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Peanut and Nettie

Hi Animal lovers,

I rescued my little woman Nettie (bottom left in the picture) from a kill shelter through She had heartworms but is heartworm free now. She and her big brother Peanut are such little lovers. They are both my children. They fill my life with so much love. They are mistaken for brother and sister because of their similiar looks. Mister Peanut was so sweet when Nettie came home to us but he has learned to become even more cuddly since Miss Nettie came into both our lives. Please Adopt from animal rescue shelters and let's make sure they will all find a loving home.

Thanks, Lori from Florida

Tampa, FL

Bubba Rescued and Lives at Our House!

15 years ago I went to the Shelby County AL Humane Society with a goal to adopt 2 kittens. I found a fuzzy female but couldn't find a male. On the way out, I happened to glance in a corner cage and there he was...a tiny black and white kitten. The Humane Society helpers said he was less than 6 weeks old and had been dumped outside the shelter. They didn't think he would live, but look at him now! At first we named him BB for Busy Boy because he was so active, but he quickly became BubBa because he is so big and loving.

Ginger Talbert
Birmingham, AL

Princessita Missy

Missy is my little Silver/white Princess. She was owned by the neighbors next door who could not keep her. She was bedraggled, thin and had bloody gums, but her owners never got around to taking her to the Vet. One day I catnapped her and I took her to the vet. Then they allowed me to have her.

THAT was my LUCKY day. Much money later and no teeth, Missy is the most courageous, most loving tiny girl EVER. She has her own bed by a space heater, goes out back to sun herself and climbs the ladder to check over her property. She takes care of her "boys" (her brothers) and gives me so much love that she makes me feel like the luckiest person in the world. I am truly HONORED to be her person, and I love her MORE than I can ever begin to say!

Heidi Helene Christensen
Modesto, CA

God Sent Him

We live in the wood and he came along almost 3 years ago. At the time we had two older cats and our vet bills were outragous. So my husband tried to trap him but for some reason the trap didn't work. Were weren't going to keep him so I called him the Little One. See how well that worked out he's still here. So I just kept feeding him and got him a dog house which was defective had a replacement and I called an Organization called Stray Cat Blues( they handle strays and feral cats ) and gave the house to them. I told the guy that I didn't know what I was going to do since we had two older cats that were costing a fortune every month he asked if I could afford $50.00 which I agreed . So now I had to trap a cat that just started to trust me (he hates people and still does) and I had just lost the" love of my life "( he was sixteen) the week before which looked just like this one. Now by this time he weighed 12lbs and I called him Little One. Everyone told me that he wouldn't come back for at least two days if not longer. The next morning at 5:45AM I called him and he came running and rubbing right against me. I say God sent him to me help me get thru putting my baby down. Which he did help I still had another boy quite old (17) and had so many things wrong with him I almost became a tech. I just lost him almost 9 months so now Spunky is the only one I have that's what I named him. He now weighs 14.2lbs.

Green Lane, PA

Heather's Kitties

In Phoenix, stray cats give birth to litters all over the place. But my 14-year-old granddaughter was still surprised when these four adorable faces peeked out of the shrubs around their pool.

The next day when she went to look for them, the mother had moved them...but where?

Heather and her brother, Jacob, knocked on doors and put up flyers all over the neighborhood until they had located the litter. They put the 5-week olds in a box and took them home.

They were wild, hissey little bundles of fur that wanted nothing to do with humans for the first week or so, but with patience and gentleness have turned into loving pets...yes, they kept them all! They have regular vet visits and are all spayed/neutered.

The boys are Yin and Yang and the girls are Willow and Cocoa Chanel. They are very entertaining and bring much joy to the house.

Janice G
Rio Rancho, NM


My susan and I were doing our daily walk around the ring road that circles the city park and saw this young black lab mix spinning around and then stopping with a raised paw as each walker or jogger came by.

No one stopped and few even bothered to notice.

We did.

That was 10 years ago.

Toby has diabetes and needs insulin shots. He's lost his eyesight but not his wonderful heart and spirit.

When I came home from heart surgery two years ago, I awoke the following morning to find every toy toby owned placed up on the bed beside me and my faithful friend with his head on the bed next to mine.

He isn't my pet..I'm his human.

Rich McCarthy
Buffalo, NY

Lucky Dog

While dropping off supplies at my Animal Shelter this little old lady was being turned in because her owners couldn't care for her anymore. Although I had two other rescues at home, I just couldn't walk away. I am happy to say she fit right in and now I couldn't imagine life without her.

Sharon Rauch
Panama City, FL

My Hero

Tiki ( a Flame Point ) came to me by my son who brought him home when he returned from British Columbia Canada. They flew out to Ontario when he was just 11 weeks old. I fell in love with him the second I took him out of his flight cage. He is the sweetest most loving animal one could have. He and his siblings were abbondoned out in BC and my son found homes for all of them except Tiki, who he knew had to come home with him. 4 years later this awesome friend saved my life. He is forever safe , loved and will never have a worry in his life! And we have an awesome cat we cherish and adore and yes spoil rotten! About a year ago we got him a friend, a seal point siamese who was resucued from a kitten mill and now Tiki is happy as anything because he has a buddy he adores and they are best friends. Rat ( the new one ) keeps Tiki fit and happy and us laughing at thier antics

K. Boudreau
Cornwall, ON, Canada

Small Head, Big Heart

After a late evening, I stopped at a local convenience store for some Gummi Bears. On the way in, I noticed a small black kitten crying on the doorstep. I asked the clerk if he knew anything about the cat, but all he could tell me is that he had been there for hours. When I went back outside, I looked down and asked the kitten, "Well, what the heck are you doing out here?" He looked up, said "Mrrow!" very decisively, fell over onto my shoes, and started purring. That was it...I knew he'd be mine forever. He is now a gorgeous, shiny cat who lovingly head-butts everyone he meets and even makes friends with dogs. Sure, his head is small, his tail is crooked and his belly swings from side to side when he runs...but he's my one and only Frank.

April Block
Omaha, NE


When Tara passed from her cancer, my husband, who has allergies, said we shouldn't have any more cats. I reluctantly agreed (he is taking medication for his condition). About two months later, my neighbor asked me to come over and meet the kitty they found living in a box at a car dealership. She said that I could better describe the cat to others if I saw it in person - so I agreed to help find this cat a new home. When I saw him, and he looked up at me so sweetly, I knew I had to be the one to adopt him! I treated my husband to a nice dinner and paid for it - that was the tipoff - he asked what I was up to! I told him about the cat - and pleaded to accept the cat on a "trial basis" - I would do everything to keep the dander down and my husband's sneezing under control too!. Well, this trial basis has lasted 5 years now! Muffy and my hubby have bonded very well together - he's the love of our lives - that dinner was well worth the investment!

East Hampton, CT
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