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Bubbie comes home

We found Bubbie at a PetSmart adoption with the local Humane Society. He had been adopted and returned and spent most of his five years in a shelter. When he climbed the side of the pen and took my coat sleeve between his teeth, I knew he had to come home with us, although I did not know how my baby Simon, a very spoiled little chihuahua, would like it. As it turns out, they get along really well and Bubbie has been with us over a year now. He is a big lap puppy and a big Mama's boy...and I don't know what we ever did without him.

Annette Sutton
Maiden, NC

Our "Bo" Man

Bo and his sister Annie were found huddled behind a grocery loading dock in the rain when they were approximately 9 days old. Their eyes were just starting to open up. I fed them both every 2 hours with a formula I got from a vet from a tiny toy baby bottle. My intention was to nurse them for a few months and then find homes for both kittens. We fell in love with both of them and by the time they were old enough to survive and leave our home, we knew we couldn't part with them. We lost precious Annie several years ago but Bo continues to bring us love and happiness everyday. He's our miracle cat....he's the "Bo" man!

Marcie Matassa
Fullerton, CA

Murphy Bunny

My bunny, Buster, died of old age in 2007. I was devastated and wouldn't even think of getting another bunny. Several months passed and one of my friends sends me a link to A local animal shelter has a bunny whose time has ran out. He's been there over four months and they just can't keep him any longer. I drop everything and head to the shelter. Now usually they have you fill out the forms and then they schedule an interview and a home visit. They let me hold him, he climbed on my shoulder, started purring, I started crying and they said, fill out the forms, he's yours, take him home. And that's how Murphy Bunny came to my house. He is my bunny boy and my pride and joy. He makes me laugh every night when I get home from work, no matter how bad of day I had. He is currently being bonded with a girl who I named Madelaine. Hopefully they will live happily ever after, once they stop beating each other up! :)

Martinsburg, WV

Jack's Rescue

Jumping-Jack-Black-the-Tuxedo-Cat-Sparrow was about 2 mos. old when he was left to die in a hole covered by a board outside a restaurant. It was early December and the temperature was in the teens. He was crying at the top of his lungs! As soon as I lifted the board, he jumped into my arms. I was not sure my 7 yr old "sensitive" cat would accept him, but I could not leave him there to freeze to death. We nursed him back to a healthy, happy & boisterous kitten. As it turns out, my Ginger, his new big sister, loves him dearly. He has helped us both through a very difficult time. He makes us laugh everyday. He is our little hero.

Morgantown, WV

Lady Kotton

Kotton is my Siamese girl who came to me from next door. Owners would not spay her and she got pregnant and they gave her up.

I took her and had her spayed and she has become the loveliest, sweetest, lovingest, and most protective Ice Blue Eyed girl EVER. It was a great day in MY life when she adopted me. She is my almost constant shadow and and never stops letting me know she loves me.

Heidi H Christensen
Modesto, CA

Simon LeFranz

Two years ago, Simon's previous owners had to move from their house to a trailer and were going to drop him off at the pound. My husband and I took him in and haven't stopped laughing at his antics. Simon thinks he's a dog; he plays and wrestles with our two Beagle's everyday. We're so glad he's in our lives. Simon's our wild boy!

Jeff and Donna Rauch
North Highlands, CA

Laird Angus

We found Angus in the local throw away paper listed as "Purebred Brittany Spaniel, free to good home". That was back early in 2001. He was 9 months old and was afraid of people, particularly men. In fact, he wouldn't even respond to his name. We quickly renamed him "Laird Angus, Earl of George" and called him "Angus". We put his bed in our bedroom, where he still sleeps, and allowed him free range about the house. Finally, one week later, he came up to me and put his head in my lap. He has been my buddy ever since. Angus now has oral cancer. I don't know how much longer he will be with us. He is 3 months beyond the time the vet gave him. Other than the sore on his lip, he is as spry as a puppy. This is probably due to the grain-free diet he is now on. However, the tumor has gotten larger and I fear I will have to let him "go home" soon. I will miss him. Gosh, how I love that guy.

Charley Childers
Rathdrum, ID

Loki "Bug" James

About five years ago I got my first place and thought it was the best thing ever. Then I started feeling depressed and lonely. My sister called from Florida and said the cats on her school's farm had just had kittens and asked if I wanted one before they were taken to the local shelter. I told her yes and set about to making travel arrangements. Five months and a 10 hour drive later, I was holding a little hyper-active ball of black fuzz that wouldn't stop chewing on my thumb.

Five years later and Loki is still a hyper as can be, usually seen zipping up and down the stairs or coming out of cupboards from under furniture like a little bug. He's an attention hog and if no one acknowledges him, he uses the bell on his collar to call attention to himself. He's been nothing but a bunch of laughs and I don't know what I'd have done without him.

Durham, NC

Our baby Sophie

Our relationship started 5 years ago. Sophie was 4 months old when I adopted her. As I was amazed by all the cats I saw 2 little persian, and tried to make some connection with them,but they were sleeping very deeply.I remember there was a pen in my right hand, and a bigger cage on my right side with a kitty. While I was working on get the little ones' attantion,someone wanted to borrow my pen-I tought, I turned my head, and realized that Sophie was playing with it.It took like 2 minutes when we both Sophie, and I decided we are going to go home together. I was extremly happy, and still I am for having her in my life,in our life as I got married 3 years later.She is allowed to do everything she likes, therefore she is being herself, she loves to play a lot, likes hide and seek, she has toys, or she finds sg to play with. Loves to talk, and scream my head of when she would like sg-she is tricky, always make a fool of us, and we all enjoy her present. She is very special, and a very good, strong, and smart kitty. I adore their intelligence, and their personality. With all my heart I can tell you I would do anything for her,so my husband. We are planning to adopt a sister for her, adopt horses,dunkeys, and a puppy when we move back to the USA. (Yes, Sophie travelled a long way to get to Hungary- she was so brave, I am very proud of her.) I know with our love, and caring they are all going to be happy. But I have a feeling that Sophie will be the "boss",and will trick them whenever she will have a chance.


Andrea Koszo
Budapest, Hungary

Our Rescued Boys

After losing our beloved Romeo, an 11 year old English Springer Spaniel in December '05, we became involved with MAESSR and fostered several springers. In January '07, we fostered Reno, a 2 year old male, liver & white, who was found as a stray. He was very respectful to his sister, Chelsea, our 14 year old springer female who we had since she was 8 weeks old. In November '07, we helped Chelsea cross the bridge, our hearts broken. In June '08, we fostered Mojo, a black & white springer, an owner relinquishment who had been horribly neglected. We had no intention whatsoever of keeping him but after spending 2.5 months in foster care with us, we could not give him up. Both boys are happy, healthy and in a very loving home. Their unconditional love knows no bounds. They truly are a blessing!

Ilonka D.
Gloucester, VA
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