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2 furry friends, make 1 heart

Both Nino (tiger) and Pumpkin (calico) were rescued as kittens from the mean streets of Jersey City. Pumpkin's feral mother dropped her and her brother, Monkers (now gone from cancer) off at my front door where I had put plates of food out for her. Five years later, Nino was found almost dead from an upper respiratory disease in my neighbors' backyard, but we nursed him back to health. Now they are the most loving and friendly host and hostess...greeting everyone at the front door. Other times they are either curled together or giving us wonderful cases of Cat-on-lap! Rescuing a stray animal has to be the most heartening, fulfilling and rewarding experience.

Valerie Leonard
Columbia, MD

Aldo is rescued from life in a chicken coop

My husband and I found Aldo wandering along a busy road. We got in touch with his owners who said they kept him outdoors in a chicken coop. To our delight they said we could keep him. He loves his new pal, our other lab Chance. He also loves belly rubs and long walks. Everybody loves Aldo! He's such a friendly, happy addition to our lives - we can't imagine being without him.

Unionville, PA

Buster's Rescue

Buster was in sorry shape when we found him. We asked the woman at the DC Animal Shelter for their hardest luck case and it was Buster. He had kennel cough, was in quarantine, and running out of time. When we went in to see him he looked like this extremely tall, skinny, exotic wild cat. He stood so high his legs, and I say legs because this cat really has legs more than paws, bowed in. His beautiful black and caramel swirl pattern just added to the effect. They let him out of the cage and he swaggered out, a la John Wayne, and just bowled his giant head into our hands, demanding to be petted. He was so sweet and pathetic, we had to take him home. We were going to change his name but as he developed into this well-fed, handsome and muscular cat, who still prowls around like he is John Wayne, we decided that the name Buster just fit.

Nicole Duran
Washington, DC

Alaska Jack

Our beloved adopted 11-year-old Shih Tzu, Romeo, passed away and our hearts were broken. So, two months later, we decided to fill those hearts with love again and adopted Alaska Jack, a Cocker Spaniel, from Friends of Pets in Anchorage. He brings us joy and laughter from the time he leaps on the bed to wake us up every morning until he barks at us to go to bed at night. Our retirement years just wouldn't be the same without an adopted doggie companion to share them with. This is a picture of Alaska Jack watching dinner being prepared. He just knows there is something special there for him too.

Lloyd McClintock
Big Lake, AK

Poor Little White Cat

On August 9th, 2006, I was on my patio visiting with my neighbor when a starved and dehydrated little white cat cried at me from the stairwell landing. There was no way I was going to let that sweet animal suffer anymore! As I stepped out my front door, she ran up to me and I scooped her up into my arms. Dolly Sue, who now looks like a big white show cat, lives in the lap of luxury with Mommy and big sister, Candy Kitty. I am thankful everyday that she found us and her forever home.

Amanda B.
Nashville, TN

Cosmo found in the Trash Dumpster at 2 weeks old

I was at my Vet's office getting my two dogs their shots and was walking out the door when a Platte County, Missouri Sherriff walked in with two fur balls in her hand. Of course my curisoty got the best of me and said what do you have there and what are you going to do with them? She said someone called the police and reported there was some crying in their trash dumpster. That is how Cosmo and Kramer were found one was a grey tabby and the other a light buff tabby. I felt so bad for them I just said well let me take them home, so I bought a tiny bottle and formula for them fed them every two hours as they were only a couple of weeks old. They were obviously brothers. Cosmo the gray one is 22 lbs and Kramer tops out at 20 lbs. They recently have a new little brother Carl that totally plays with them, maybe they will loose a little weight.

If you ever think about getting a cat or a puppy be sure to get two of them they will keep each other occupied and bite on each other rather than your hands and feet.

Please adopt if you can, avoid the Pet Shops as most them buy from puppy mills and we certainly don't want to encourage that.


Barb in Kansas City:)

Barb Lawhon
Kansas City, MO

Meet Jack the Chinchilla

I rescued Jack after his previous owner couldn't care for him anymore. I love watching him eat raisins, and giving him scratches under his chin! He's a super pet and very happy!

Christina Eckhart
Lansdale, PA

Rescued from under a porch

Baby Max was rescued from under a porch with his sister. He had Lyme Disease, worms, a bad skin rash, a hernia and he was starving and scared. He ate the paper plate I fed him with. After I brought him home he started having seizures but the vet made him all better, and told me this was probably the result of being hit on the head.

He learned nine trick is 14 days! The picture was taken three weeks after I found him. Today, at 1 year old, he is the most focused and happy 84-pounds baby ! I love him to death.

Kaly White
Akwesasne, NY

Aspara-Gus, the Rescued Kitten

I had heard about a little black and white kitten that was living on the streets of our town, but I wasn't looking for another cat. Several days later, he came running through traffic, looked up at me and "squeaked", and I was a goner! A friend named him "Asparagus" after a character in the musical "Cats", and we call him Gus. He is now grown up with long silky fur in black and white patches. He is very friendly and relaxed, greeting all guests at the door and insisting on testing all laps and exploring all purses and bags. We've nicknamed him "Mr. Personality", and he'll never live on the streets again!

Sequim, WA


I have a wonderful filly that I adopted after she was left to starve by her previous owners. Hope spent 90 days in a sling, and for several days we didn't think she would make it. When she was brought into the clinic she was 11 months old and should have weighted 700 pounds, she only weighted in at 300. When I first saw her it broke my heart, I didn't think she would make it through the night. Her legs were swollen, and she had lost most of her hair. Her loving vet didnt give up hope on her and neither did she. Now she is fat and sassy, living the life of a beloved pet and friend.

Tammy Faulkner
Ferriday, LA
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