye on her if any other dog tries to bother her. He takes such good care of her and us! We can't imagine life without our "little boy" - he really rescued us!

Cathy McNerney
Hamden, CT

Mattie Grace

I was on this site doing the free click, I had lost my Fox terrier of 13 years in July, I clicked on petfinder just to look. When I saw Mattie she was so precious so we called about her and adopted her that week! She is a very smart little thing and already has brought so much joy into our lives! She loves squeaky toys, and being cuddled and sleeps at the foot of mine and hubby's bed! this site is great and I am so happy to have been invited to it and find our baby, she was already name Mattie and we gave her the middle name of Grace :)

Thanks to all the sponsors and people that click each day!

The Price Family


And a special thanks to her former foster parent JoEllen!

Mattie was adopted from the Weatherford (Parker county facility)

Palo Pinto, TX

Yukon, from Fear to Family

After our beloved Rusty passed away, we allowed her sister Nikki, our 10 year old Siberian Husky, to pick out a new buddy. We "interviewed" numerous middle aged Huskies but she chose a 6 month old! He wanted to play and she wanted to play, so we adopted him. I don't know if she remembered her time at the rescue center or just what, but she seemed to know he needed her.

Once we got him home, it seemed that all the poor puppy could do was cower in the corner or hide in one of the dog houses. He panicked when touched in certain places, leading us to believe that he had been abused.

Yukon was afraid to get in the car, afraid of the leash, afraid of strangers and even of my husband. We spent long hours sitting on the deck allowing him to tower over us. I gave him lots of positive attention and treats when he cooperated. Nikki showed him the ropes and over time he developed trust in me and even learned some behavioral tricks like sit, come, shake hands, lie down, go to bed, etc! Of course treats helped the process along. Eventually Yukon learned to trust my husband and now loves going for walks and car rides. He learned to "heal" by watching Nikki on a leash with me. We made trips to the vet's office and pet stores, allowing him to see that not everyone is mean.

The biggest test came when we took Yukon and Nikki to a neighborhood festival. We walked the streets, sat listening to a band, and allowed people to pet our "kids". Yukon is now 2 and my pride must have been evident whenever anyone showed an interest in him and I told them his story.

Karen Birch
Escondido, CA

Vicious Turned Loving

Gremlin was a small vicious kitten that was trapped and taken from the wooded area he was living in. I first met him when I went to my friends house and saw him inside the condo he was being kept in. I was told that he and his two sisters were very mean and could not be handled.

I asked to take care of him and try to turn his frown into a smile. I was later contacted to take him when she thought it was best to separate him from his sisters. He came to me in a small cage that he had to be kept in do to his temper tantrums and so he could see how the other cats in my house interacted with me. I tried to handle him wearing gloves and he bit through the glove. I then realized that he was very stubborn and forcing him to like me was not going to work. With the help of a few online tips I started to hand feed him chicken and bacon. He soon realized I wasn't so bad and he let me pet his little head. He thought to himself, gee that feels really good and I should let her do that more. As I was cooking the chicken I would pick him up and hand him a piece of chicken that I had let cool.

After several times of allowing me to pick him up he started purring and I knew I had him.

He is now a very sweet, comical, loving kitten. Gremlin is currently learning to sit with the use of chicken.

His sisters found good loving homes.

Lisa Gemmel
Hamilton, NJ

Callie picks a mom

A couple of years after the death of my beloved Clover I felt it was finally time to head to the local shelter and adopt a new cat. I was leary as I had just got my entire house repainted, carpeted and bought new furniture...and new pets can be unpredictable. Well, off to the shelter I went. When I first walked into the cat room this little calico kept running around my feet. The worker said she was a "special needs" kitty so I kept looking. No other cat seemed to "take" to me but the little calico wouldn't leave me alone. So I picked her up and immediately the worker said "she doesn't like to be held". Hmm, she curled up in my arms just fine. So I said to the worker "let's talk special needs". She said the kitty needed special food that can only be purchased at the vet since regular food crystalized her urine. My response was "that's all"? I can handle buying bags of dry food at the vet's office. So I decided to take the little calico home with me. I named her Callie (original huh?). But it fits her. She spent the first 2 weeks under my bed until she realized it would be more comfortable sleeping on the bed instead. Since then we have become insepartable. She sleeps with me and sits on my shoulder when I'm at the computer or watching TV. I am so glad she picked me!

Timarie Maske
Joliet, IL

Mr. Nibs

This gorgeous cat almost didn't survive! A friend of mine heard kittens crying and crawled under his porch. He sadly found two dead kittens and a tiny black one. He took the kitten and showed his mother. She was shocked because his frail body was crawling with fleas. The vet didn't seem too hopeful that the dehydrated, flea-ridden kitten would make it but he gave it his best shot. When the kitten recovered, my friend's mother gave him to me (she is allergic to cats). Seven years have passed and Mr. Nibs is a muscular, thirteen pound cat. He is very affectionate and loves to play with my pet rabbits. Mr. Nibs will turn anything into a toy (a plastic cap, the curtains and much to my chagrin, toilet paper). He has brought a lot of happiness to my life and everyone he comes in contact with. He has even stolen the hearts of many self-professed "dog lovers."

Farrah Zori
Lowell, MA
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