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Our angel straight from heaven

One night in July 2002 after a party at our subdivision clubhouse, a small orange and white tabby cat appeared in the parking lot near several neighbors and me. I told myself "if she comes over and rubs against my legs, I'm taking her home!" As if she just knew me, she came right over, I picked her up and carried "Honey" happily home in my arms. She's been "my little girl" ever since and sleeps with me every night. Honey has been such a blessing to my husband (a former "Mr. I Hate Cats") and me, it's difficult to imagine how we ever got along before she came into our lives.

Susie Payne
Smyrna, GA

The 110 Winnie

Hi, I'm three-year-old Winnie, and I'm looking for a home! I was left tied by a guard rail on the 110 freeway, but luckily a wonderful woman saw my adorable face and rescued me immediately. I am now feeling healthy, safe, and secure, and am ready to find a family of my own to love. I am an incredibly sweet girl who loves people and gets along with most other dogs, especially my foster family's seven-month-old puppy. I'm not too crazy about cats, though, so I need to live in a "dogs only" house! I have a laid back nature, but I have plenty of energy for my daily walks, or to play with a ball or another dog.

I am spayed, vaccinated, and microchipped. I am also completely house trained. I love to cuddle up with my person, and I promise that if you adopt me, I will always give you lots of kisses (my favorite activity!) to show my appreciation. If you would like to meet me, please call Cathy at (424) 247-7260 or send an email to:

Catherine Thomsen
Hermosa Beach, CA

peanut's rescue

my kitten was born down at our barn in an empty horse stall in the middle of a manure pile.a persian cat we had down there had 3 kittens.the next day i went down there 2 of the kittens were dead and only one survived.i put him in the end stall where there was some straw.mama cat went in there and sat with him. the next morning i went down to the barn to check on him he was gone.mama cat had moved him in the next stall with our mare. fearing she would get stepped on i moved him back in the empty stall. the next morning when i went to the barn the mama cat had moved him again in with our mare and since she knew he was there now i just left him in there.2 weeks later mama cat got killed out on the road in front of our house so i nursed the kitten on a got cold down at the barn so i brought him in the house and put him in a laundry basket with towels to keep him warm.when he got older i let him out of the basket to run around and he followed me everywhere. i then put a litter box down on the floor and he soon started using it.i then started him on solid food. i named him peewee but as he got older we renamed him peanut. i saved his life twice and then we had to have our schnauzer dog put to sleep so that is how peanut became our house pet.he is spoiled rotten but we love him very much.he is 5 yrs. old now and will have a good home for life.

Brenda Witt
Pana, IL


One blistering hot August day in southern Georgia my husband and I wandered into a truckstop. The parking lot steamed in the unrelenting sun. Every person in sight sheltered themselves inside air-conditoned buildings or gathered around fans, stifled and sweating. The thermometer read 104 degrees.

We dreaded the prospect of walking our 1 1/2 year old, 115 pound German Shepherd in this heat, and knew that once we went outside our walk would be short and sweaty. But the walk was a necessity.

I was not what you would call a dog-lover. This was my husband's puppy, and I had learned to make friends with him as best I could. I had never been the sort of person to approach a stranger's dog. I've always been, particularly, a cat person.......until I saw Raegel.

12 weeks old, pure white, tiny, skinny, hungry, panting and wired to a trailer in the middle of that inferno of parking lot! We walked near and I surprised myself to hear my own voice saying, "What a pretty puppy"! She captured me instantly with her beautiful brown eyes.

We tracked down the owner, who proceeded to explain what an awful, stupid dog and waste of money she was. She had broken up his marriage, he said, and this was her punishment. He had given her a death sentence to starve and bake in an asphalt oven.

We paid him on the spot and took her to our truck. She required zero acclimation time. The dogs became inseparable pals, she and I are inseparable best friends, and I have benefitted immensely from the power of joy and life-spirit that is this sweetest of creature's defining characteristic.

Tammy H.
State Road, NC

Happy and Free

I rescued this little girl from a kids camp where I was doing some construction work for them. I would go to work an hour or so early each morning to bring some food for her and talk to her. She had no fear of me and I finally got her into a cage and brought her to my home where I have a platform on the back of my house that I put out food for several raccoons that come around. She hung around till late fall over a year ago and then I did not see her anymore, so I figured that she had gone off on her own.

Much to my surprise, 3 nights ago I was awakened by a scratching at the window outside my bedroom where the platform is. I thought that it was strange since the raccoons generally don't want me to know they are there and are very quiet.

I got up and went out and took some treats and dogfood with me for whoever might be there and here she was sitting on the platform. She even brought a baby with her to meet me, although her baby isn't quite so sure about me. She bounced around and chittered at me and then came over and put her paw on my hand as if to say "Hi, I knew I would find you again". The next night I went out and she sat on the edge of the deck with me staring out into the woods with her paw on my hand for around 1/2 an hour or so.

These rescues give me so much joy and love and take a piece of my heart with them when they leave, but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

Bill Ellick
Long Lake, NY

Our first cat - one of many!

Always being dog people, we lost our beloved Golden Retriever, Maggie after 13 years. We always joked she would send us a new animal when we were ready. One day my husband and nephew were in the garden, and a little black cat rubbed up against them. Skinny, ribs showing, skittish, but definitely hungry. We slowly gained his trust and now Stanley lives inside, where he is warm, happy, spoiled and never hungry! (and now he has two cat brothers and a Golden sister - all strays and rescues.

Sue Pagels
La Porte, IN

Our Boy Tyson

We are Tyson's third home. This poor guy was tied to a basketball pole during the day and put in the basement at night. They said he couldn't be walked on a leash so he never was. Luckily we found him through Boxer Buddies Rescue. He's a certified therapy dog now and is addicted to his daily walks. We are grateful to Boxer Buddies for allowing us to adopt this wonderful boy and are so happy that we are able to give this guy the good life he deserves.

Lisa Barker
Worcester, MA

Our crazy calico

We never knew how crazy calicos were until Mouse adopted us.

One night we heard pitiful meowing outside. Try as we might, we couldn't coax her close. She cried all night in the rose bushes. I had said "we have two cats, we don't have room for more." By the time my partner came home in the morning, I'd cornered her in the rose bushes, and there she was with soft food and fresh water and a blanket to sleep on.

She was full of fleas, injured badly, and emaciated. Her hind legs wouldn't work very well, and she had to be eight weeks old at the most. Then we recognized her... this tiny kitten, child of a neighbor's neglected pet, had braved dog and cat attacks and cold just to get to us. We had to constantly hold her because she couldn't keep her body temperature stable.

But she rallied, and is now the sassiest, craziest calico huntress you could ever hope to meet. Mouse earned her name because of her tiny voice. We love her and she loves us. Her siblings are still uncatchable strays, but she has been spayed and has her forever home.

Elma, WA

Shelter visit turns into adoption

I was on a regular visit with a client in a small Texas Panhandle town, when I saw some photographs on the wall at City Hall of some of their dogs and cats at their local animal control office. The City Manager at the time convinced me to come out and visit the location, as it happened to be next to our project site anyway. I went out and looked at the dozen or so dogs, and was intrigued by this all white, puppy-ish dog, not quite an adult. I was told the other dogs picked on him a bit and he had to be put into his own cage because of that. The officer let him out and the local stray cat (ironic, i know) wasn't afraid of him at all. This dog was deaf which made communicating with him very difficult. I liked the way he kept staring at me though. Needless to say, I left that day... but not before I arranged adoption and neuter procedures with the local vet. I flew up, picked him up the next weekend, and drove the 5 hours home with my new companion. Cosmo is the most attentive dog you'll ever find. He loves other animals, dogs, birds, cats...everyone. He actually is the easiest to train as his full attention is on you during sounds to distract him. Best dog I've ever owned. I later found out that Cosmo was the only dog to be adopted that year. It saddens me that so many have to die in our overcrowded, underfunded shelters. I'm glad I found this one though, he deserved a long, happy life. I know mine is better because of him.

Matt Hopper
Saginaw, TX

From Ugly Duckling to Beautiful Swan, She Went Through It All!

I found Tic-Tac at my old house one day after school. I normally just go to pick up the mail and leave, but every now and then I'll see a few stray cats; most of the time I can't get within 3 feet of them. That day I saw a kitten about the size of my hand, moving really slow; slow enough for me to pick it up. When I did, I noticed her eyes were crusted shut so she couldn't see, and all I felt was skin and bones. I picked her up and brought her home to show my dad. Normally when I bring strange cats home, he tells me to take them back; but this time he said if I could nurse her back to health, I could keep her. I called the vet and asked what I should do, but since it was a Friday, I couldn't take her in. I had to go to the store to get some Pedialite and a syringe to force feed her. At first, she didn't want to be fed, but she finally warmed up to me. Every time I left her alone, she cried, so I had to sleep with her on my shoulder. It was like that for about a month, then she slowly started sleeping everywhere else too.

We decided to name her Tic-Tac because when I found her, she needed one. It's a miracle she's even alive today, but it's not all because of me. My cat, Miss Lola, took her in (even without ever having kittens of her own), and helped nurse her back to health. Now, 9 months later, she's blossomed into a beautiful 12lb cat. She's overcome so much and we love her to death. We honestly couldn't live without her now!

Sammi Jo Scott
Waco, TX
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